The 2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival

The page contains the FAQ, an Index of Stories, Final Remarks, and Post-Festival Stories

For further information contact: Mat Twassel

note to authors: If you would like to have the index link to direct readers to a version other than the ASSM archive, please let me know the details.


  1. What is BSFSF?
  2. Who or What is Bradley Stoke?
  3. What is flash? What is stroke? What is flash stroke?
  4. Is the festival open to anyone?
  5. What happens if my story has more than 18 lines?
  6. Are there judges and prizes?
1. What is BSFSF?

BSFSF stands for Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival. The 2003 version of the festival, which is the first, runs from the end of the ASSTR/ASSM Anniversary through November 27th, 2003 on the newsgroup ASSM ( and ASS (  BSFSF stories are supposed to fit on a single computer screen. For the purposes of the festival, this means no more than 18 lines (including title line and any blank lines), with each line containing no more than 70 characters of text, including spaces. BSFSF stories are text only.

2. Who or What is Bradley Stoke?

Bradley Stoke said, "Perhaps more interesting than a stroke story festival would be one which combined the current vogue for flash fiction with stroke." Hence this festival.

3. What is flash? What is stroke? What is flash stroke?

Flash is very short short story. It may be poetic, but it is fiction, not poetry, not song, not mattress tags or shopping lists or recipes for eggplant parmesan.  Stroke is fiction that is intended to sexually arouse the reader.  Successful stroke fiction inspires masturbation and provokes orgasm. So flash stroke is a very short short story designed to sexually arouse its readers. Those are my opinions, anyway.

Okay, how is it accomplished?

Good question. That's one of the things I hope to find out with this festival. I know traditional stroke frequently relies on attractive characters in exciting situations with lots of drawn-out tease and ever-increasing sexual tensions. Not much room in flash for long seductive skeins of tease and judiciously gradual increases of juicy tensions--that's not to say foreplay is out the window, but I suspect the flash stroke story might need to rely on powerfully exciting images, ones which continue to resonate in the reader's consciousness, ones which cause the reader to dwell and delve and dig between the lines.  Either that or something in the story must hit the reader's hot buttons so expertly that instant climax is inevitable.  Instant climax inevitable? You see what the writer's up against?

4. Is the festival open to anyone?

Yes. Post your story or stories (no limit) to ASSM with the subject line prefix [BSFSF]. Come one, come all, the more the merrier!

Note: although the festival now is "officially" over, I will from time to time look for new BSFSF stories and add them to this collection. So don't let a little thing like a deadline stop you!

5. What happens if my story has more than 18 lines?

BSFSF Officer Koccick will swat your butt with a hard rubber billy club. Hey! You don't need my permission to break the rules. If your story requires one or two more words to be the best you can make it, I wouldn't want to miss it.

6. Are there judges and prizes?

Yup. The readers are the judges. The stories are their prizes. The readers are the writers' prizes. Take care of each other, that's part of what this festival is all about.  If you like a story, tell the writer. This being a flash stroke festival, a lot of words aren't necessary; in fact, simple symbols might suffice. I suggest using !, *, o, or @ to show your pleasure.

