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Life with Alpha

by A. Pseudonym

Omake story:  Unexpected Visitors

Codes:  MF, FF, MF+, MC, SciFi, anime, cartoon, comic book

Warning:  This is an adult story with adult scenes.  If you are not of legal
age to view sexual material, then please do not do so.

Disclaimer:    All artificial persons herein are based on characters owned by 
their creators, not the author.

Author's Note:  This is not a canon Life With Alpha story, meaning events here 
happen in their own universe splitting off separately from the main story.  This 
story is set after Chapter 15 in the main series.  I strongly recommend that you 
read the main story before reading this side story.
	This is a 'just for fun' story inspired by a suggestion from a fan.

	The first indication I had that something was wrong came when the two 
security cameras at the cabin showed someone was poking around.

	The cabin cameras were low priority.  Alpha monitored them, but just 
barely. One of her security systems would spare a few milliseconds of attention 
every five minutes or so to make sure nothing had changed.  One camera's field 
of view included some of the driveway and the spot where we would leave our DC 
superheroines to wake up.  The other camera showed the front door and part of 
the lake/beach area in the distance.  The cabin itself wasn't right next to the 
lake, but it was within easy walking distance and had a nice view.

	Given the story setups we had used in the past, Kara made sure she left a 
note on the cabin door for anyone else who would show up looking for her.  The 
note included no addresses or names (other than "Kara"), but did include our 
home phone number.  There was also a key to the cabin buried in an old lunch box 
by a tree with 'PG' carved into it.

	On a Tuesday morning in late November, Alpha alerted me to a security 
breach while I was at work.

	"Frank, four unknown persons have appeared at the cabin at the lake."

	"What, teenagers or something?  Did they break into the cabin?"

	"Yes, but they do not appear to be teenagers.  Four minutes and thirty-one 
seconds ago, they simply appeared at approximately the same location we use to 
awaken the DC characters."

	I was a little slow on the uptake.  "Huh?"

	"I'm playing the video on your screen now."

	The screen showed the driveway on the left and trees and overgrown grass 
on the right - not a split-screen, that's just the way the landscape was laid 
out.  Then all of a sudden, four people appeared among the trees.  The screen 
detail was too poor to make out details, especially at a distance of 30 or 40 
yards or so.  All four had long coats on, and a couple were wearing baseball-
style caps.
	They huddled together and started talking.  I backed up the video a little 
so I could watch their appearance frame-by-frame.  There was no noticeable 
change in the video or lighting, the four of them just suddenly showed up.  I 
resumed normal play and watched.  After they talked amongst themselves for a 
minute, they all walked to my cabin.  When they left the screen, the video 
switched to show the other camera.

	I could actually see some details this time.  The video was in black and 
white, but all four appeared to be women.  The two without caps were both 
Caucasians with hair that went down past their shoulders.  One appeared to be 
especially pale.

	One of them pulled the letter off the front door, at which point I paused 
the playback and said, "Alpha, make sure you answer the phone at the house until 
we have this cleared up."

	"Of course."

	"Where are they now?"

	"Unknown."  A second video window opened up, showing an open front door 
and empty driveway, presumably the live feed.

	"Are they inside?"

	"No, they left the cabin after only a couple minutes.  Frank, I am 
concerned.  They show indications that they are not normal human beings."

	I restarted the first video and asked, "What do you mean?"

	"Continue watching."

	They spent a moment reading the letter.  As best I could remember, Kara 
had addressed it to 'Friends of Kara'.  It said that any friends of Kara could 
find a key to the cabin under her tree and provided our home phone number, and 
that was about it.

	Then they turned to the cabin door.  One of the bare-headed women bent 
down and appeared to put something on the door's handle or lock or something.  
Then she stood back and... nothing happened.  They had some discussion and the 
other bare-headed woman looked like she was flexing or something, and... she 
grew!  Not instantly, but in less than a minute, she had grown from five foot 
something to almost seven feet!

	"Is the video... has it been tampered with?"

	"As far as I can determine, no it has not."

	"Then how... how did she do that?"

	"Unknown.  I currently have no valid speculations to offer which have any 
degree of likelihood.  I am currently running multiple analyses to determine 
whether or not the video was altered or artificially created, however I can 
offer no likely reasons anyone would want to do so." 

	It was hard to read expressions on the video, but I don't think the 
growing lady was happy.  Happy or not, she was still able to punch the door and 
bust the lock with a single blow.

	All four went inside, including the growing lady.  A couple minutes later, 
all four of them left, and all appeared to be their normal size again.

	"That's really... weird."

	"Should I alert the police?"

	"Not with that video.  Send in two of your platforms for recon.  If you 
find them, observe only for now."

	"Agreed.  Until we determine what is happening, I insist you remain near 
Eiko and Beta.  Jasmine and Elisa will investigate the cabin area."

	That was it for awhile.  An hour later, Jasmine and Elisa reached the 
cabin area, parked a good distance away, and checked out the cabin.  The letter 
was gone.  The phone was dead, possibly electrically fried, but phone records 
showed no calls had been made.

	After some discussion with Alpha, they left the cabin untouched.  That way 
if the mystery women returned, they wouldn't suspect that anyone else had 
visited the cabin recently.

	Jasmine and Elisa went back to the house to maintain security there with 
Dorothy while Beta and Eiko stayed with me at the office.  Alpha finished her 
various analyses and determined that video was authentic to a certainty of 

	Finally I told Alpha that we needed to alert Kara and the others, so they 
could be on their toes.

	"I mean, it could well be that this has nothing to do with us, and we'll 
never see those women in the flesh let alone find out what's going on or who 
they are. But if it is... uummm... if there's something related to us, then the 
more trusted people we have on the lookout for them, the better."

	"Okay," Beta said.  "I will prepare for possible memory rewrites, just in 

	I called Kara, Diana, Zatanna, Linda and Anna Marie into my office.

	"Hi, everyone," I said as soon as everyone dragged in chairs and sat down. 
"Something odd happened at the cabin a little while ago." 

	I turned my monitor to face everyone and clicked play.  There were 
exclamations when the women appeared, but to their credit, my women held their 
questions and comments for a minute.  When the camera view switched to the front 
door, Kara and Diana both asked me to pause the video.

	"Is that...?"

	"Yes," said Diana.  "I think that's Giganta.  And I can't be sure, but the 
other woman without a hat looks a lot like Poison Ivy."

	I kept my face blank somehow, showing no physical reaction.  But mentally?  
I mean, come on!

	I restarted the playback.  'Poison Ivy' tried to do something to the 
handle or lock, failed, then 'Giganta' grew a couple feet and broke the door.

	Kara squealed with laughter at the sight.  "Ha!  Their powers are all 
messed up too."

	Zatanna joined in, "I bet Ivy was trying to plant one of her fast growing 
seeds in the lock."

	Linda asked, "Do you have any idea who the other two are?"

	"No clue," I admitted.  "Didn't even know who the first two were until 
now." And I still didn't know.  This made no sense whatsoever.  Maybe...

	While the ladies talked about the situation, I typed to Alpha.

	<This is a direct order.  Tell me, did you create those women on the 

	<No.  Why would I?>

	<As a surprise for me.>

	<No, I did not create those women or the video.  I am not even sure how to 
create or simulate the accelerated growth evidenced on the video.>

	Alpha continued.  <It makes no sense for women to appear who match the 
physical appearances created in false memories, except that we based those 
memories off of characters' appearances from comic books.>

	<Do you actually believe they are real comic book villains?>

	<I will believe what the evidence presents.  For the time being, for 
safety's sake, you should assume the worst.>

	I turned my attention back to my women.  Apparently one of them had 
noticed a bulge of some sort on the back of one of the unknown women and they 
were debating among themselves who it might be.

	Taking a deep breath, I asked the big question.  "So, why are they here?"

	"Hunting for one of us, I assume," Diana said.  "I wonder if they know how 
many of us are here?"

	"So what do you think they're going to do?"

	"Well, they have my letter.  It has your home phone number, but that's it. 
Has anyone called the house so far today?"


	"As soon as I analyzed the video, I rerouted the home line to here.  The 
only call on that line since then was a classmate of Kasumi from her chef class.  
Alert, someone has approached... correction, someone has entered the main gate 
at the house."

	"Wha... How?  It should be locked."

	The video switched to show the four women at the gate to the house.  
Giganta was already 7 or 8 feet tall, but it was one of the women with hats that 
touched the gate's electronic control box.  There was a spark and the gate swung 

	"Let's go," I said, getting up quickly and heading for the door.  "Alpha, 
call the house and tell them to hide."

	Beta interposed herself between myself and the door while the other women 
rushed out.

	"It is not safe.  Let them handle the invaders."

	"Beta... Who is at home right now?  Kasumi?"

	"Yes, she is there.  So are Daria, Jasmine, Elisa and Dorothy."

	"Then we're going.  I'M going."

	"I believe I have identified the other two women as Harley Quinn and 
Livewire.  The situation at the house is much too tenuous for you to go.  
Update:  Elisa has been incapacitated by Livewire.  Jasmine has disarmed Harley 
Quinn.  Dorothy is moving to engage Giganta.  Elisa is resetting."

	"Then I'll just drive to the area until it's under control."

	"That is an acceptable compromise," Beta said.  She and Eiko started 
escorting me out of the building.

	When we passed the front desk, I told the receptionist that we were being 
called away due to an emergency at my house and to just transfer all calls to 
voicemail or have them call back later.

	Once we were outside, Beta resumed updating me on the situation.

	"Poison Ivy's skin secretes some type of nerve toxin which is ineffective 
on my cyborg and android platforms.  Elisa is functioning again but at reduced 
efficiency.  Livewire is able to cause a small electrical shock with her touch 
and is probably the one who disabled the phone at the cabin.  Her touch is an 
effective weapon against my cyborg and android platforms.  Giganta is not as 
strong as Dorothy but is faster.  Harley has used some kind of exploding ribbon 
bomb to entangle Daria and Kasumi, who were spectators to the combat.
	"The attackers are apparently trying to withdraw from combat with 
hostages.  They are threatening injury or death to Daria and Kasumi unless we 
allow them to go.  I cannot guarantee their safety.  Should we let them leave?"

	"Yes, but tell them that if the hostages are hurt, we will kill them."

	"The message has been relayed.  The attackers are leaving.  They have two 
vehicles and are taking one hostage in each car.  I am noting the make, model, 
color and plate for each.  Both vehicles were reported stolen earlier today.  
Kara's vehicle is the nearest reinforcement but is still 15 minutes away."  It 
was about a 20 to 30 minute drive between work and home, so Kara was making good 

	"Hook me into a conference call with the others."

	A moment later we were all conferenced together on the car speakerphones.

	"Alpha has updated me on the situation.  The attackers have kidnapped 
Kasumi and Daria and fled the house.  There was a fight, and Dorothy acquitted 
herself well.  Apparently Elisa was hurt by Livewire but should be fine."

	"Livewire?"  I heard Diana ask.

	"Yes.  Working from your identification of Giganta and Ivy, Alpha believes 
the other two attackers were Livewire and Harley Quinn."

	"Told you it was Harley with the bulge on her back," said Zatanna.  "She 
always carries around a clown-style sledge hammer."

	"Yeah, but we're all at reduced power.  Not sure what Ivy can do right 
now, but Giganta is probably as strong as me or Diana," Kara warned. 

	"Okay, Ah don't know your... 'opponents' as well as you, but we have me, 
Karah, Dianah, an Lindah.  That's four super-strong ladies on our side," said 
Anna Marie.

	"Five," interrupted Eiko.  "Me too."

	"Ah'm sorry.  Ah guess Ah forgot since ya don't have your own comic.  
That's five of us.  If Ah remembah right, only one of them is actually super-
strong and tough an such, an Ah don't think the rest of them have powers that 
are really workin right.  Why in the world would they come heah?"

	"I don't think they know we are all here, or they would have brought a 
much stronger force.  As it is, you're right, we noticeably out-power them," 
said Diana.

	"I don't think Ivy's plants are growing for her here, but she may still 
have a toxic touch or kiss," said Kara thinking out loud.

	"And Harley can be a bitch to pin down.  She can dodge away from almost 
anything and probably has a few dozen nasty tricks up her sleeve," Zatanna 
added. "What does Livewire do?  Is she that electrical radio gal I heard about?"

	"Yes," said Linda, joining the conversation.  "Back home she can travel 
through electrical wires and throw lightning bolts and such."

	"The thing is we still don't know what they wanted.  They took hostages so 
they could retreat in safety," I said.  "Maybe they were only coming after Kara 
and didn't know anyone else here could fight."

	"I'm surprised that Alphadroid could fight them off by herself," Diana 

	"Elisa and Jasmine helped too.  I think they both have black belts or 
something.  And remember the... uhhh... the supervillain ladies are mostly de-
powered from being in this universe."  

	Wow, I actually had to say that seriously for once.  If I ever have a 
chance to sit down and think this through, I might end up going crazy.  At the 
bare minimum, I needed to act like I was taking the idea seriously in front of 
the others.  You'd think my years of faking conversations with artificial women 
would prepare me for this... and it did, to an extent.  But there's a huge 
difference between acting a part and actually having to accept the fiction as 

	I gave myself a mental slap in the face.  Gotta focus.

	"Okay, we need to find out where they are and save Kasumi and Daria.  
Alpha, is there any way to track the cars?"

	"Not at the moment."

	"Can't ya... Ah don't know... access the traffic cameras around the city 
or somethin?" asked Anna Marie.

	"That only happens on TV," said Alpha.  "The traffic cameras in this area 
are not internet accessible.  Most simply store their photographs locally.  
While there are a few networked cameras vaguely similar to what TV shows use, 
their purpose is to track traffic patterns, thus their resolution is generally 
much too low for easy identification of a particular vehicle."

	"What about GPS phones?  Can't you track through those?"  Kara was the one 
asking this time.

	"If they have acquired such phones, then yes, I could, even though the 
required hack would be a risk to myself.  Since they arrived here just a few 
hours ago, it is not likely that they have such phones."

	"What about Daria and Kasumi's phones?"

	"Their phones are still in the house," explained Alpha.

	"So we just wait?" asked Zatanna.

	"Regardless of their specific target, the most likely scenario explaining 
their actions is that they used the phone number from the letter at the cabin 
with a reverse phone directory, either online or at a public library, to get our 
address.  They arrived at the house looking for whoever their target was and 
encountered unexpected resistance.  That, combined with their own reduced 
powers, led them to take hostages and withdraw.  Logically their next actions 
will be to gain whatever information they can from their hostages, then try to 
draw out their target with a hostage exchange.  So, yes, we wait for them to 
contact us."

	"Alpha, remind me to make our home phone unlisted."


	"I think what Alpha described makes sense," Diana said thoughtfully.  "We 
don't even know which one of us they're after, so we wait a few hours.  Alpha 
can monitor the police broadcasts and maybe the emergency lines in case they 
raise a red flag anywhere.  When they call us, have Alpha ready to trace it."

	"And let's keep a close eye on things around the house," I said.  "Alpha, 
close the office early today and lock it down in case they decide to visit 
there. Hmmm... also, let's send Elisa or Jasmine out to install more cameras at 
the cabin just in case.  And fix the phone.  For everyone else, let's get to the 
house as quickly as possible and decide what to do from there."

	After the phone call ended, Beta said, "The safest course of action right 
now would be to check you into a random hotel under an assumed name and keep you 
there until the situation has been resolved."

	"Their powers are limited such that they are not a significant enough 
threat, therefore I am ordering you to take me home.  Acknowledged?"

	"Do you agree to absent yourself from any combat that takes place?"

	"I cannot agree to blanket promises like that.  I will state for the 
record that I have no desire to die or be captured by those women."

	Beta said nothing for a moment.  Finally she said, "Acceptable."  And she 
continued driving me home.

