#101 by Vinnie Tesla

   Mark leaned in the doorway, watching with a small smile.
   Wendy lay on her back atop a small mound of pillows, her hips
elevated. Steve's long, slender prick was sliding into her ass. Molly
and Andrew were suckling at her nipples, each holding one of her
thighs, while Molly's hand made rapid circles over Wendy's cunt.
Wendy's face was flushed and shiny. From her open mouth came a series
of shrieks, interspersed with gulping gasps for air. "Oh God," Steve
groaned. His pounding into Wendy's rectum sped up before he jerked
and moaned, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her waist.
   While Steve slowly withdrew his softening prick, Wendy neared her
climax. Her body twisted, her legs kicking in the grip of her two
friends; then she went over the top, shrieking as her back arched up
off the pillows before she collapsed, dragging her three playmates
down with her into a pile of relaxed and sticky flesh.
   Mark walked over and brushed damp hair from Wendy's forehead.
"Happy birthday," he said softly. She smiled back.
   "Thanks, sweetie. This is the best surprise party ever."

   Soon, Wendy had gathered her breath. "Pee break," she announced,
and the pile on top of her shifted reluctantly to allow her
passage. When she stood, her short dark hair, in wild disarray, made a
ragged halo around her head. She blinked owlishly a few times before
finding her glasses and pushing them onto her nose with one
finger. "Come with?" she asked Mark as she padded out of the room,
still naked. He followed, watching her ass sway as she walked
   In the bathroom she grinned up at him as she sat on the
toilet. "This is fun!" she said. "I can't believe you pulled it off. I
think I must have had sex about a hundred times in the past five hours."
   Mark snorted. "There's only a dozen guests here."
   "It feels like a lot more," Wendy said, wiping herself
gingerly. "My jaw is aching, my labia are sore, and my ass is raw."
   "You must be pretty worn out," said Mark.
   Wendy detected something in his voice, and looked up at his
face. "I don't know about that," she purred, gripping his hips, and
pulling him closer. "I think I'm about ready for number one-oh-one.


I originally hoped to time this submission to be BSFSF story #101, but
I blew it, and there are 104 on ASSM as of this writing.

This is my second Double-Bradley, a variation on the standard BSFSF
form, wherein the story consists of two linked portions, each
seventeen lines long.

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