Index of Stories

  1. A Good Fit by Mat Twassel
  2. A Well-Oiled Machine by Mat Twassel
  3. Reality TV (M-solo, FF) by Souvie
  4. The Writer by Mat Twassel
  5. Irresistible by Henrik Larsen
  6. Moving Day by Kenn Ghannon
  7. Getting What She Asked For by Gamera
  8. I Wiggled a Finger at Her by Gamera
  9. Terror in the School Shower (t/t, sex) by Y. Lee Coyote
  10. Games Galore by Mat Twassel
  11. College Bar Party Time by Gamera N Gamera
  12. Happiness is a warm gun by Henrik Larsen
  13. Welded Lust (FM, bdsm, nosex) by A. Kitten
  14. Pale Blue by Lord Malinov
  15. Leanne (MF) by Walter S
  16. 3 Stories by juanwildone
  17. Egg Nog by Uncle Sky
  18. Extra Ohs by Mat Twassel
  19. In the Interests of Science by Mat Twassel
  20. No Substitute by Desdmona
  21. One More by juanwildone
  22. Miss Selmont by Katie McN (Ff Rom)
  23. Relax by Yotna El'Toub
  24. Time by elle`attend
  25. Cat Got Your Tongue? by Mat Twassel
  26. Pictures of Alley Baggett by cmsix
  27. Place by elle`attend
  28. Anticipation by Anne747
  29. Art by Mat Twassel
  30. Touch by Anne747
  31. Friendship by Frank Downey
  32. Officer Sherry vs the Shoplifting Porn Writer by Gamera
  33. Tight by Hecate
  34. Rhythm by Uther (mf pett flash) [1/1] <*>
  35. Satisfaction by Lazlo Zalezac
  36. Doll by Bradley Stoke (MF)
  37. Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix Contest by Mat Twassel
  38. Something or Nothing? by Naive
  39. Pillow Talk by WZB
  40. Duet by Lord Malinov
  41. Midsummer's Night Mystery (Teen, sex) by Y. Lee Coyote
  42. Perils by celia batau (MF bond)
  43. Work Cocktail Party by Gamera
  44. Sex on a summer afternoon by Tony Hoskins
  45. The Food of Love by Vickie Tern
  46. Mismatched by Lord Malinov
  47. Cracked Glass by parthenogenesis
  48. A Night in the "Red 5" by Franz Kafka
  49. Choices by Peter Principle (MF)
  50. Safety (written under duress) by Jack C Lipton
  51. Just No Pleasing Some Women by WZB
  52. Aboard the Bawdy Bradley by PleaseCain
  53. Call Me by Teddy Bingham
  54. Inclination by elle`attend
  55. Watch, Wait, and Son (mF, incest, mom/son) by DiscipleN
  56. A Thank You to the Moderators by Gamera
  57. Une_Lešon_Parisienne (Teen,_first,_sex) by Y. Lee Coyote
  58. Old by Esu Migabe
  59. Trust Me by Oldwrench (MF preg)
  60. Cowgirl by Lazlo Zalezac
  61. Scene 7, Take 12 (MF) by Souvie
  62. Another Night in the "Red 5" by Franz Kafka
  63. One More Thing by Mat Twassel
  64. Winning by Jack C Lipton
  65. Gazing by Daphne Xu
  66. Jack and Jill Study the FAQ--!, @, o, * by Mat Twassel
  67. Endgame by Tom Bombadil
  68. Iceworld by Tom Bombadil
  69. Sixty Seconds by Tom Bombadil
  70. The First and Last Time by Tom Bombadil
  71. Jack and Jill by Mat Twassel
  72. The Lovers' Dance by Harriet Scott
  73. Rest Stop by Mat Twassel
  74. In the Still of the Night by Allison George
  75. Flex by Peter Principle
  76. Night Air, Cut Grass, Damp Nylon, Wood Smoke, Cunt by Vinnie Tesla
  77. It's Not Right by Frank McCoy
  78. Wavy Locks by Peter Principle
  79. Disclaimer by Vinnie Tesla
  80. Pilgrimage to Canterbury by Y. Lee Coyote
  81. The Teasing Of Mr. Tree [MF(?), exhib, hum] by Christine Indigo
  82. Convenient Triad by Uther (MF mf wl)
  83. The Double-Bradley: How to Be a Pain in the Ass by Gamera
  84. His Story by smilodon
  85. Her Story by smilodon
  86. After Hours at the Exhibition by Mat Twassel
  87. Ashley's Room (mf, oral) by Dave Harper
  88. Rubber Band by Mat Twassel
  89. Don't Mind Me by Peter Principle
  90. Saying It by Peter Principle
  91. In Good Taste by Alexis S
  92. Officer Koccick's Billy Club: A Review [MF, hum] by Christine Indigo
  93. Wedded Lust by Gary Jordan
  94. Hidden by Henrik Larsen
  95. Dalliance on the Beach by Y. Lee Coyote
  96. Red Rover, Red Rover, Can Adam Come Over? by Mat Twassel
  97. Summary Punishment by Y. Lee Coyote
  98. Beach Coming by Y. Lee Coyote
  99. The Essence of Stroke by juanwildone
  100. Another Night in the "Red 5" by Franz Kafka
  101. Sausage Stuffing by Gamera
  102. Mat's Dictionary by Mat Twassel
  103. #101 by Vinnie Tesla

Final Remarks by Bradley Stoke

Although the Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival bears my name, it has virtually nothing to do with me. I don't write stroke fiction and I'm not one of the more prolific flash fiction authors. However, I did once suggest that it would be interesting for authors to try their hand at writing stroke stories within the constraints of flash fiction. It was Mat Twassel who took the idea further and organised this astonishingly successful festival.

There are no prizes, no reviews and no winners in this festival. And a good thing too! What it has facilitated is an astonishing outburst of creativity from the massed ranks of authors in the ASSTR and ASSM worlds. We have had contributions from authors who have never before written flash fiction, such as cmsix, Anne 747 and Harriet Scott. We have had contributions from authors whose take on stroke has really been rather novel, such as celia batau, Y Lee Coyote, elle'attend and PleaseCain. We have had contributions from people who have never contributed a story to ASSM before. We have had contributions from past masters of the shorter form, such as Mat Twassel, Tom Bombadil and Desdmona. We have had contributions from far more people than I can give justice to. We have had contributions that have been sad, funny, tragic, exhilarating and downright perverse.

But what they have all been is erotic and fun. And that, surely, can only be a good thing. It is, indeed, what the festival has been all about!

Post-Festival Stories

  1. Untied by Lord Malinov
  2. One Last Night in the "Red 5" by Franz Kafka
  3. Creation by Lord Malinov
  4. Requital (FM, femdom) by JD Socab
  5. Lapland by Mat Twassel
  6. Breakfast (MF, sex, voy) by Y. Lee Coyote
  7. A View to the Future by Y. Lee Coyote
  8. A View to the Future - 2 by Y. Lee Coyote
  9. Winter by Mat Twassel
  10. Christmas Cards by Henrik Larsen
  11. Sharp Rain by Mat Twassel
  12. Snow by Mat Twassel
  13. One Snowy Night in the "Red 5" by Franz Kafka
  14. Return to the "Red 5" by Franz Kafka
  15. Dirty by Vinnie Tesla