	By the time I pulled in, the others had already arrived and gotten 
started.  Jasmine had left for the cabin, and Elisa was fixing the front gate.  
Dorothy was at her charging station. Zatanna had loaded herself down with enough 
tricks and traps that even I could pick out occasional bulges in her clothing.  
No one was in costume, but Diana had her rope hanging from her belt.  Rei was 
the only non-powered woman at home.  I don't think anyone had told Jane about 
Daria being missing yet, because she hadn't yet rushed home from classes.

	Beta had me rush upstairs and put on one of the carbon-nanotube-enhanced 
suits she had modified for me.  Although the suit would only negate part of the 
power of blows and bullets, it is doubtful that anything the invaders brought to 
bear could actually penetrate it.  Of course, then I had to explain to the 
others why I changed from casual dress to a suit.

	I went down to the basement to confer with Alpha in private for a few 
minutes.  Shortly after we started, Elisa put herself in a nanopod for minor 
repairs from Livewire's attack.  All of the cyborgs plugged in to top off their 
batteries.  Even Jasmine was plugged into a car adapter while she drove out to 
the cabin.

	I was really tempted to start by asking for any updates, but I knew full 
well that she would have told me anything new already.  Fighting off the urge, I 
instead asked, "Do you know what Ivy's toxic skin does?"

	"I believe it is likely meant to induce euphoria and compliance, but I am 
not convinced that it will be completely effective, even against normal humans.  
In all likelihood it would require prolonged and extensive contact to actually 
create slave-like acquiescence."

	"Is there anything you can do to immunize us against her?"

	"I could disable most glandular functionality in everyone's bodies."

	"Let's call that Plan B.  Anything else?"

	"If we could place her in a nanopod, I am relatively certain I could 
disable any toxic ability.  Or it is possible that I could synthesize an anti-
toxin if I had access to her sweat and saliva and sufficient time."

	"So for now, we'll just have to deal.  How about defenses for your cyborg 
selves against Livewire?"

	Fifteen minutes later, I was back upstairs waiting with the others.  I 
scrounged up a couple buckets, filled them with water and put them by the front 
doors.  To the questioning glances I received, I responded, "Use them to ground 
out Livewire."

	It was still only early afternoon, and we didn't hear from the kidnappers 
until almost 4 o'clock.

	After some deliberation, it was decided that I should be the one to answer 
the phone.  We didn't want to give away the presence of any of our superheroes, 
and mine was the name of record for the house.

	We had also discussed at length what approach to take.  I was angry enough 
that I really wanted to threaten them, make them understand that I was more than 
willing to kill them outright.  But threats like that were not likely to cow 
these women and might instead lead them to harm their hostages.


	"Hello!  May I speak to Frank ____?"

	"Speaking.  Are you one of the visitors we had earlier today?"

	"Why, yes, I am," the voice purred.  I had it on speakerphone and Kara 
mouthed, 'Poison Ivy' at me.

	"Are Kasumi and Daria all right?"

	A nearby computer screen suddenly woke up from its screen saver and popped 
up a message from Alpha.  <Phone traced.  They are at a house 2.3 miles away.  
Address:  325 Pembroke Lane.>

	I snapped my fingers and pointed at the screen to make sure everyone 
noticed it.  They started whispering among themselves, with Diana taking the 

	"So far, and they'll continue to be all right as long as you don't do 
anything rash."

	"I'd like to speak to them before we go any further."

	"Sure.  Come here, honey, and tell the nice man that you're all right."

	I heard Daria's voice come on the line, though she didn't sound normal.

	"Oh, hi, Frank.  How are you doing?"

	"Daria, are you and Kasumi all right?"

	"Huh?  Oh, yeah.  I mean, I think they drugged us, but..."  Her voice was 
cut off suddenly and Ivy came back on the line.

	"So Frank, here's the situation.  We have your friends, and as nice as we 
are, we will hurt them unless you turn yourself in to us in exchange.  Once we 
have you, we don't need them anymore, and we'll let them go."

	Kara, Diana, Linda, Zatanna, Anna Marie and Eiko moved quickly and quietly 
out the front door while Beta and Dorothy took up watch next to me.  I noticed 
Eiko pick up one of the pails of water on her way.

	"I have a couple concerns," I said, drawing the conversation out.  "First, 
Daria definitely sounded drugged.  What did you do to them?"

	"Nothing that won't go away by tomorrow."

	"Assuming that's true, what assurance do I have that you'll really let 
them go unharmed if I do trade myself to you?"

	"None at all, except that we'd have no reason to hurt them at that point."

	"And what exactly do you want with me?"

	"Us?  Nothing.  We've been hired to take you on a little trip, that's 

	"Uh huh.  You know that I do realize that you and your friends aren't 
exactly from around here."

	"Oh really?"  She sounded like she was enjoying the conversation.

	"Yes.  And I also understand the travel difficulties you're probably 
facing. Let me ask you this, have you checked on your transportation home?"  
This wasn't completely guesswork or bluffing.  Science really doesn't support 
the stuff that goes on in comic books.  If these people really and truly were 
from a comic book world, well... you've read previous chapters, right?

	"We brought our transportation with us, if that's what you mean."

	"Actually, no that's not what I mean.  I mean the same thing that's... 
interfering with your... your special abilities... will also probably prevent 
your transportation from working.  The odds are good that you won't be able to 
go home easily."

	"Just a minute."  

	I heard some muffled discussions in the background that went on for a 
couple minutes.  The only thing I was able to make out was one raised voice 
saying 'What do you mean it's not working?'

	Ivy picked the phone back up.  "All right, let's cut the double-talk.  How 
did you know it wouldn't work?"

	"The laws of this universe, our laws of physics, don't allow most 
superpowers to work.  That extends to include most super-science and magic too."

	"So how does Power Girl travel back and forth between worlds?  Or are you 
the one who does the traveling and you're just hiding the method?"

	As if all of this wasn't confusing enough as it was.  Fortunately I didn't 
have to answer because I heard a loud *thump* in the background and the phone 
was dropped on their end.

	"Alpha?  What's happening?"

	"Eiko and the others arrived at the house.  Zatanna, Anna Marie and Eiko 
circled around to the rear of the house while Linda, Diana and Kara approached 
the front.  Your comments about their possible transportation problems served as 
a well-timed distraction.
	"Linda, Kara and Diana kicked down the front door which was the signal for 
the rest to enter from the rear.  Harley sprayed something at Kara and Diana 
that has caused them to lose consciousness.  Eiko has thrown the bucket of water 
on Livewire, which seems to have disabled her powers.  Zatanna is restraining 
the wet Livewire with handcuffs while the rest move further into the house.  
	"Linda is wrestling with Giganta.  Eiko, who is wearing gloves, has 
engaged Ivy.  Additional information is spotty due to Eiko's focused attention, 
but I believe Anna Marie engaged Harley until Zatanna arrived, then Anna Marie 
moved to help Linda while Zatanna faced off with Harley.
	"Ivy's main method of attack seems to be with her bodily secretions.  Eiko 
dislocated Ivy's left arm with her first blow, but Ivy ignored the pain and was 
able to kiss Eiko's arm on her bare skin.  Ivy is now unconscious, but Eiko's 
mental focus has begun to waver.  Eiko is moving to aid Zatanna.
	"Harley is proving to be nearly impossible to target accurately.  Harley 
has struck Eiko with her hammer but with insufficient force to cause damage.
	"Note:  Rat units one through three have arrived."

	This was unexpected.  We kept three rats in my basement lab as test 
subjects. (We had more at AARD, but these three were our original test 
subjects.)  By now they were extremely old for rats, but as subjects for our 
nanite tests, they had undergone the same rejuvenation treatments I had.  They 
could be remotely controlled by Alpha and were occasionally used to perform 
tasks in hard-to-reach places.

	I didn't know Alpha had released them or intended to use them at all this 
afternoon, but I refrained from interrupting.

	"Linda and Anna Marie have as yet been unable to subdue Giganta, but they 
do appear to have the upper hand.  Rat One is moving to aid.
	"Visibility around Harley is obscured due to smoke pellets dropped by 
Zatanna.  Eiko has been reduced in efficiency by an estimated 31% due to toxins 
from Ivy.  Rat Two moving to engage Harley.  Rat Three maintaining observational 
	"Rat One was able to damage Giganta's right Achilles tendon.  This 
distracted Giganta significantly and Anna Marie has been able to render her 
	"Eiko has been hit with an expanding bundle of glue and ribbons thrown by 
Harley.  She has been temporarily removed from combat.
	"Zatanna has inhaled a small amount of Harley's sleeping gas but is still 
conscious.  Linda caught Harley from behind, but Harley is in danger of escaping 
her grasp.  Her momentary lack of movement has allowed Rat Two to crawl up 
inside Harley's pants leg.  Harley has ceased attacking and is instead 
screaming.  Anna Marie and Linda have together been able to render Harley 

	"Call them.  Let me talk to them."

	"The local phone was destroyed in the fight.  Eiko's phone is functional 
but inaccessible.  Calling Anna's cell phone."

	She answered after only two rings.  "Frank?"

	"I'm here.  Don't hurt the rats.  Alpha is controlling them remotely."  I 
heard Anna relay this to the group.  "Good, I didn't know she was sending them, 
but she used them to give me a blow-by-blow of the fight.  Are you all okay?"

	"Pretty much," she said, breathing heavily.  "Diana and Kara are out cold 
and Eiko's all gummed up and Zatanna's a mite woozy.  For the rest of us, we're 
mostly fine.  Damn, who'd have thought Harley wudda been the hardest one to take 

	"Are Daria and Kasumi okay?  Was anyone else in the house?  Check to make 
sure everyone's okay before you leave."

	"They're fine.  We'll do a check of the house before we leave.  I guess 
we're bringing Ivy and them back with us?"

	"Yeah.  We'll figure something out, because I don't think the police 
around here would be prepared to deal with them.  Be sure to strip Harley down 
before you bring her inside the house."

	"Okay, sugah, we'll be back in a few minutes.  Love ya.  Bye."

	Damn.  The thought of the fight was a bit unsettling, and I really wish I 
could have been there.  This whole 'protect Frank at all costs' might end up 
making my life pretty boring.  Okay, that's an overstatement, but you get what I 
mean, right?

	"So, Alpha, any thoughts?  Do you think you can disable their abilities?"

	"Probably, but my first action will be to implant spinal cut-off switches 
for them."

	"What?  Like with our women?"

	"I do not think I will have the time to work with that precision.  I will 
implant a simple remote controlled cutoff which will sever all voluntary body 
control below the neck, effectively able to render them paraplegic whenever 

	"I don't know about that, Alpha.  Doing that to real people... that's 
just... wrong... immoral."

	"I do not see a perfect solution here.  I doubt our ability to hold them 
incarcerated here for any significant length of time.  We do not have the 
facilities and their abilities will eventually find a way to cause us harm 
and/or allow escape."

	Damn it.  This is one of those no-win moral choices.  From one perspective 
it would be better to just kill them outright.  At least this would keep them 
alive and under control.

	"What about Livewire?  Won't her electrical power mess up any controls 
like that?"

	"You may be correct.  Just a moment... I can include basic insulation and 
include a fuse-like connection which would break in case of an electrical surge, 
rendering them paralyzed."

	I sighed in resignation.  "Go ahead and prepare for the implants.  I'll 
convince the women to accept the idea when they arrive.  They're not going to be 
happy about it."

	"A search of the house found three or more families sleeping and tied up 
in an upstairs bedroom.  They have been untied and left asleep.  An unknown 
device was also recovered in a search of their house, which is being brought 
back to our house as well.
	"Giganta has been bound securely with Diana's rope.  The others have all 
been handcuffed by Zatanna.  I registered no calls to the police resulting from 
the fight."

	"Wait, where exactly was the fight?  In a house in a neighborhood?"

	"Correct.  I speculate that the residents of the surrounding houses were 
captured by the invaders to secure the area.  Ideally I would prefer to burn the 
house down to destroy evidence of our presence, but that would likely kill 
civilians.  I am dispatching Elisa to clean and purify the fight scene as best 
she can before it is discovered.
	"The others should arrive here in less than three minutes."

	Harley and Ivy had been stripped to their bras and panties by the time 
they arrived.  I greeted the returning heroes with a quick hello and 
congratulations, then hurried them inside.

	"Take Giganta and Livewire down to the basement.  Beta will show you.  
Keep a close eye on Harley and Ivy and put all of their stuff in the game room 
for now.  Put Kasumi and Daria in bed.  Jasmine, check their health and keep an 
eye on them."

	Everyone scurried around at my command.  Diana and Kara had wet faces and 
hair and were back on their feet, though they didn't look entirely awake yet.

	As I predicted, the others were not happy about Alpha's idea.  It took a 
while, but eventually I convinced them that it was the most humane option we had 
right now.  We couldn't send them home.  We couldn't keep them safely locked up 
here for very long.  The local police wouldn't have any idea how to deal with 
them.  We couldn't just kill them outright.  But by using the implants we could 
keep them under control until we could figure out a better way.

	Giganta was well and truly out of it, and after being knocked out she had 
slowly shrunk down a bit so that she was now only seven feet tall.  A tight fit, 
but we were able to squeeze her into the pod.  Dorothy and Alpha immediately got 
to work on her.

	We had enough nerve interfaces on hand, but the remote control components 
had to be assembled quickly, which was currently Beta's job.  The nanites would 
create a hole in the spine for the interface, as well as blocking the pain and 
making sure the body worked smoothly during the operations.  Without Alpha's 
experience and the nanites, this would have taken hours for each subject.  As it 
was, it still took about forty-five minutes each, but we were able to work on 
two subjects simultaneously.

	Livewire was conscious and gagged, trying to spit venom with her eyes and 
curse us through the sock stuffed and tied in her mouth.  We ran a grounding 
wire to her, tying it onto her wrist.  Kara and Linda had to physically hold her 
down in the nanopod for ten minutes until her body suddenly fell limp, the 
nanites having worked to cut through her spine.

	I felt incredibly guilty as I tried to calm her down, assuring her that 
she would be fine.  Her chalk white skin seemed to become even paler, if that 
was possible.

	"Livewire... does anyone know her real name?"

	"Leslie," replied Linda.

	"Leslie.  We are not planning to hurt you, but we have to be able to keep 
you from hurting us.  What we are doing is implanting a cutoff switch in your 
spine.  We can trigger it whenever we need to, and please understand that any 
electrical surge applied to the switch will basically break a fuse and leave you 
paralyzed until we fix it again.  Yes, this is a violation of your person and, 
to an extent, your free will.  I apologize for that.  But you are going to be 
trapped in my world for a while, and this is a much better option than killing 
you or letting you kill others in my world."

	There really wasn't anything more to say on the subject at the moment.  I 
went upstairs to check on Daria and Kasumi, both of whom had fallen asleep.

	Diana, Anna Marie and Eiko were keeping watch on the shackled and mostly 
naked Harley and Ivy, both of whom were awake.

	"Hi, I'm Frank.  Giganta and Livewire are fine.  They're being given 
medical treatment downstairs right now.  When we've finished with them, we'll 
take you down too.  In the meantime, why don't you tell me what's going on?  Why 
did you want to kidnap me?"

	"It's just a job, y'know?" said Harley with a grin.  "We didn't know you 
had so many powers here."

	"Harley, shut up."

	I continued.  "Pamela, it's not as though anyone is going to be riding to 
the rescue for you.  Anyone who follows you will be in exactly the same boat you 
are.  We have cameras on the dimensional entry point and will be better prepared 
this time.  In all likelihood, you're going to be stuck here for a few months at 
the bare minimum.  In the interests of getting along, the least you can do is 
tell me why you came after me.  You said you were hired, right?  Who hired you?"

	They looked at each other, then Pamela smiled up at me with a seductive 

	"Come on, don't you want to untie us so we can have some fun?"

	"Pamela, whatever pheromones you're trying to give off are miniscule 
compared to what you think you're emitting.  Plus, it runs quietly, but please 
note that there's an intake vent overhead.  One of the house's residents uses 
this area to paint, so we installed a fan system to pull the paint fumes out of 
the house.  Please, who hired you?"

	She continued to try to look seductive, but shrugged and said, "Well, she 
was planning to announce it anyway.  Satanna wanted to kidnap Power Girl's 
boyfriend as revenge for what she did to the Ultrahumanite.  She hired a mystic 
who said that PG's boyfriend was in another dimension.  She hired someone else 
to give us the means to hop to and from your world, so here we are.  I'm 
guessing you're Power Girl's boyfriend?"

	"Yes, but..." I stopped myself from saying anything else.  This was 
getting ridiculous.

	Okay.  Take a deep breath and think.  I created my own fake Power Girl. 
Check.  I created my own fake Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Supergirl too.  Triple 
check.  They are not real superheroes, but don't discuss this where they can 
hear you.  Double check.
	Now, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Giganta and Livewire have appeared out of 
thin air.  Check.  Neither I nor Alpha created them.  Check.  As far as I know, 
no one else is creating fake super-women and sending them after me.  So... there 
may really be a superhero universe which may have gotten its wires crossed with 
my universe?  Hoo-boy.  Still doesn't mean I actually believe it's true, but 
I'll admit to the remote possibility that it might be true.  At the same time, I 
have to act as though it is true.

	I realized people were talking while I was thinking.

	"... cause Mr J will start missin' me soon, y'know," said Harley.

	"Harley, that insane clown couldn't care less if you're around or not.  
Hell, he's tried to kill you at least five times that I know of."

	"Aw, that's just cause ya don't understand how Mr J expresses his 

	"Sorry," I interrupted, "I was lost in thought there for a minute.  What 
were you saying?"

	"I was just wonderin' how long til you send us back?" explained Harley. 
"Cause Mr J..."

	"Harley, we're stuck here!  Remember how the return button didn't work?  
Or even light up?" said Ivy with obvious exasperation.

	"Your return is kind of up in the air.  The only way to get back to your 
universe is for someone over there to pull you back.  Nothing here in this world 
can send you there.  Or at least we haven't figured anything out that will do it 
yet.  Power Girl is a unique case.  Right now, Zatanna is your best bet, but the 
only way she might be able to do it is to wait until she goes home anyway.  Now 
if you'll excuse me."

	I wandered down to the basement.  Beta told me Giganta and Livewire would 
be done in about 20 minutes.  The spinal remotes were installed, but Alpha had 
to finish healing the surrounding tissue and do a quick examination of their 

	I sat down at my workdesk and had a conversation with Alpha.  Alpha 
accepted the possibility that these super-villains were for real a lot more 
easily than I did.  I suppose I should at least be glad the situation was back 
under control.

	The only constructive thing to come out of that conversation was that we 
agreed we needed a lot more cameras in the house.  When Elisa finished her 
cleaning, she would go buy a couple dozen or so more.  These were mostly going 
to be hidden cameras, though some obvious ones would also be installed.  Right 
now in the house, Alpha ran about half of her observations through computer and 
TV cameras (with a screen in almost every room), a quarter through obvious 
cameras and the rest through hidden cameras viewing through pinhead-sized 
optical cabling (where only the pinhole optical cables lacked audio).

	Jane got home about that time, and I went up to talk to her.  She was VERY 
unhappy that no one had called her.  I knew she would be upset, but also knew 
that she would only have been a liability if she had been here.  I would be on 
the outs with her for a while, but doubted she'd try to move out as she 
threatened.  We went upstairs together to check on our rescued lovers.  Still 

	Leaving Jane upstairs, I went back to the basement where Harley and Ivy 
were now being held down in the nanopods.  Giganta and Livewire were limp on a 
blanket on the floor.  Once Harley and Ivy were limp in their pods, I had a long 
conversation with the four of them.  

	I re-explained their current situation to them.  They would not be allowed 
to leave the grounds.  We were going to disable their powers as best we could.  
All of their current clothes were to be destroyed to prevent any unexpected 
surprises.  We would provide them two double-bedrooms on the third floor as well 
as clothes and basic necessities.  
	Any time they threatened anyone else, their implants would be triggered, 
paralyzing them until we could get around to dealing with them.  Any time they 
tried to escape, any time they tried to use their powers, any time they tried to 
remove their implants, paralysis would be the result.  Any time they did 
anything that any of us decided warranted triggering the implants, we would 
trigger the implants.
	We would try to make their stay here comfortable, and I suggested they try 
to view this as a vacation on a very small island.  They were welcome to 
interact with everyone else here, but we would view social hostility or plotting 
the same as physical hostility or criminal plotting.

	I finished by pointing out, "Your life here and the possibility of your 
return home depends on our good will and friendliness.  Don't abuse it."

	I instructed the ladies to strip them bare and provide them some temporary 
clothes.  I told the villains that their bodily control would be returned after 
we had finished examining their bodies for ways to disable their powers.  Then I 
left before they were stripped, believing that they deserved some privacy, 
regardless of what they had done.

	Alpha's examinations showed that Poison Ivy had weird localized viruses of 
some sort in her sweat glands, saliva ducts and in a few other places throughout 
her body.  Alpha took samples, then took over an hour to kill them all off.  As 
a side note, Ivy's skin gradually changed from a pale green back to a normal 
Caucasian pink over the following weeks.
	Livewire had a strangely robust nervous system, with bundles of nerves 
where there should be single strands, but the source of her electrical shocks 
was her skin, which was able to store static electricity to an astonishing 
degree.  Without just replacing her skin, there was no easy way to disable this, 
so we settled for grounding her.  The next day, Alpha installed small sub-dermal 
wires that ran from her fingertips down to her feet.  Hardly an ideal solution, 
but it helped (especially since we were also buying and subtly modifying her 
shoes).  I also made her promise to wear a grounding wristband every time she 
used a computer in the house, backed up with the threat that the first time she 
damaged a computer would also be when we changed the rules for her so that any 
time she even approached a computer would be justification for paralysis.  Her 
skin stayed a chalky white, though her hair started growing in black instead of 
electric blue.
	Giganta was a mystery.  Her bones were weird, and so were some of her 
muscle groups.  Alpha used some modeling and theorized that they might allow for 
some expansion.  Nothing in her body looked like it would allow superhuman 
growth, let alone explain how her other body parts stretched.  Her skin alone 
should be grotesquely loose when she was at normal height, but it wasn't.  And 
her strength should theoretically be decreasing with expanded height, not 
increasing.  While we didn't yet understand how she grew, we did understand why 
she couldn't grow to super-size while here. Theoretically, human bones could 
only support a body of up to nine feet or so.  Any taller and she would be 
crushed under her own weight.  Which is another point: In our universe there's 
no spontaneous acquisition of mass that could allow super-growth (like Giganta 
or the Hulk), so any height she achieved must come from her own pre-existing 
body mass.  Alpha really wanted for her to grow while under nanite observation, 
but she flatly refused to do so, fearing that we might be able to disable the 
ability entirely.
	Harley had no super powers.  She was just a really good athlete and fairly 
crazy, with a nasty bag of tricks.

	With Kasumi still asleep, we ordered out for pizza that night.  Later, we 
had a celebratory orgy.

	Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Rogue, Supergirl, Eiko and I piled onto 
my bed and clothes flew off as fast as we could pull them.

	Kara claimed me first, riding me cowgirl style while Diana rode my face. 
After a few minutes we shifted positions so that Kara was lying down while I 
fucked her and Anna rode her face.  Zatanna produced a strap-on and fucked 
Linda, with Linda licking out Eiko, with Eiko stretched over to lick my come out 
of Kara, who was kissing Diana while I fucked her.  At one point, Kara was 
wearing a different strap-on so the two of us could hold Anna up while we fucked 
her from both ends while at the same time Linda was fucking Kara from behind 
with another strap-on.  I fucked Eiko from behind and let her scream her orgasms 
into Diana's pussy.

	I went from woman to woman until at least 2 am that night, passing out 
orgasms as quickly as I could.  I myself came four times.  If I were to give a 
blow-by-blow account of that night, it would probably take me twenty pages to 
write it all out.

	As expected, the villainesses tried to sneak out overnight.  My cyborgs 
put their limp bodies back to bed and didn't reactivate their implants until 
morning.  They also installed almost thirty new cameras overnight.

	The news the next day included the mystery of four households being 
kidnapped and drugged.  Whatever drugs had been used to knock them out also 
affected their memories so that none of them could remember being grabbed.  
Nothing was stolen, though either a rough party or a fight had occurred in the 
central house.  The police were going over the house in detail but currently had 
no suspects.  A couple of traffic cameras nearby had mysteriously blank 
memories.  The story was picked up nationally but was forgotten when no suspects 
came to light.  Alpha had been thorough, and we got lucky.  (As a precautionary 
measure, Alpha altered the fingerprints of my artificial women the next time 
they were put in nanopods.)

* * * * *

	The next few weeks were interesting to say the least.  For the first few 
days, Kasumi was the only one in the household who was nice to them.  Despite 
having been kidnapped by them, she forgave them quickly and tried her best to 
make them feel at home.  Although initially suspicious of her, they didn't take 
long to realize that she just really was that nice.

	Probably the first turning point happened two weeks into their stay when 
Harley and Ivy apologized for kidnapping Kasumi (Daria too, but that apology was 
a little less heartfelt).  And I think they actually meant it.  Although the 
household is protective of me through mental conditioning and physical bonds, 
they are equally protective of Kasumi.  I guess at some level, Kasumi is viewed 
as the surrogate mother of the house.  Apologizing to her was basically a 
prerequisite to household acceptance.  Giganta apologized not long after.  
Livewire eventually did too, but I'm pretty sure she never meant it.

	None of that stopped them from trying to escape multiple times in 
different ways.  They tried nighttime escapes.  They tried hiding in car trunks 
or climbing the wall.  They tried calling the police or emailing people they 
found online. They tried disabling the security cameras.  They tried when 
everyone was distracted and when they were all alone.

	Of course what they couldn't overcome was Alpha, who watched all of them 
every second of every day.  During each of their third visits to the nanopods, 
she secretly implanted each of them with GPS trackers.  Alpha even expanded her 
selection of remote-control rodents to include a few mice, and she was working 
on controls for insects.  Up to half of the home systems were used to keep track 
of them.

	I think the idea that we were hosting a threat to me in our own house was 
causing Alpha some stress.  True, they hadn't shown any new indications that 
they wanted to make a second attempt to kidnap me, but the first attempt was 
enough for Alpha to never trust them again.

	The second week they were staying with us, their escape attempts dropped 
noticeably.  They figured out that they were always under observation, but 
couldn't figure out how they were being observed.  Their best guess, according 
to the conversations we snooped on, was that we had implanted mics or tracking 
devices or something similar when we installed their spinal chips, or that the 
spinal chips themselves were transmitters.  Which kind of left them with no 
viable options since they couldn't disable the spinal chips without paralyzing 
themselves.  They mostly decided to wait for us to slip up and give them access 
to the basement.

	Along those lines, they needed to ingratiate themselves with Beta or 
myself, since we were the only ones who seemed to have free basement access.  
Beta rebuffed them each and every time they approached her.

	Eventually Beta relented enough to give Giganta this brief explanation:  
"You threatened Frank. You threatened my friends.  I will never trust you, 
regardless of the situation or how much time has passed."

	Meanwhile, their attempts to ingratiate themselves with me led to multiple 
seduction attempts, but given the situation, I decided for the first time in a 
long time to resist.

	Harley's attempts were hilarious and kinda sweet.  She'd wear a low-cut 
blouse or halter top with short shorts and bend over a foot in front of me.  
She'd borrow someone's lingerie (without asking) and strike a movie-style pose 
in my doorway, with breasts and hips thrust out while leaning against the 
doorjamb.  After one failure, Alpha recorded her crying to Ivy that she wasn't 
pretty, with Ivy trying to reassure her that she was.

	Ivy was a bit less obvious.  Without her pheromones, she would dress in a 
skimpy or slinky outfit and try to entrance me with her voice.  I swear, the 
woman must have thought she could hypnotize me or something.  A couple times she 
tried to fix me some special herbal tea blend, but Alpha would have none of 
that.  She was allowed to fix food for herself or her fellows, but anytime she 
tried to offer food or drink to our normal household she dropped like a rock.

	Livewire's attempts were pretty crude.  She'd try to strike up a 
conversation by asking how good Kara was in bed or if Diana really did let men 
touch her.  She would ask if it was true that I was well hung and demand to see 
the evidence.  One morning I woke up to find her naked and slumped against my 
bedroom door, paralyzed for trying to enter my bedroom while I slept.  Linda, my 
bedmate for that particular night, was not happy and dragged her off rather 

	Giganta, oddly enough, was a bit shy when it came to sexual matters. 
Eventually I figured out she almost had a split personality.  When she was super 
size, she was a slutty vamp who would think nothing of sticking random strangers 
up her twat.  When she was normal size, her confidence was... well, not missing, 
but significantly reduced.  A few times I thought she was trying to attract my 
affections, but since I gave no positive responses, she gave up quickly each 

	One interesting aspect about all of this was how possessively horny it 
made the other women in the household.  I think they felt they needed to protect 
their territory from invaders or something, meaning every time I turned around, 
someone had plastered themselves against me.  Even on my declared sex-free days 
(so declared so that I could recover energy and stamina), I could not sit down 
without someone filling my lap, rubbing their bottom against my prick.  The 
women who rarely invited extra companionship when their turns came up on the 
calendar now showed up in my bedroom with one or two extra housemates to share 
our bed for the night.  It was fun but exhausting.

	I suppose I should take just a moment to address the Daria problem.  Daria 
had never really accepted that the others were superheroes.  Eventually she had 
reached the point of don't-ask-don't-tell.  She ignored their unusual physical 
characteristics, and they didn't raise the subject. 
	When she had been kidnapped by an eight-foot-tall woman with super-
strength, shocked by a white-skinned, blue-haired woman and drugged with nothing 
more than a green-skinned woman's touch, her world view had been shaken.  Though 
drugged at the time, she had witnessed part of the fight.  She probably would 
have recovered her previous beliefs and mental state except that she was now 
living side-by-side with her kidnappers.  Giganta didn't grow extra-tall very 
often, but Daria had seen it happen and had no way to explain it away.  Daria 
didn't abandon her don't-ask policy, but she had come around enough that she 
could listen to such conversations without mockery.
	It took a long conversation to convince her not to go to the police, using 
basically the same arguments I had offered to convince the others to let me use 
the implants.
	Fortunately, she was firmly on my side from the outset when it came to 
Jane.  She agreed that Jane probably would have only gotten herself hurt if I 
had called her that day, and she worked with me to get Jane to forgive me, which 
didn't happen for a week and a half.  (I'm convinced it would have taken MUCH 
longer if not for the mental and chemical programming Jane was subject to.)

	Most of this happened before they all apologized to Kasumi.  Once they 
finally did that, the ostracism to which they had been subject started to 
relent, which was good because apparently other pressures were building up.  
Alpha recorded this conversation between Harley and Kara after they had been 
living here close to a month.

	"Heya, PG."


	"Kin I talk to you fer a minute?  I got a problem I bin meaning to talk 
with you about."  She was chewing gum, but kept the smacking and popping to a 
minimum for the duration of the conversation.

	*sigh*  "What's up, Harley?"

	"We bin here for, like, a month, and don't think it ain't been a barrel of 
monkey laughs, but... I gotta get laid!"

	"Huh?  Don't you and Ivy..."

	"Oh, sure.  Ivy and me lick each other out like we're Batgirl and 
Supergirl.  It's fun and all..."

	"Y'know, they don't really..."

	"But it ain't the same thing.  Back home, we'd grab a guy every day or 
two. If he had money, we'd make him take us shoppin, but mainly we just needed a 
really good fuck, y'knowhatimean?  Ivy's got this special tea that can get a guy 
hard toot sweet, an if that didn't keep em hard, sometimes we'd squirt some 
epoxy down their peeholes.  But even with all that we hadda keep switchin to new 
guys cause we'd wear em out too fast.  But now that we're stuck here, my 
cootchie is just achin for some hot dick.  Hell, so's my ass."

	"What about you and the Joker?"

	She said, "Mistah J" in a sighing sing-song voice, then continued with a 
sadder tone, "We don't really do much fuckin'.  Doin' crime and pullin' pranks 
gets him hot, but I think he really just wants Bats to pull down his pants and 
go to town on his asshole.  Y'know, really give him some hot man-lovin'.  Me, 
I'm just his consolation prize."

	"That's... interesting... but I'm pretty sure Batman is straight, so..."

	"Yeah, he is.  The only time Mister J ever gets it on with him is when 
he's got him all tied up, an even then I'm pretty sure he'd rather be on the 
receivin' end.  Bats has got a pretty decent dinky, y'know.  I measured it once 
at eight-and-a-half, and it's real thick too, as big as a Coke can.  Feels great 
inside a girl.  But Mister J is my number one love puddin.  Kinda sad that such 
a great guy like him don't fill my holes but once or twice a month, and even 
then he mostly goes after my ass, y'know?  Ass fuckin's fun, sure, but it ain't 
nothin like a filled-up pussy.  An bein' all naked an gettin' slapped around an 
spit on an stuff." 

	"Frank wouldn't..."

	"But ya gotta draw the line somewhere.  Like I told Mister J, ya want me 
ta shoot off roman candles outta my pussy, that's okay, but inta my pussy is off 
limits.  Mister J don't like hearin people tell him 'No', but I'm still here and 
my pussy still works, which proves he loves me.  Or swappin the other way around 
is fun too, y'know, so that I'm on top for a change.  Like slappin' a naked guy 
to the floor, an squeezin' his balls til he cries or stickin a sparkler into his 
pee hole.  Once Red an me picked up a real asshole, so we gave him a big enema 
of old milk and glued his butt closed with everything still inside."

	"We wouldn't let you..."

	"But I figure if I tried that here, I'd be out like a light real fast, so 
I'm fine with being the sub.  It's more my thing anyway.  Either way I'd really 
like to get whatever I can though if you'll help me.  I gotta get my pussy itch 
scratched somehow."

	"Harley, I'm sorry you haven't... I mean... *pause to draw breath*  We're 
not going to kidnap or invite men to come here and... and fuck you."

	"Oh, I know.  But ya got a guy here who's fuckin' a dozen hot chicks alla 
time.  He's gotta have great stamina from what I hear.  I just... I'm goin' nuts 
here.  Ivy too, but she don't really talk about it much.  Can't ya just... 
y'know, share him around a little?"

	"Why don't we just get you a strap-on for you to use with Ivy?  Won't that 
work for you?"

	"It ain't the same.  *sigh*  Y'know, if you want, I kin help pay ya off 
before I use him, so to speak.  I like girls just fine too, and Ivy says I got 
some real nice tongue action.  Here..."

	"Ivy- I mean, Harley!  No, get up.  It's not that I don't mind a little 
girl action every so often, but I'm not going to let you go down on me in the 
living room of all places..."

	"Oh sure, sorry bout that, PG.  I'll meetcha up in your room in a couple 

	"No!  That's not what I... Harley, come back here..."

	Harley had a tendency to run roughshod over conversations like that 
sometimes.  I'll admit to laughing out loud at Kara's distress when I listened 
to the audio after the fact.

	The result was that Kara took me aside to have a conversation.  She had 
talked this over with Diana, Linda and Zatanna, and they had decided that it 
might help keep things peaceful if I could sexually satisfy the bad girls once 
in a while.  Under strictly supervised conditions, of course.  No way were they 
leaving me alone with any of them.  Or giving them access to fireworks or glue.

	So Alpha double-checked them all for STDs (I was shocked that they were 
all clean), and for four nights that week, only three weeks after they arrived, 
they were brought to my bedroom, one each night.  Each one was escorted by two 
of my super-strong ladies who stood watch throughout, except for Giganta who 
rated four guards.

	Harley came the first night, escorted by Linda and Zatanna.  She was 
very... hmmm... what's a nice way of putting it... very open, sexually speaking.  
No comment or question was off limits, and I got the feeling that nothing I 
could suggest would be beyond her limits.  She came fairly easily and seemed to 
get more excited the further we got from vanilla sex.

	She arrived naked, looking for all the world like slutty cheerleader, 
bouncing up and down in her eagerness to get laid.  Her pubic hair was trimmed 
to look like a little cartoon-style explosion.  Her body was covered with scars.  
None of them were recent and most were faded, though the cigar burn on her left 
nipple made me wince to even look at it.

	I tried to start things off with a make-out session, but she was not going 
to sit still for foreplay.  I fucked her in a standard missionary position until 
she came, then she got on top and bounced on me for a few minutes.  Then, still 
on top, she shifted my cock to her asshole and sat down, with no time allowed 
for slow entry.  I was balls-deep in her ass in seconds, and she bounced on me 
until she came.  A couple minutes later, her ankles were by her ears as I fucked 
her ass from above while she kept asking me to spit on her and slap her tits or 
face.  I refused to slap her or spit on her, but I did dribble some saliva down 
to her mouth which got her off.

	Next she took me into the bathroom, saying she didn't want to get the bed 
dirty.  First, she wanted to clean my cock, which was dirty from her ass.  
Thinking she meant she wanted a shower, I got in and and turned around to find 
her kneeling in front of me.  Before I could stop her, my cock was in her mouth 
and she was sucking me clean for all she was worth.  It kinda turned me off and 
on at the same time.

	What followed was my first experience with watersports.  An interesting 
experience and not one that I regret trying, but it's not really my thing.  
After my cock was clean, she sat cross-legged in front of me, holding my dick, 
pointing it at her body.  Then she asked me to piss on her.

	I tried to explain that I don't like humiliating or hurting people and 
that included denigrating them by doing things like urinating on them.  All the 
same, after she begged pitifully for a couple minutes, I gave in let loose my 
bladder.  She squealed and directed the spray all over her tits and belly, then 
her face.  Before I ran out of piss, she put her mouth under the stream and 
started drinking it.  One of the reasons I didn't cut it short was that I was 
distracted by warm fluid splashing over my feet.  She was pissing on my feet 
while I was pissing in her mouth.

	I stood her up, turned on the shower and washed us off.  She told me that 
next time I'd have to urinate in her pussy while we fucked and in her ass to 
give her a piss enema. 

	Once we were clean enough, we returned to bed where she jacked me off 
while eating my asshole, then fisted her own ass while I fucked her pussy, then 
fisted her pussy while I fucked her ass.  (I had to slap her fingers away from 
my asshole a couple times.)  She certainly didn't feel loose enough to allow 
rough treatment like that, but she never showed any signs of pain or distress.  
Everything we did just got her hotter and hotter.

	We had sex for two and a half hours before I sent her back to her room.  I 
think she probably would have kept going through to the morning if I let her, 
but after two and a half hours I was completely exhausted.

	The next evening I was visited by Pamela Isley, escorted by Kara and Eiko.  
We usually still called her Ivy even though her skin color was back to normal 
and she had lost her special pheromones and such.  (Speaking of which, her virus 
samples were fascinating to Alpha, who was certain that she could use them to 
come up with a number of new avenues for research.)

	She was much more seductive than Harley, but she started out with a 

	"Look, I know you had Harley here last night, and while I'm glad you gave 
her some satisfaction I want to make it clear that I don't want you to piss on 
me or shit in my mouth or burn my nipples or pull out my toenails.  I'm willing 
to do those things to Harley when she needs them, but I don't like having them 
done to me.  Just do what I tell you, and we'll both have a good time.  Got it?"

	"First of all, ewww," I replied.  "I don't like hurting people.  A little 
play acting or spanking is about as dark as I get.  Second of all, thank you for 
telling me your limits, but get it straight.  You are not in charge here tonight 
because I don't trust you.  You can leave my bedroom any time you want, but you 
don't get to give me orders.  Understood?"

	I think that was the right thing to say, because when she responded with a 
"Yes, sir," she definitely seemed aroused.  Is it odd that a domineering 
personality might sometimes like to be dominated in turn?  I mean, given her 
powers she probably had control over every man that visited her bed for years, 
but now I refused to let her dictate terms to me.  Maybe it's what she secretly 
wanted... or maybe she was willing to give up control in exchange for much 
needed sex... or maybe it was just a bedroom variation she wanted to try now 
that she had the chance?

	Whatever the reason, I played the role for her.  "All right, now take off 
that nightie and get on that bed!"

	I dominated her all evening, light stuff but firm.  When I threatened to 
spank her because her teeth scraped my dick during a blowjob, she defiantly gave 
me a light bite.  So I turned her over my lap and gave her five swats, played 
with her pussy for a minute, then ten more.  Though she didn't come from the 
spanking, she was gushing all over my hand when I fingered her clit right 

	While I was fucking her doggy-style, I offered her tongue to her guards.  
Kara then Eiko both enjoyed a nice orgasm at Ivy's expense.

	When I decided she was too sweaty, we moved the action into my bathroom 
for a while.  I sat down on a folding shower chair, had her sit on my lap, 
impaling her pussy on my cock.  I shampooed and rinsed her hair in this 
position.  Still in the shower, she had to kneel and suck me off while my toes 
played with her crotch.  After all this, when I picked her up, pushed her 
against the wall and fucked her hard, she came like gangbusters.

	Once we were clean, I gave her some tenderness, toweling her off, sitting 
her down, blow drying her hair and brushing it out.

	After a couple hours of non-stop sex, she was limp and I was pretty tired 
myself.  I sent her back to her room for the night, though Eiko had to carry 
her. (According to Alpha's observations, she had Harley crawl between her legs 
and lick her out off and on for the rest of the night.  Maybe she was re-
establishing her dominance?)

	Because I didn't like her attitude, I was leaving Livewire for last, 
meaning Giganta visited me on the third night.  Her real name was Doris Zuel, 
but she absolutely hated being called Doris, so we all referred to her as 

	When she arrived, escorted by Diana, Kara, Linda and Anna Marie, she 
quietly asked for permission to grow bigger for sex.  I asked why, since that 
would mean less sensation from me.  She explained that she never felt safe 
having sex unless she was bigger than the man.

	"Can you limit yourself to seven feet?  Would that be big enough for you?"

	"I'm not very good at limiting myself, but I think I can.  It's so much 
harder to grow in this world."

	She pulled off her nightgown and stretched her arms up, as if having a 
wake-up yawn.  Her breasts were C-cups, lightly dusted with freckles, but it was 
her pussy that caught my eye.  She had the most pubic hair of anyone in the 
house, apparently trimming it just barely enough to keep it from becoming wildly 
overgrown.  As she stretched, her pussy lips flashed at me through the hair, 
pulsing with growing desire.

	As she stretched, she grew.  After a couple minutes, she was almost a foot 
taller than me.  I called out, "Okay, that's big enough."

	Snapping out of her reverie, she looked around and said, "It just feels so 
good to stretch and grow like that.  Now little man, come here."

	"Stop," I said, holding up a hand.  "We can have sex with me in charge or 
as equals, but I don't trust you enough to let you call the shots."

	She spread her arms out, and said, "Look at me.  Every man submits to 
Giganta.  You will too."

	Her guards started edging forward, then stopped as she dropped to the 
floor, her limbs suddenly lifeless.

	I bent over her and looked in her suddenly fearful eyes.

	"I can guess that you probably had problems when you were younger.  Maybe 
you were victimized by people bigger than you.  Or maybe growing big does 
something to twist your brain around.  Or maybe it's something else entirely.  
None of that is relevant here and now.
	"I am not going to force you to do anything.  I am not going to hurt you 
in any way.  I am certainly not going to rape you, which I find reprehensible.  
	"What I am going to do is make you one final offer.  When we re-enable 
your remote in a minute, you can choose to get dressed and return to your room, 
for which there will be no repercussions.  Or you can stand up and lay down on 
the bed, where I will make love to you and you will reciprocate.  This is 
entirely and completely your choice.  
	"However the next time you try to threaten or intimidate me, your 
paralyzed body will be carried back to your room and you will not visit my 
bedroom again.  Do you understand?"

	"Yes," she said in a quiet voice.

	"Now there's just one thing before we reactivate you..."

	I leaned down and kissed her tenderly.  Initially her lips were stiff, but 
that didn't last long.  Very soon she was kissing me back hungrily, her large 
tongue prying open my lips and running along my teeth.

	I broke the kiss and stepped back.  I was pretty certain that without the 
kiss she would have grabbed her gown and bolted from the room.  I was still 
surprised that she gave in.  Maybe growing makes her super-horny?  Or maybe I'll 
just never be able to understand the way their minds work.
	As it was, she shyly knee-walked over to the bed and crawled onto it. 
Looking back over her shoulder at me, she waggled her hips, then flipped over 
and lay down with her limbs outspread.

	I stripped and crawled onto the bed to join her.  I started us off with a 
make-out session and foreplay, stroking her body and teasing her nipples to full 
hardness and her vagina to full wetness. 

	When I finally climbed on top of her and started fucking, she came almost 
immediately.  She recovered enough to start participating in the fuck after a 
minute and revealed something a bit surprising.  For someone with such a slutty 
reputation, she was very clumsy and uncoordinated in bed.  We used the 
missionary position for at least half the night, because whenever she was on top 
or needed to coordinate her movements with mine, her jerky movements were more 
likely to cause bruises than climaxes.

	We paused midway through our session to talk about it.  She refused to 
talk about certain aspects of her past, but she admitted that the only sex she 
had experienced for years was in her giant state, more masturbation with living 
dildos than lovemaking.  I tried to teach her how to make love with another 
person, and she did improve, but she was not a fast learner.

	In the end, she did have at least half a dozen orgasms (compared to my 
two) and went back to her own room happy and satisfied.

	Before she left, she commented on how much she liked my giant bed.  "Is 
there any chance I could get one this size?"

	"We can see about getting you a larger bed, but this one was custom made 
for me."

	"Oh.  Well, thank you."

	We upgraded her from Queen to King size the next week.  An Emperor size 
would not have fit very well in her room, since she was sharing it with 

	I expected Livewire to be the least enjoyable of these visits.  She used 
to be a radio shock jock called Leslie Willis, thus making a living by insulting 
people and ignoring the boundaries of good taste.  Whereas someone like Harley 
may use foul language sometimes in conversation, shock jocks tend to use it as a 
weapon, which is not attractive to me in any sense.

	She also still tended to build up noticeable charges of static 
electricity. The small sub-dermal wires we had implanted weren't effective 
enough, even with the anti-static grounding footwear we gave her.

	She stood in my doorway in a tiny electric blue bra and panties set, 
leaning against the wall, looking as seductive as she could.

	"Hey there, hot stuff.  Someone order a bitch to fuck?"

	She walked in, with Eiko and Linda following, and stripped off as she 
walked. Giganta had unrestrained pubic hair.  Harley and Ivy had small, neatly 
trimmed bushes.  Livewire had no body hair at all below her scalp.  And while 
the others all had little scars and imperfections to mark them as human, her 
body and skin were as perfect as an airbrushed centerfold.  True, her skin was 
chalk white and her hair was a combination electric blue and black, but y'know, 
aside from that.

	She slunk up to me, grabbed my head and gave me a rough, hungry kiss, 
delving her tongue deep into my mouth giving little tingling sensations as her 
tongue touched mine.  Without breaking the kiss, she started tearing off my 
clothes. Fortunately I wasn't wearing much, but I did have to break the kiss to 
pull off my t-shirt.

	Once I was naked, she grabbed my dick and used it as a handhold to pull me 
to the bed.

	"I'm glad you saved the best for last, cause after Livewire has you, 
you'll forget all about those other cunts.  Now get your tongue down there and 
lick me!"

	I pulled back and said, "There's something you need to understand 

	"Shut up and lick me, you dickhead."

	I snapped my fingers and she fell to the bed lifeless.  Gee whiz, what is 
it with domineering supervillains.

	"As I was saying, if you were someone I trusted, I would probably just let 
go and enjoy an encounter like that.  But you are not someone I trust, so I..."

	"Damn it!  I wasn't hurting you or anything.  Turn me back on and start 
licking, asshole!"

	"If you keep interrupting me, this is going to be a very brief evening for 
you.  This is not a radio show and you are not in charge of this situation, so 
be quiet for a minute and listen.
	"I. Don't. Trust. You.  You don't get to give me orders, even in bed.  You 
can ask nicely, and I'll probably be happy to accommodate you.  Or you can get 
up and leave... once we turn your implant back on of course."

	"All right, you shit-eating faggot, will you PLEASE turn my spine back on, 
lick me out, then shove your big dick inside my pussy?"

	Wow.  Why the hell were these women submitting to the situation instead of 
just going back to their rooms?  It's not as though they were going to seduce me 
into giving them basement access or letting them go.

	"Certainly.  You are a very sexy woman, and I would love to eat you out."

	I think my politeness was pissing her off rather than calming her down.  
Oh well.  Can't please everyone I suppose.

	I bent down to her vagina and started working my tongue magic on it.  
Seconds later her body came alive and her legs clamped down on my head, holding 
me in place.  I ate her for a few minutes, then started fucking her.  She was 
almost as athletically enthusiastic as Harley had been, and we went through many 
different positions.  
	She became aroused easily but didn't come quickly.  With an hour and a 
half of fucking, she only came twice, but each time was like a volcanic eruption 
of screams and flailing and each time lasted well over a minute.  I got off 
three times with her, marking one of the few occasions when I had more orgasms 
than the woman I was with.

	Before she left, she said, "You're a fucking hypocrite asshole, but you're 
good with your dick."

	I decided to just take her comment as a compliment and leave it at that.

* * * * *

	Just over five weeks later, we had our next surprise.

	By this time, we had fallen back into a routine that let us go to work 
without excessive hassles waiting for us upon our return.  The villainesses had 
even started helping out a bit around the house.  Ivy, of course, did gardening. 
Yes, it was winter, but it was winter in Texas, meaning the ground wasn't really 
frozen most of the time.  Though we didn't see the results of her efforts for a 
few months, our plants and lawn grew very healthily that Spring.  Giganta helped 
with the general housework.  Harley tried to do so, but whatever she cleaned 
often had to be re-cleaned.  She just didn't have the mental focus to sweep a 
whole room or scrub down an entire bathroom.  Livewire didn't really help out 
much at all except with cooking, oddly enough.  She was skilled at cooking fried 
foods and Italian dishes.  And she could make an awesome Reuben sandwich.  Who 

	For bedtime schedules, we had started doubling them up.  For two nights 
each week, I would take two of them to bed at the same time.  Since it wasn't 
fair to the rest of the household, we were about to cut them back to one night a 
week, so each individual would have an average of one visit every two weeks.

	Anyway, on a Wednesday about eight weeks after they arrived, or five weeks 
after they joined my harem, Alpha gave me another cabin alert.

	"Frank, four more individuals have shown up at the cabin."

	"You're kidding."

	"I would not joke about this."

	"I know, I was just... show me the video, please.  When did this happen?"

	"The video is a live stream."

	The video showed four brightly costumed women approaching my cabin door. 
There was a blonde in a blue outfit with a large star on her chest, carrying an 
odd staff... a redhead dressed up kinda like the Wicked Witch of the West... a 
black-haired girl in a black-and-white outfit... and Power Girl.

	"Uhhh... Alpha, where's Kara?"

	"She is in her office."

	"Oh, god, this is not happening, this is... Okay, get a grip.  Deep 
breath."  And I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment.  Gotta play 
this out straight, as if everyone was real.  Anyone discovers any fakes and my 
ass is toast.

	"What do you want me to do?" Alpha asked.

	"Dial the cabin phone, I need to talk to them."

	On screen the ladies had opened our new "To Friends of Kara" envelope and 
were reading the short message.  Their heads came up as the phone started to 
ring on my end.  We now had good quality cameras at the cabin, including one 
positioned inside.  The door was locked, but Power Girl is notoriously 
impatient.  A moment later she answered the phone.


	"Welcome dimensional travelers.  My name is Frank.  Do you want any 
assistance or information?"

	"Uh, yes, I suppose so... Frank.  Let's start with how you know we're not 
from this dimension."

	"I have a camera at the cabin pointed at a common entry point for people 
arriving in this dimension.  Anyone who suddenly appears there... that's 
generally a pretty good giveaway."

	"I see.  How many people have arrived through this entry point?"

	"Recently or total?"


	"Total, ummm... nine individuals that I know of.  Recently a group of four 
women arrived intending a kidnapping.  I'm guessing that's why you're here?"

	"For the most part, yes.  Are they still here?"

	"Yes, but if I may ask a couple questions of my own first.  I assume your 
powers mostly are not working correctly.  Is that right?"

	"Yes, that's another question we have..."

	"Hold on, hold on.  Is your method of return working for you?"

	"I assume so.  Of course we haven't tested it yet."

	"If possible, I'd like to you test it right now.  If it works, you can 
come right back and we can go from there."

	"It's not cheap to use these things, so I don't want to use it before we 
need to."

	"I am wealthy enough that if it works, I will give you a million dollars 
worth of gold or gems to offset the cost.  This is actually very important to 
the rest of our discussion."

	"Okay, we'll try it, but first I want to know if you know who the other 
women wanted to kidnap."

	"They wanted to... yes, I do know.  Their target is safe.  They were 
captured and are in good physical condition."

	On the video screen, I saw Power Girl gesture to one of the other women, 
who handed her a remote-like device.  She pressed some buttons, looked it over, 
pressed more buttons and then went into a huddle with the other women.  When she 
went back to the phone, she was obviously pretty tense.

	"Okay, what's going on here?"

	"That's what I thought would happen.  Or rather, fail to happen.  Here's 
the situation:  You're now in a universe whose physical laws don't allow the 
vast majority of super powers to work. You're probably still stronger than a 
normal human, maybe faster and tougher too, but your abilities cannot break the 
physical laws of this universe.  The science that your return device is based on 
falls under the same restrictions.  Someone from your universe should be able to 
pull you back to your universe as long as they remain in your universe to do it, 
but that technology will not function if it is contained inside this universe.  

	"I think so."

	"Okay, that's the first big pill to swallow, so to speak.  The good news I 
can offer to counter that is that I host a number of people who are similarly 
stranded.  I can provide you with whatever resources you need within reason, 
including clothes, food, shelter, even a job if you want."

	"Hold on.  Just how long do you expect us to be stuck here?"

	"That leads into the second issue.  According to your information, how 
long ago did the people you are chasing leave your universe?"

	"A day at most."

	"And how long until people back in your world get worried about you and 
either send a rescue party or try to remotely retrieve you?"

	"A few days or a week at the earliest, I'd think."

	Oh god, I was going to have to build a new house to have room for everyone 
if this kept up.

	"Okay, second bitter pill.  There is a significant time difference between 
our universes.  The other women actually arrived here about eight weeks ago our 
time.  Which means that a week your time will probably take over a year in this 

	"You're kidding."

	I sighed audibly.  "Nope.  Sorry to say, but it's an issue that most of my 
visitors have to deal with.  There's one more big pill to swallow, but why don't 
you go ahead and relay the information so far to your friends first.  Oh yeah, 
if the trip made you hungry -- sometimes people arrive here starving for some 
reason -- we keep snacks in the cabinet behind you."

	"All right.  Thank you."

	I muted the phone and watched for a moment as she turned to talk to the 
others in the cabin.  I felt kinda shell-shocked.

	Alpha asked, "What would you like to do?"

	"Not get in trouble.  And avoid fights if possible."  I sighed.  "Get Kara 
and Linda and the others in here, please."

	A human would have asked if I was sure.  Alpha just did it.

	Kara and Anna Marie had arrived by the time Power Girl picked the phone 
back up.  Fortunately my computer screen was turned so that I was the only one 
who could see it.

	"Hello?  Hello?"

	I picked the phone back up.  "Sorry, I had mute turned on.  All right, I'm 
actually going to be having this conversation for both you and people in my 

	"What's going on?" Kara whispered to me.

	I covered the phone mic and whispered back, "More new arrivals at the 

	"You're kidding," she whispered, but I ignored this comment.

	"Okay, problem number three.  You all know that there are multiple 
dimensions, multiple Earths, right?"

	"Yes," from over the phone, and a nod from Kara.

	"Sometimes with these multiple Earths you have duplicate versions of the 
same people."  

	More agreement.

	"That is the situation we are currently faced with right now.  I'm taking 
my time with this discussion, and I'm not going to drive out to pick you up 
until we have this all sorted out so no one is going to be confused and start 
fighting each other, okay?  I know that's kind of a tradition for superheroes.  
You meet someone new, you get into a fight until you figure out who's who.  I 
don't want that to happen here."

	Over the phone, I heard, "Who has a duplicate?"

	I swiveled my monitor to face Kara and the others who had arrived during 
my conversation.

	"You do.  You appear to be Power Girl aka Kara Zor-L aka Karen Starr.  I'm 
not as positive about your companions, but I believe them to be Courtney 
Whitmore aka Stargirl, Maxine Hunkle aka Cyclone and Atlee aka Terra.  Other 
possible names may be Power Woman, the Star-Spangled Kid and Red Tornado.  Not 
sure if Atlee has another name."

* * * * *
* * * * *

	Across the desk from me, Kara had her jaw hanging open.  Diana was moving 
her lips along with me as I named names.

	"Now currently sitting across my desk from me is also Power Girl, aka Kara 
Zor-L aka Karen Starr.  Also with us are Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Zatanna and a 
few other people you probably don't know."


	"Power Girl?  Are you there?"

	"Yes.  That's... that's a lot to take in.  I just saw Wonder Woman a few 
hours ago, so I don't know how...

	"My Wonder Woman is from the same world as the Power Girl who is sitting 
in my office.  Since she is obviously not you... wait just a second.  Could be 
time travel.  Do either of you remember this happening before?"

	A pair of 'No's.

	"Okay, back to parallel worlds then.  The people I listed in my office are 
all from the same world.  Since we have two different Power Girls, we are 
dealing with two different worlds.  Which also means that Poison Ivy and her 
group are not the same Poison Ivy and friends that we thought we were dealing 
with.  They were chasing... Ugh.  Too many conversations.  Too many... 
	"Look, Power Girl... for now I'm going to call the newly arrived version 
of you on the phone, Power Girl, and the version of you in my office, Kara.  

	I suddenly heard a matched pair of "Let me talk to her."

	"No.  You... both of you, I suppose... have a history of getting into 
unnecessary fights.  I'm keeping you two separated until I have a promise from 
both of you not to fight each other."


	"Look, I am pretty sure that both of you are from different worlds.  
Neither of you will be replacing the other.  If Power Girl is like Kara... wow, 
this is an awkward conversation... if you're alike, then you have had problems 
with being replaced, so to speak.  That's not the case here.  Just think of each 
other as long lost twin sisters or something.  Okay?  Please?"

	My Kara answered first.  "I promise I won't throw the first punch."

	"Good.  Did you hear that over the phone?"

	"Yes.  All right, as long as no one is lying to me, I won't throw the 
first punch either."

	"That's probably as good as I'm going to get right now.  All right, I'm 
going to drive out to the cabin to pick you up and bring you back into town.  I 
only have room for one other person to ride with me comfortably, and Diana is 
more of a peace-maker than you are," I said, gesturing at Kara, "So Diana and I 
will drive out there.  It's about an hour drive to reach you, so have a snack 
and take a seat.  I'll answer any other questions you have on the drive back."

	My computer was going nuts at this point with Alpha trying to get my 
attention.  <Do not go.  You will be insufficiently protected.  Allow Beta or 
Linda to go instead.>

	I typed back, <The situation requires my presence.  Send backup in an out-
of-sight car if you want.>

	<Not sufficient.>

	<I will stop by the house for a protective suit.  Have Dorothy bring it to 
meet my car.  And remember, these characters do not harm civilians.>

	Then I got up to leave without reading Alpha's response.  I understood her 
position, but I was very afraid that if I just sent out one of my women, they'd 
end up getting into a fight or worse.

	I apologized to Kara for not taking her with me, but I wasn't going to 
risk a fight where it was one on four.

	In the car I explained to Diana that Alpha wanted me to wear one of my 
protective suits, so we were swinging by the house first.

	When we made it out to the cabin, the four super heroines came out to meet 
us.  Everyone was fairly cautious, but no one made any kind of threatening 

	"Hello there.  I'm Frank.  This is Diana."

	I walked up to Power Girl and offered her my hand.  She looked a LOT like 
my Kara.  Not exactly, but the height, build, hair and breast size were 
virtually identical.  Her face was very close.  The eye color was slightly 
different and I think the cheekbones were a little off.  This was very surreal.

	She shook my hand firmly and gave me an appraising stare.

	"Nice to finally meet you."

	She broke eye contact to introduce me to the others, with Diana following 
me down the line of handshakes.

	Next was a young blonde girl with a blue belly shirt with a large white 
star on it.  She had on tight blue shorts with a large red belt and a blue mask 
and carried a long golden rod with an odd hook on the end.  Her teeth were 
dazzlingly white and straight, indicating her braces had recently been removed.


	Next was a girl with long red hair and freckles wearing a billowy green 
dress and red-and-white striped stockings.


	Finally there was a young girl with black hair and a black-and-white 
spandex-type outfit.


	To each in turn, I said "Glad to meet you.  I'm Frank."

	Diana followed me, shaking each of their hands.  Must have been a bit odd 
for them, since they mostly already knew each other.

	"Okay, ladies.  It's close to an hour drive back to my place.  We can talk 
on the way, but I'd like to get started if that's all right."

	They were obviously bursting with questions, but agreed to get in the SUV 

	Diana was a calming, diplomatic influence, so I was glad I brought her 
along, but for the most part the drive back was just one long Q&A session.

	One of the first questions was, "Who was Ivy's target?"

	I countered with, "First, what were you told about her target?"

	Power Girl paused, then finally said, "I was told that they were going to 
kidnap my boyfriend, which really surprised me since I don't have a boyfriend.  
Made me very curious."

	"I suspected as much.  Hello again.  I'm Kara's boyfriend, Frank.  Nice to 
meet you."

	"Since... ummm... 'Kara' apparently isn't from this world either, are you?  
From this Earth, I mean?"


	"So how did you meet?"

	"It's a long story.  A while back, Kara was stopping a bank robbery..."  
And I told her the story pretty much as Alpha and I crafted it.  I left out the 
whole thing where I was sleeping with lots and lots of women, but included the 
agreement that we were allowed to date other people since her visits were 

	When I was finished, she was quiet for a couple minutes, finally saying, 
"That actually sounds like a nice way to meet, but I don't know how stable a 
relationship you can have like that."

	"At the moment, she may be stuck here for a prolonged period of time, but 
to explain that, first I need Diana to tell her story."

	She told her story, then went on to tell about Linda and Dr Hamilton's 
retrieval attempt and the possible consequences for Kara.

	There were other interrupting Q&As throughout the stories, but when we 
were only ten minutes or so from my house, I broke in to discuss Poison Ivy and 
her lot.

	"You see, our situation with them is difficult at best.  Their powers were 
reduced significantly, but our police would have had a lot of difficulty holding 
them.  I'm pretty sure that policemen would have been killed if we turned them 
over or they would have been shot trying to escape.  Plus there's the problem of 
maintaining identities for Kara and the others if Ivy's group starts talking.  
We can't just turn them loose for the same reasons.  We don't have the 
facilities to just lock them up either, so we had to get creative."

	"What did you do to them?"  Power Girl was obviously anticipating a bad 

	"We installed chips in their spines that lets us paralyze their arms and 
legs if they try to escape or to hurt anyone.  It... it's not a solution I was 
happy with, but it was the best we could come up with at the time."  Diana 
backed me up on this point.

	"That's not right," said Stargirl.

	"I agree, but can you come up with a better solution?  Like maybe 
explosive collars?  I do know about the so-called Suicide Squad."

	Everyone was quiet.

	"Can the chips be removed?" Stargirl asked.

	"If they remove them, they're just going to paralyze themselves.  We have 
the ability to remove them so that they retain full functionality."

	"How?  You've said that your technology isn't as good as ours, so..."

	"I have nanites.  Compared to what you're used to, they're extremely 
limited  and primitive nanites, but they can be used to remove the chips.  On 
the plus side, the nanites were also able to remove the 'poison' from Ivy, so to 
speak.  Her toxic skin and saliva are cured."

	"And her mind?"

	"I think maybe she's a little better.  She apologized to Kasumi and Daria 
for kidnapping them, which is a pretty positive step.  Uh, here we are. This is 
my house, where you are welcome to live while you're here."

	Everyone was waiting outside to greet us, though I was happy to note that 
no one was in costume.

	As we got out, Harley exclaimed, "PG's got a twin?"

	"It's... complicated."

	My Kara said, "Apparently she's the version of me from your world, meaning 
you and I are actually from different worlds."

	"Or not quite so complicated," I admitted.  "Hello everyone.  I think 
introductions are in order first, then we'll move on to confusing conversations 
and try to sort everything out.  First of all, this is Power Girl, Stargirl..."  
and so on.

	After a few minutes we moved inside and sat down in the main living room 
with some chairs brought in from the dining room to accommodate everyone.  Kara 
and Power Girl were obviously wary of each other, but the rest of the groups 
seemed to mesh together okay.

	The villainesses seemed fairly uncomfortable and mostly kept quiet, except 
when the subject of their implanted microchips was raised.  The protested 
strongly against the treatment we had given them, but I was able to make them 
admit they were treated much better here than in an asylum or prison.  Or grave.

	When Daria and Jane came home late that afternoon, Daria took one look at 
the gathering and the new (and duplicate) faces and said, "I'll be in my room, 
ignoring all of this.  Ignore any screams of frustration you may hear."  Then 
she left, stomping upstairs.

	"What's wrong with her?" asked Cyclone.  "Is it because your house is 
getting too full?  Or does she think we're more villains?  I think if she is 
upset, it would be much better to talk things out.  The worst thing you can do 
is to just hold in your anger.  I remember one time..."

	Cyclone aka Maxine had a tendency to run off at the mouth.  Her friend, 
Courtney, put a hand on her arm to quiet her.

	"That was Daria, and this other lady here is Jane.  Daria has trouble 
accepting the idea of superheroes.  Since superheroes aren't real in this 
world... not native superheroes anyway... accepting their existence would be 
akin to admitting you're crazy.  She's had her world-view shaken a bit, 
especially when Ivy's group kidnapped her.  Right now, she's avoiding the issue 
as best she can."  This explanation came from Diana, which pleased me no end 
because that meant I didn't have to explain it for once.

	"She'll be fine.  I'll talk it over with her later," I reassured everyone.  
"For now, I think we can break up our main meeting and start getting dinner 
ready.  We can finish discussing your options later tonight or tomorrow, after 
you'd had a little time to digest your situation.  Maybe you could watch the 
news or browse the web to get an idea of the world you're now in.  I'd like to 
speak to the two Power Girls in private, if I may."

	Kara and Kara accompanied me to a corner of the dining room.  I spent a 
minute just looking them over, comparing them side-by-side.  They could almost 
be twins.

	"Okay, you two.  Are you going to be able to get along?"

	"Probably," said Power Girl.

	"Depends," countered Kara.

	"On what?" I asked.

	"On what she wants to do.  I've shared you as much as I can.  She can't 
have you."

	"She's shared you as much as she can?  What are you talking about?"

	"She's talking about something that should be kept private... but that you 
will discover for yourself anyway if you stay here.  So we'd appreciate some 
discretion on your part?"


	I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.  "You already know 
the basics of how we met and about how Kara has tended to bounce back and forth 
between her world and this one, right?  Kara was my... my first experience 
with... uhhh... sex.  She was my first love.  But she couldn't stay with me."

	"Right, you mentioned that you agreed not to be exclusive to each other.  
Is that what you meant?"

	"Kinda," explained Kara.  "While I was gone a couple trips ago, Frank here 
took in a few women who needed places to live.  And they started sleeping 
together. Not married or exclusive, but yeah.  Then I came back and we got back 
together, but I liked the other women a lot.  Once you get to know Kasumi, 
you'll understand. She's one of the nicest people I've ever met in either world.
	"So anyway, then Diana and Zatanna came looking for me and got stuck here 
too.  Well, I couldn't just say no... I mean, it wasn't right away and it's not 
really as simple as I'm making it out to be, but... well, they wanted time with 
him too, so I agreed to share with them too.  And the others who live here... 
basically we all want him and kinda... share him around a bit."

	That was maybe a little bit more rambling than clarity required, so I 
tried to help her out adding, "I'm the only man in a house full of women.  We 
make each other happy.  We enjoy having our own little family here, and we'd 
appreciate your discretion in not... not spreading unneeded gossip."

	This was getting awkward.  Usually I have some prep time for conversations 
like this.

	"So when you said you wouldn't share him any more, you mean you won't 
share him with me.  Right?"

	"Right," Kara said defiantly.

	"I'm not going to steal your boyfriend.  Maybe you don't know me very 
well, but I don't go around doing that."

	I sighed.  "The problem is that she probably knows you almost as well as 
you know yourself.  Sharing me with different people is one thing.  Sharing me 
with a copy of herself... Look, this is all really jumping the gun 
psychologically speaking.  You two might be nothing alike.  And this has got to 
be a difficult conversation full of things you two would not want to discuss.  
It's not even the discussion I was intending to have when I called you two over 
	"What I would like is for you two to spend a little time together and for 
you to do it peacefully.  Share some adventure stories.  See what is similar in 
your pasts and what's different.  I think adult conversations and finding common 
ground is the most likely route we have to peaceful co-existence.  Is that 

	"Yes," agreed Power Girl.

	"I'll do my best," said Kara.

	"Kara, maybe you could start by arranging for everyone to get a change of 
clothes.  I'll take you all shopping tomorrow, but you need something for now 
that's not costumes."

	The two of them went off together to talk.  Alpha monitored them for the 
entire evening (well, she monitored everyone in the house all the time).  After 
a halting, uncomfortable start, the two of them actually started opening up to 
each other.  The background we had given Kara was pretty darn close to the one 
Power Girl offered up in conversation.  They talked late into the night. 

	One topic of conversation that came up a lot was yours truly.  Power Girl 
had never really had any successful romantic relationships and was curious what 
it was like.  Kara kinda shot herself in the foot during this part of their 
conversation, waxing rhapsodic about how romantic I could be and how great a 
lover I was and why she loved me so much.  I think she realized her error after 
a while, because she suddenly stopped being so verbose about how wonderful I was 
and started giving terse answers that weren't necessarily truthful.

	I'll admit I was pretty curious how this would turn out.  Kara loved me 
because she was mentally and chemically programmed to do so.  What would happen 
in a relationship without that programming?

	We had two points of excitement that evening.  Livewire and Giganta 
cornered Courtney, trying to get a hold of her dimensional remote to see if they 
could somehow use it to escape.  Unfortunately for them, as soon as Giganta 
shoved her into a room where Livewire was waiting, they both fell to the floor 

	At almost that exact same moment, Ivy and Harley were trying to sneak down 
to the rear property wall with a ladder.  Beta and Linda carried their limp 
bodies back into the house a few minutes later.

	When we questioned the four of them, they admitted that they were hoping 
that there were too many distractions tonight for them to be monitored properly.  

	This had two effects on our newcomers:  Courtney became a fan of our 
spinal chips, and Power Girl had to be introduced to Alpha to explain how they 
were caught.  As with most superheroes, she had certain reservations about 
intelligent computers.  They certainly aren't all bad in comic books, but the 
ratio of good to bad wasn't favorable.

	That night I went to bed alone, deliberately so.  I wanted time to try and 
process the events of the day and sort things out.  What actually happened was 
that I lay in bed for a couple hours slowly going insane.

	With Ivy's group, practical considerations of control and safety had 
mostly overridden contemplation of the larger underlying issues and revelations.  
Having another Power Girl show up with more superheroines in tow now made any 
willful ignorance on my part impossible.  

	It made no sense, and by my nature, I tend to demand that the world make 
sense.  Supposedly there actually exists a world of superheroes and villains as 
described in DC Comics... but this world is even more accurately described by my 
adult take on the world of DC Comics, which Alpha and I created solely to have 
more fun with our artificially created Kara, Diana, Zatanna and Linda.  That's 
right, the X-rated stuff I made up was proving to be more accurate than the 
straight comic book version.  Which implies... what?  That my mind or Alpha's 
mind created this world? That we were inspired by this world across dimensions 
by a psychic resonance?  The very idea was silly.

	More likely was the notion that there truly are an infinite number of 
universes.  In an infinite multiverse, any universe you can imagine exists -- 
including DC and an adult version of DC.  Not an easy concept, but 
mathematically sound.  (Well, there are some provisos and limitations on those 
statements, since any proposed universe has to have laws of physics which allow 
it to exist, for matter and life to form, etc.)  Traveling between universes 
deliberately should be impossible though.

	And why in the world were all of the visitors women?  That especially made 
no sense.  Ivy's group being all women?  Okay, I could accept that.  Sometimes 
they were portrayed as being strong feminists, more likely to work alongside 
other women than men.  But Power Girl's group also being all female?  Nuh uh.  
Nope.  No way.  That was ridiculously unlikely.

	I talked with Alpha about a lot of this.  She agreed that the likelihood 
was virtually zero, but was in fact a non-zero probability.  And if the 
multiverse is infinite, then any non-zero probability is guaranteed to be true 
somewhere.  Plus she had no other explanation to offer... well no other 
explanations supported by anything other than wild speculation that is.

	Finally I said, "Alpha, I accept the possibility that I am going insane is 
more likely than what I believe to be happening.  If you feel there is need for 
me to be given any medications or to spend the night in a nanopod, I will lie 
here or in the pod and do whatever you think is best, including taking any 
needed medications."

	"I have no medicine to offer but will be happy to perform a medical check-
up on you.  However I should point out that despite your valid logic, you are 
not insane and do not appear to be developing any mental problems."

	I lay there silently for another couple minutes.

	"Okay, I'm not able to go to sleep right now.  My mind is too busy.  I 
need a distraction.  Is anyone still awake?"

	"My mobile platforms are at your disposal.  In addition, Kara is alone and 
still awake, and psychologically speaking, she may benefit greatly from intimacy 
with you tonight."

	I got up, put on a robe and knocked quietly at her door.  Her light came 
on and a few seconds later, her door opened to reveal a gorgeous if disheveled 
blonde with huge breasts in an extra-long t-shirt.  I took just a moment to 
stare into her eyes to make sure it was her and not her newly found twin.

	"What's up?"

	"I'm having trouble getting to sleep.  Too much on my mind.  I was hoping 
you'd still be awake because I could really use something else to focus on."

	She grabbed me by the robe, pulled me inside her room and kissed me hard.  
We went from there to almost animalistic passion, tearing off what little 
clothes we had on and practically jumping on her bed.  She pulled my cock inside 
her so quickly that I was initially in danger of rubbing her raw, but she lubed 
up in just a few strokes.  We started out in the missionary position, but her 
arms and legs grabbed and held onto me so that we tended to roll side-to-side a 

	It certainly was a pleasant distraction which had the added benefit of 
tiring me out more than usual.  We faced each other throughout the encounter, 
with Kara's focus on me intense enough that I might have worried about heat 
vision had the universe been different.  It was over quickly, not even lasting 
ten minutes, but we both felt very satisfied.

	I barely remembered to pop out my earbud and put it on her bedside table 
before we fell asleep in each other's arms, my softening cock still partly 
inside her clenching cunt.

	The next morning when I woke up, our bodies were separate but her hand was 
still holding onto my arm.  I really wanted a few more hours of sleep, but dear 
god was there a lot to do today.  Maybe just another half an hour... 

	But rather than drift off back into wonderful slumber, Kara's alarm clock 
started beeping loudly.  Kara groaned and rolled over enough so she could slam 
her free hand onto the top of it.  Snooze button, I guessed.  Or broken clock.

	"Good morning," I said quietly.

	"Morning," she mumbled back.

	Neither of us moved.

	"We really need to go ahead and get up," I admitted.  "We have a long day 
ahead of us."

	"I know."

	She pulled me to her so our naked bodies pressed against each other, 
causing my cock to stiffen noticeably.  Morning wood, in this case half a need 
to piss and half sexual desire.  She wriggled against it.

	"Kara, we don't have the time for... how about a compromise.  Grab your 
robe and let's go shower together."  My shower was noticeably bigger than anyone 
	I gathered up my clothes from the floor and shrugged into the robe.  My 
cock was at full hardness and poked out the front.  I was lazy enough not to put 
on my pajama bottoms, so there was nothing to keep it from jutting out in front 
of me, but I figured no one in the household would be shocked to see it if 
anyone was even up and about right now.  I grabbed my dead earbud, realizing I 
would have to wear my backup today while this one recharged.

	I stepped out into the hallway and heard a voice behind me offer a 'Good 

	Without thinking it through, I turned to return the greeting, only to find 
myself facing Power Girl and Terra walking to the exercise room... with my cock 
pointing out of my robe directly at them.  Not that my sleepy mind realized this 
right away, but once their eyes jerked downward, I realized my error and quickly 
spun back around, my hands covering my shame/pride.

	Kara exited her room behind me and realized my situation.  Moving directly 
behind me and pushing me forward, she said, "Please excuse us.  And good 

	She giggled as we entered my room, which is at the far end of the hallway 
from the exercise room.  Closing my door behind us, she laughed out loud.

	"I can't believe you flashed my sister like that!"


	"That's what we decided to call each other last night."

	"So how did the conversation go?  I notice that you're both still alive, 
so I'm guessing it didn't go too badly."

	"It went all right.  Our worlds are pretty close.  So far we haven't 
figured out anything major that's different, just a lot of little things.  Which 
worries me a little..."

	By this point we were both naked and in my bathroom.  I handed her an 
extra toothbrush with toothpaste on it and started brushing my teeth.  She put 
her arms around me and danced me into the shower before taking the offered 

	"What?"  I asked, though it may have come more like "Ut?"

	"She doesn't have a boyfriend back home either."  Then she started 
brushing her teeth too, putting a lull in the conversation.

	We quickly brushed away, standing together under the water, drinking in 
each others bodies with our eyes.  We finished brushing, gargled a bit of shower 
water and started kissing.

	The shower took longer than usual, of course, mostly due to me pushing her 
up against a wall and fucking the shit out of her.  It was especially urgent 
since I needed to piss badly but couldn't as long as my cock was hard with need.

	After our fuck, she refused to let me exit the shower to piss, instead 
holding my cock and directing my urine down the drain, which was an odd and 
arousing experience.  If I hadn't just come, I would have fucked her again right 
away.  Then she shaved me in the shower, another wonderfully intimate encounter, 
lessened slightly by the two nicks I got.

	Once we were clean and dry, I put in my backup earbud and the three of us 
(including Alpha) went over everything we needed to do today.  Skipping morning 
exercise was fine once in a while.  We needed to pick names for everyone, get 
IDs made, get clothes and other essentials for all four of them, get phones, and 
restock the cabin and set it up for more possible future arrivals.  With two 
dimension transfer devices in our possession, we needed to closely examine them 
and see if there was any way we could combine the two to get them working.  We 
needed to sit down and have a long talk with the newcomers about this world and 
the differences they would encounter.  We needed to get detailed information 
about their world for reference.  (Those last two had started yesterday and were 
probably going to be ongoing projects.)  We needed to show them around AARD and 
see about arranging for schooling or jobs for the newcomers (though that didn't 
have to be done today).  If we could convince them, it would be very helpful for 
us to get a thorough scan of their bodies and technology.  And we needed to 
start looking at getting additional rooms, either through adding on to the 
existing house, building a guest house or buying one or more houses nearby, 
because we were full.  We had been forced to convert a third floor single into a 
double yesterday to accommodate everyone.  Actually, that's another task for 
today: buy another bed.  The cot we moved up from the basement wasn't going to 
cut it for very long.

	We started assigning jobs to hand out to everyone asap.  Anna Marie would 
arrange for a new bed to be delivered.  Alpha would schedule a meeting with 
Robert Anderson, my housing contractor, for early next week.  Kasumi and Rei 
would talk to the newcomers and make a list of toiletries, make-up and other 
miscellaneous items they needed, then go shopping for them.  Eiko would pick up 
smartphones for them, get them activated and meet up with us to pass them along.  
Jasmine would take care of the cabin.  Kara (who was not planning to leave me 
alone with her 'sister' any time soon) and I would take them clothes shopping.  
Alpha, Beta, and Dorothy would start working on the dimensional devices if they 
were willing to let us try to get them working.  Linda, Zatanna and Diana would 
take charge of the villainesses for the day.

	It was indeed a full day.  Courtney, who was in charge of their 
dimensional return trigger, agreed to let us examine it but not to leave it in 
our care, so that task wasn't begun until that evening.  We skipped most of the 
clothes modeling this time around because we lacked both the time and the libido 
implants, but I did notice that all four of the newcomers seemed to be very 
interested in my opinions regarding their appearances.  At the time I simply 
thought it was because I was the only man in the group.  I made sure they had 
clothes for a wide range of activities, from a night at the opera to a day on 
the farm, with almost $29,000 being added to my charge cards that day.  (I think 
if they had been trying to seduce me with dainties and lacy dresses, it would 
have cost 25-50% more.)

	Throughout the day we had constant conversations, each of us offering 
information about our own worlds as they compared to each other.  Maxine (aka 
Cyclone) was... I suppose 'annoying' is the best word for it.  She is an 
intelligent know-it-all with a chatterbox mouth.  She's both a great source of 
information and a conversational train wreck.  Courtney (aka Stargirl) was a 
great help keeping her in check.

	I was able to get to know the new ladies a lot better that day.  Power 
Girl was a LOT like my Kara, and not just physically.  She had a fun, 
flirtatious personality, and Kara did her best to interpose herself between 
myself and Power Girl as much as possible.  Though Kara was loathe to admit it, 
it seemed that Power Girl was slightly stronger, though none of her multitude of 
other Kryptonian powers were working.  I also got the impression that she was, 
if not a virgin, then pretty inexperienced with men.
	Courtney was an eighteen year old blonde who had had her braces removed 
less than a year ago.  From her personality and the way she carried herself, she 
was obviously destined to be a leader in some superhero group in the future.  
She had dated unsuccessfully in the past, mainly with other young superheroes.  
Her powers came from gadgets, a super-strength belt and Starman's cosmic rod, 
neither of which were working.
	Maxine was a nineteen year old red-headed ginger girl with a genius IQ and 
virtually no friends at all until she joined the Justice Society.  She had a 
tendency to offer unwanted but well-meaning advice and seemed to lack the 
ability to see herself from anyone else's perspective.  She was a huge fan of 
the Wizard of Oz and Wicked (a book/musical retelling the story of the Wizard of 
Oz from the Wicked Witch's perspective).  Her power to control the winds 
couldn't even raise a slight breeze in my world.
	Finally Atlee was an adventurous, touristy young lady from a underground 
race of people.  To her, the surface world was a foreign land full of excitement 
and fun people to meet.  I think her visit to this world was just an extension 
of her explorations, made somewhat unsettling by the removal of her ability to 
control rock and earth.  She had attached herself to Power Girl as a sidekick, 
but had also worked alongside the Teen Titans.  The others were all of adult 
age, but her age was undetermined.  Having lived underground most of her life, 
she had never had seasons or days to count the passage of time in a way that 
could be easily equated to surface time. Looking at her on a purely physical 
level, she seemed to be slightly older than Courtney and Maxine.

	By dinnertime, I was certain that they were all starting to flirt with me.  
It was both very flattering, especially since they had no implant to push them 
towards me, and a little frightening.  On the one hand, my natural tendency was 
to flirt back and point them towards Jane's calendar.  On the other hand, I 
kinda wanted to just crawl into a hole in the ground and pull a tarp over my 
head because it was starting to be too much all at once.
	It felt like I was quickly losing control of my life.  With my artificial 
women, letting them run their calendar was like letting your passengers pick the 
radio station while you drove; I was still in ultimate control of the situation.  
With the new women, that control was at risk.

	The first indication of romantic intent from any of the newcomers was two 
days later on Saturday.  Well, maybe I should say physical evidence of such 
intent.  Alpha had recorded a number of conversations among the new women about 
me.  They were very curious as to how I could handle, let alone satisfy so many 
women.  None gave any indication that they were falling in love with me, but at 
one point or another they all admitted to wanting to give me a try.

	We had made no progress with the dimensional travel devices, and the 
ladies had just started to come to grips with the idea that they may be stuck 
here for a while.  Myself, I was dealing with nightmares of future hordes of 
formerly super-powered women coming to live with me.  On the face of it, not a 
horrible fate, but it could easily spiral out of control.

	After dinner, Courtney and Maxine cornered me briefly.

	"We wanted to thank you for taking us in like this," explained Stargirl.

	"Exactly," agreed Maxine.  "We understand that we're completely unexpected 
guests, or since we weren't invited maybe I should say visitors, arriving on 
your doorstep.  I mean, we thought we were coming to save you, or at least 
investigate whoever was claiming to be Power Girl's boyfriend, and here you are 
saving us instead.  Well, taking care of us rather than saving, but given our 
lack of powers and unfamiliarity with your world, we'd have had a good chance of 
being locked up somewhere so I suppose in that respect you did save us.  And now 
you're even talking about sending us to college while we're here, and I know 
college is expensive.  Sure back home I had a couple scholarships to help out, 
but here I don't have any kind of background to use to apply for any 

	Courtney was obviously used to dealing with Maxine's tendency to ramble.  
She reached over and tapped Maxine on the shoulder, giving her a 'look' to draw 
her attention to her verbal outpouring.

	"Sorry.  Anyway, we wanted to say thank you," Maxine said in a calmer 
voice. Then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  She might have left a 
lipstick imprint, but it was a chaste kiss.

	When she drew back, Courtney leaned in and kissed me full on the lips.  
There was no tongue action, but she did use her lips to grasp and worry my lower 
lip just a little bit, as if we were lovers.  She was blushing a little as she 
drew back.

	I had no time to consider this because someone behind me grabbed my 
shoulder and spun me around.

	"Me, too," Atlee said.  "I want to thank him too."

	Atlee kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my somewhat stunned mouth.  
Acting purely on practiced instinct, I kissed her back, meeting her tongue with 

	After about twenty seconds of this, Atlee pulled back with a smile on her 
face.  "Thank you!" she said, then she walked off with Courtney and Maxine with 
a bouncing gait.  

	My brief moment of reverie was interrupted by a voice behind me (again).

	"I'd like to say 'Thank You' as well, but I think my sister would strongly 
object if I followed their lead," said Power Girl as I turned to face her.  "But 
I think she'll forgive a hug."

	She pulled me into what was both a very familiar hug and one that was 
strangely different.  And it might have been my imagination, but I think I could 
feel her nipples poking my chest as she held me for what felt like half a 

	I tentatively returned the hug, but kept it PG (meaning the rating, not 
her).  I kissed the side of her head and said, "I'm happy to help out."

	Given my frame of mind, I'm fairly sure that I may have imagined the 
little jump she gave at my perfectly innocent kiss.  Man, I was all kinds of 
messed up and confused at that point, but refused to show any of it.  I'm used 
to having women in my house try to seduce me, but I had been strictly denying 
those expectations for the newcomers.  That started to fall by the wayside when 
Ivy's group negotiated their way into my bed, but I mentally reinforced it when 
the heroines arrived.  Now I had no idea if everything was completely innocent 
or just mild teasing or if they actually were sexually interested in me.  
(Gossip in private is hardly proof, but my mind did recall how they all 
professed an interest in 'trying me out'.)  And to top it all off, I had my 
persona to maintain.

	After she left, I took a deep breath and moved on with the evening.

	The next day, Sunday, I was going through emails on my laptop in the 
kitchen when Courtney and Maxine sat down on either side of me.

	"Can we ask you a question?" asked Courtney.

	"Sure, go ahead," I said, slowly pulling my eyes away from the screen. 
"What's up?"

	"We were just wondering if it's true..."  She trailed off with a blush.

	"If what's true?"

	"If... you know... if you're... having sex with... with all the women in 
the house."

	I suppressed a small smile and looked the young blonde in the eye.  "No, 
I'm not."

	"Ah hah," said Maxine as if this was a gotcha moment.  "Then just how many 
do you... do... it... with?"  

	Lot's of embarrassed pauses in this conversation, but none from me.  I was 
much too experienced with topics like this, but it was especially fun to see the 
very loquacious Maxine stumble over her words a bit.

	"Everyone but you two, your Power Girl and Atlee of course."

	"Oh, I didn't mean..." stuttered Maxine.  "We weren't counting us, I 

	"So if you don't include our group, you're really sleeping with everyone 
else?" repeated Courtney.

	"Haven't you talked to them?"

	"Well, yes, but... I mean, it doesn't really seem..."

	Maxine took over.  "It doesn't really seem possible.  Ignoring our group, 
there are seventeen women in this household.  Although sexual activity and the 
libido of men varies a great deal, the average thirty to forty year old man has 
sex as little as once a week.  Even if your sexual constitution is significantly 
above average, it seems unlikely that you would be able to attend to every woman 
on the list.  As I understand the situation, you take one day a week off from 
any sexual activities to rest, which is probably a good idea given your 
situation, but that just complicates the problem even more since that means you 
would need to have sex three times a day for the other six days just to have sex 
with each woman just once a week.  Well, for one of those six days you would 
only need to have sex twice.  Then again, I believe that Ivy's group is now only 
scheduled for every other week when you consider them on an individual basis, 
meaning if you keep to the three-a-day schedule, you could then have two days 
off a week I suppose.  But unless you have an extraordinary vascular and 
reproductive system, your body simply wouldn't be able to produce enough semen 
to ejaculate that often.  And that's to say nothing of the time requirements 
needed to have sex three times a day and maintain your working schedule..."

	I think she would have gone on like that for five or ten minutes at least 
except that I leaned over and put a finger across her lips, cutting her off 
gently and making her shudder just a little at the intimate contact.

	"While most of your information is good, you're making too many wrong 
assumptions.  First, you're assuming that I only have sex with each woman once a 
week.  It varies a great deal from person to person and week to week.  Sometimes 
I'll be intimate with a given woman two or three times a week, and sometimes as 
little as once every other week, though I suspect the average would lie 
somewhere between one to two encounters."

	I pulled my finger away from her lips, then continued before she could get 
started again.  "Second, you should realize that it is becoming increasingly 
common for more than one person to come to bed with me at a time.  Given how 
much else you seem to know about my supposedly private love life, I'm going to 
assume you know about my evening calendar schedule, right?  The women of the 
household are the ones who decide who uses me on any given evening.  I am at 
their disposal for the most part.  On the other hand, the days are left entirely 
up to me, giving me the illusion of at least limited control over my own sex 
life.  It's common for me to have one or two encounters in the morning or 

	I kissed the tip of my finger and replaced it over Maxine's lips, drawing 
another shudder.

	"Third, you're lacking information regarding my bodily health.  Given the 
world you come from, I'm sure you're familiar with nanites, yes?  Well, I have 
nanites of my own.  Oh, you would consider them to be ridiculously primitive and 
limited I'm sure..."

	"You mentioned them before.  The nanites."

	"I did?  Sorry.  So among other things they are able to keep my body at 
the peak of physical health, including granting me the... uhhh... let's call it 
'randiness' of a teenager."

	I took my finger away from her lips and turned my attention back to 
Courtney, who for some reason had failed to restrain Maxine's runaway mouth a 
moment ago.  Her eyes were fixed on me, and I found myself meeting her gaze with 
a warm smile, just as I would if she had fall-in-love-with-Frank implants in her 
brain.  I was at least able to restrain myself from reaching out and taking her 
hands in mine.

	"Now, is there anything else I can help you with?"

	Courtney got a blank look on her face, then blurted out, "You have a very 
nice looking penis."  She looked shocked at her own words and immediately looked 
like she wanted to crawl into a hole in the ground.

	That was really out of character.  I wish I could have seen into her mind 
right then to work out the chain of thoughts that led to that little comment.  
If I had to guess, I'd say she panicked, couldn't think of anything to say, then 
let her first thought fly out of her mouth as if this were a cartoon sitcom.

	"Ooookay," I said slowly with what I hoped was a kind smile.  "Thank you, 
I guess, though I also feel the need to ask just where you happened to see my 
penis to know this."

	Power Girl and Atlee had gotten a brief flash in the hallway the other 
morning, but not these two.

	"I... I..."  Courtney's brain appeared to have turned off at this point.

	"Rei!" said Maxine loudly.

	"Rei showed you my penis?"

	"She has a picture.  A portrait."

	I think I blushed a little bit.  Back in April, Rei had surprised me with 
a request to sit for a pencil portrait of the two of us to be drawn by Jane.  I 
had agreed, not finding out until picture time that she wanted a nude portrait 
of the two of us.  For some reason, I agreed to sit for it but had extracted a 
promise that she wouldn't show it around.  I suppose she thought that maybe once 
someone moved into the house, it was okay to show it to them?

	"Oh, that.  I kinda wish I hadn't posed for that."

	I was tempted to ask what it was she liked about it, but that was too much 
even for me.

	"So?  Anything else?"  I looked back and forth between them.

	From behind me came another voice.  "I think they want you to invite them 
to your bed."

	As a group, we turned to see Atlee standing behind us.  I had no idea how 
long she had been there, but she spoke with a directness I normally associated 
with Alpha or Rei.

	"Well, Atlee, that's for them to say.  And even if they do, I don't want 
to do anything that could cause problems between our two Power Girls."

	"Oh, okay," Atlee responded, her happy countenance fading a little.  "You 
might be right about that.  Too bad.  I wanted to ask to come too."

	Courtney quickly stood up, saying, "Come on, Atlee.  Let's stop bothering 
Frank.  He's a... a very busy man, I'm sure."

	The three of them beat a hasty retreat from the room, Courtney and Maxine 
both blushing furiously and dragging Atlee out with them.

	Again, I was somewhat mystified by the situation.  It was as if they 
actually did have implants.  I know I didn't used to have this kind of animal 
magnetism... but despite everything I tried, Alpha refused to admit to doing any 
of this and I couldn't find any indication that any member of Ivy or Power 
Girl's groups were artificial.  (Except for Livewire, that is.  Her body and 
skin appeared to be flawlessly perfect, but our current theory is that every 
time she turned into electrical current -- traveling through powerlines or 
whatever back in her world -- her body would reform in an ideal state.)

	The next day at work, Kara cornered me in my office.

	"Okay, Frank, what did you do?"

	"What do you mean?"

	"Last night and this morning, Atlee, Courtney and Maxine kept asking 
questions about you and about our relationship and dropping hints that they're 
adults now.  What. Did YOU. Do. To Atlee. And the others?  Did you try to seduce 

	"No, but Courtney and Maxine did ask me some rather intimate questions 
yesterday.  Then Atlee joined the conversation by saying that they all actually 
wanted to... uhhh... bed me." 

	"Oh, god," Kara said, her face in her hands.  She thought of Atlee almost 
as if she were her own sidekick, and she knew Atlee wasn't raised in human 
society so she sometimes had her own unique approach to social situations.

	"I responded that first of all, Atlee couldn't speak for the others on 
matters like that, and secondly that I wouldn't do anything that might cause 
friction between you and your sister."

	"So that's why they're..."  She let her observation trail off in a sigh.

	"So, no, I'm not trying to seduce any of them.  I promise."

	"I swear to god, Frank, you must have super-charged pheromones or 
something.  If you ever visit my Earth, we might have to stick you in an air-
tight suit so you don't have the entire female population of New York chasing 

	"So what do you want to do about it?" I asked her.

	"I don't know... they're just all so young."

	I knew they were all old enough to be considered adults but kept my mouth 
shut.  Kara knew that as well as I did, and me pointing it out wouldn't help 

	"I'm sticking by what I told them yesterday," I reassured her.  "There's 
no way I'll let any of them touch me unless you and your sister agree that it's 
all right."

	As she gave me a quick glare then turned away from me, I realized that 
wasn't quite the right thing to say either.  Hmmm.  Not sure there was a right 
thing to say.  Still, she wasn't walking away.

	"Sorry to be so blunt, but I just want to make sure you know where I 
stand," I tried to reassure her.  "I'm giving you the authority in this 

	"You'll just fuck anything we throw at you, won't you?"

	I think the situation was getting to her much more than I had originally 
thought.  Emotionally speaking, her sidekick, her 'little sister' (Linda) and 
quite possibly her 'twin sister' were all trying to take me away from her.  Or 
from another perspective, perhaps she was afraid I was going to trade her out 
for the others.  Probably both fears at the same time, plus others I hadn't 
thought of.  Human emotions aren't simple or even necessarily straightforward.

	I moved up and embraced her from behind.

	"Kara," I said softly.  "You know that's not true.  You're the best thing 
that ever happened to me, and I'm not going to risk losing you.  Now I want you 
to go take the rest of the day off to relax.  Take some 'me time' and... I don't 
know... go shopping or go to a spa or go gliding or see a movie or something."

	She turned around and we kissed.

	I felt a little duplicitous at that moment.  Yes, I absolutely loved Kara.  
But at the same time, I was wondering if I'd have to give similar reassurances 
to any of my other women.

	"I'll be fine.  I need to get back to work..."

	"Kara, I'm serious.  I don't want you working while you're stressed out 
like this.  Alpha, can you get Kara a spa or massage reservation on short 

	"Yes, that should not be a problem."

	"Alpha," Kara broke in.  "Can you get two reservations.  Frank needs to 
come with me."

	"You're kidding," I said.  "I'm really not the spa and massage type."

	"Come one, you'll love it.  Consider it an order."

	"An order?"

	"You just said you were giving me the authority in this situation.  I 
think this situation calls for a joint massage and spa day."

	"That's not really what I meant..."

	"Are you trying to disobey a direct order?"

	I paused for a moment.  Well, it was something I had never done before.

	I sighed audibly.  "Okay, I'll give it a shot.  For you."

	In the long run, it was a bad idea.  Oh sure, it was very relaxing and 
weirdly enjoyable in an uncomfortable metrosexual way.  Unfortunately though not 
unexpectedly Kara blabbed.  From then on the rest of the household thought that 
meant it was all right to include me in some of their more girlish pastimes.  If 
it wasn't for their occasional need for female-bonding, I would have been 
invited to all of their nail-painting, foot baths, aroma therapy sessions.  
(Well, I'm being a little unfair there.  My artificial women are much less girly 
than male-perspective stereotypes would lead one to believe.) 
	For months I had to go to various spa treatments or flavor-of-the-month 
therapy sessions with different women so that they wouldn't feel like Kara got 
preferential treatment... which, let's be honest, she usually does.

	For those you wondering why my office conversation with Kara didn't just 
devolve into sex, well, technically it did.  Eventually.  After a few hours 
being pampered and massaged at a spa, we checked into a hotel room and had an 
hour-long private session.

	The best thing to come out of that afternoon was that Kara seemed to 
completely regain her composure and confidence.  I'm sure she would still rather 
her 'sister' hadn't shown up, but she was now able to keep any problems or 
worries or jealousies under control.

	That following Wednesday, the morning after a dominance & submission 
evening with Giganta and Harley -- I was the top-dom, Giganta was the sub-dom 
and Harley was the sub, if you're wondering -- Kara approached me with a 

	"Frank, just giving you a heads-up.  I've agreed to give Atlee, Courtney 
and Maxine permission to seduce you."

	"Really?  Does your sister agree?"

	"She... she'll be joining us Saturday evening."

	"Saturday eve..."

	"My next night with you.  You'll be taking the Zor-L twins out to dinner.  
Then I expect you to take us both back to your room and show my sister why she 
should be jealous of me."

	I was actually a bit dumbfounded.  I thought it likely that the younger 
trio would end up in my bed given how things had been working out.  I even 
thought it might be possible that Kara would willingly let her 'sister' have sex 
with me.  I had completely discounted the possibility that I would ever get the 
two of them in bed together.  Heck, Kara and Linda did their utmost to avoid 
sharing me at the same time, and they're technically related to each other the 
same as Kara and Kara. I would have thought the Karas would completely avoid 
sharing me come hell or high water.

	Dammit.  Kara and Linda THINK they're related to each other.  With the new 
arrivals, I find myself more and more thinking of my artificially created women 
as if they actually are the real versions of the characters.  Yes, I used to 
slip up mentally on occasion, but recently?  Remembering the reality of my 
household was currently the exception rather than the rule.

	"Okay," I eventually said.  "I'll... uhhh... I'll make you proud.  Do you 
want me to make the reservations, or have you...?"

	"You go ahead and pick the restaurant.  We only agreed on this last night, 
so I haven't had the time yet."

	"Sure thing."

	So let's see... that was Wednesday morning.  By that evening, the trio of 
younger heroines had begun approaching me again, but still rather uncertainly.  
I wasn't even in their age group, let alone a native of the same dimension.

	Thursday morning, Maxine of the long red hair and freckles began her 
seduction gambit with a conversation about The Wizard of Oz and Wicked.

	Maxine was a very pretty young lady.  She looked taller than she actually 
was, with a lovely slim young figure with beautiful long legs.  She lacked the 
strong athletic body of some of the other women, but she had the energy and 
health of youth.

	"So I know the Wizard of Oz and Wicked exist in this world too, but I 
wonder if they're actually the same as what I know," she asked.

	"I think so, but unless you have them both memorized we may never actually 

	"Have you seen them?  The movie and the musical versions?"

	"Well, I've seen the old Wizard of Oz movie, of course.  Everyone has.  
But as to Wicked?  I've actually read the book, but never got around to seeing 
the musical."  Or more accurately, I tended to risk falling asleep at operas and 
Broadway shows.

	"That's wonderful.  It's too bad you haven't seen the musical though.  
Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith were just so beautiful in the roles."

	"I know Chenowith from Pushing Daisies.  She's really, really short, but 
she has an amazing..."


	"Well, yes.  An amazing voice too."

	"You should see Idina as Elphaba too.  Even with her green makeup, she's 
just such a beautiful woman.  And she brought to life such a wonderful 
character.  She may not have Kristin's chest, but she really inspired me."  
	She sighed wistfully then continued, "I mean, I was just asking because I 
was curious if you preferred one character over the other.  You know, a popular 
blonde with a big chest, or a less voluptuous but still pretty woman who wanted 
so much to be a hero in her world."

	Subtlety, thy name is Maxine.

	"I'm familiar enough with the characters to know that they both have their 
charms.  I don't go around picking my favorite... characters... prematurely.  
And I don't like or dislike women based on physical characteristics.  An 
attractive body is certainly a plus, but I actually prefer intelligence and 
character over bodily charms."

	She brightened up considerably at that comment.  At least in the comics, 
Maxine was a highly intelligent young lady, a low-level genius I think.

	I continued with a bit of a smile.  "On the other hand, in the real world, 
green skin would give me a bit of a pause though.  I'd like to think I could see 
past it, but initially?"

	"It's a natural reaction, I suppose," she said.  "And it was probably the 
defining aspect of her character.  Maybe she would have turned out exactly the 
same if her skin was normal, but her green skin caused rejections all throughout 
Elphaba's life."

	"Well, even if green skin is inspirational for you, I'm glad yours is 

	"With all of these freckles?  You're kidding."

	"Freckles?  What's wrong with freckles?"  I asked, inducing a big grin on 
her face.

	I was suddenly mentally flashing to a certain South Park episode about 
gingers, but bringing that up would be almost the definition of anti-productive.  
(If you've seen the episode, you know what I'm referring to.  If you haven't, 
then never mind.)

	"Nothing.  Nothing's wrong with freckles," she said, her grin getting even 
wider.  "Well, I get sunburn a bit easier than most people, but that's about 

	"We'll get you some hats and sunblock then.  Right now I really need to 
get to work.  See you later?"  I made it a question, and she nodded back at me.

	On my way to work, I had Alpha buy the Wicked soundtrack and send it to 
her phone.

	That evening, it was Courtney and Atlee's turn.

	Courtney was... well, she was very pretty, but not supermodel-beautiful.  
In a way she reminded me of the actress who played the original Pink Power 
Ranger... what was her name?  Kimberly?  No, that was the character.  But you 
know what I mean.  A really pretty, wholesome-looking girl-next-door young 
woman.  The kind of girl that you really want to date, have lots of sweaty sex 
with and still take home to mother.  I'm not saying she looked like the Pink 
Ranger, I'm just trying to -- Amy Jo Johnson!  That was her name.  I think she's 
still on TV somewhere.
	The point is Courtney was attractive and sexy while still being 
approachable and fun.  She still had the sweet, tight young body of a teenager 
and obviously kept herself in shape (as did all of the superheroes).  

	Atlee was... hmmm... in a way, she looked like a smaller scale version of 
Kara but with black hair.  She was a bit shorter and her breasts were a cup size 
or two less, but other than that, the two were remarkably alike.  Well, she 
didn't have the extra-strong musculature that Power Girl had and her powers were 
different.  All the same, I stand by my argument that her general appearance is 
similar to Power Girl's.
	Her character and demeanor were significantly different though.  Atlee had 
an innocence about her, a wide-eyed almost naive way of looking at the world.  
No, that's not quite right.  She was... inexperienced.  Not sidekick superhero 
inexperience, but rather a not-familiar-with-the-human-world inexperience.  It 
made people want to protect her a little, to shield her from some of the bad 
people out there.

	A little after dinner, Atlee approached me with Courtney hovering behind 

	"Frank?" Atlee asked hesitantly, looking me straight in the eye.

	"Yes, how can I help you?"

	"I want to apologize for what I said before.  It's been explained to me 
that I was rude and forward."

	"It's okay," I reassured her.  "You didn't upset me, and I've heard much 
more 'forward' comments.  It was just unexpected."

	Courtney stepped forward and, avoiding eye contact with me, she said, "And 
I'm sorry for... you know... what I said about... about... you know... your... 
your penis."  The word 'penis' was said in a hissed whisper.

	Atlee muttered loudly, "I don't know why we have to apologize for that.  I 
mean, wasn't it a compliment?"

	Courtney turned her head and shushed her loudly.

	"Oh shush yourself," Atlee snapped back at her.  "I think his penis looks 
very nice in Rei's picture."

	"You're not supposed to say things like that!"  Courtney was blushing 

	"But you said it yourself a few hours ago!"

	"But not to him!"

	"why not?"

	"Because it's not nice."

	"But we're saying nice things about him!"

	"It's not appropriate."

	"It's not appropriate to give someone a compliment?"

	"Not about their... not about any body part covered by a swimsuit."

	"But you told me that you liked my breasts and wished yours were that big.  
Was that inappropriate too?"

	"It's not the same thing."

	"I liked what you said.  I thought it was a very nice compliment you gave 

	"You can say that kind of thing to friends, but not to boys unless it's to 
a boyfriend."

	Atlee looked at her open-mouthed for a few seconds, then said, "I don't 
understand this at all."

	I had been watching their exchange, a bit too shocked to laugh, but 
snapped out of it when Atlee turned to walk away.

	"Wait, Atlee."  I took Courtney by the hand and walked over to Atlee. 
"Courtney's mostly right, and at the same time you're right that it doesn't 
entirely make sense.  Come here, we'll go... ummm... let's go to the library.  
I'll explain our social restrictions as best I can."

	Courtney had started blushing again when I took her hand, but she followed 
willingly.  We went up to one of the second floor libraries, where we sat down 
and talked for almost an hour.

	I explained about our culture's nudity taboo and about how comments about 
a person's genitalia tended to be viewed as an invasion of privacy because of 
that taboo.  And about how most people have a monogamous lifestyle so that some 
types of comments can be viewed as a threat to a relationship, except that I 
wasn't in a monogamous relationship so it wasn't as big a deal for me.  The 
conversation evolved from there to a discussion of social mores and unspoken 
contracts of behavior.

	Maxine apparently noticed that her friends were missing and hunted us down 
midway through our little discussion.  Maxine both helped and hindered the 
conversation.  She was good at explaining things, but not good at phrasing her 
explanations so they could be easily followed or even at speaking slowly enough 
to always be understood... which I suppose means that she is NOT good at 
explanations despite knowing the answers, but her earnestness, eagerness and 
friendliness made it impossible to get upset at her.

	At any rate, Atlee slowly came to understand this aspect of human society 
a little better, though she would regularly spur the conversation further by 
asking, "Then why do some women take their clothes off for money?" or "One time 
Kara and I walked by a construction site and the workers..."

	It was an interesting and rewarding evening.  No actual sex came out of 
it, but we did achieve a closer degree of intimacy.  Plus they each kissed me on 
the cheek when I finally left them.

	Believe it or not, the lack of sexual result actually made me happy.  
While they were all obviously attracted to me for whatever reason, they just as 
obviously had no brain implants spurring them on.  (Well, it was obvious to me 
at least.)

	After our impromptu conference, I spent the night with Diana, my first 
solo night with her in weeks.  We enjoyed ourselves pleasantly, with no special 
drama or needs or any problems to deal with.  It was a timely wonderful island 
of normality.

	Friday arrived, one day til my date with the Zor-L 'twins'.  Alpha had 
gotten us reservations at a very nice local restaurant -- very expensive too; 
that fifth star comes with a big price jump.  Corsages were on order, and I had 
even picked out two gold pendants that, when fit together, formed a shield.  Not 
as generically romantic as heart-shaped pendants, but I think of them as 
protectors and wanted a gift to show it.

	Friday was mostly free of surprises.  Work went smoothly.  The three 
younger heroines engaged me in more personal conversations, but they made no 
move to actually seduce me that day.  

	Beta was my bed partner that evening.  About half the time I have a 
cyborg-only night, I use the opportunity to recover stamina.  It really just 
varies with how energetic or drained I am right then.  Since the cyborgs can't 
actually orgasm and don't feel normal emotions, it doesn't matter much to them.
	In this case, I had only come once in the past day and a half, so I fucked 
Beta in all her holes, finally cumming in her ass.  Beta has a beautiful body, 
and Alpha has really learned a lot of bedroom skills over time... so much so 
that Beta can fuck better than a porn star.  Since I was expecting an energetic 
Saturday night, I restrained my natural impulses and limited myself to a single 

	Saturday came, and I spent most of the late morning to late afternoon with 
friends from outside the scope of the story.  (Yes, I do have a life outside of 
work and home... it just doesn't come up much in these pages.)  It was a nice 
break from the mental stress of the intruding multiverse.

	That evening, I went all out trying to impress the Kara's, and they were 
apparently doing the same, both wearing obviously new dresses.  My Kara was 
dressed in lovely off-the-shoulder white dress that left most of her legs and 
back completely bare.  Our new Kara was outfitted in a little black dress that 
seemed to mirror my Kara's white dress.
	I pinned on their corsages and presented them with their shield lockets.  
I guessed right and they seemed to really like them, though they both saw 
through my attempt to draw them closer together to keep them friendly.
	I drove them to the restaurant where we had a lovely dinner.  Although the 
plates were very artistically presented, the food was actually only slightly 
better than Kasumi's best, but that may be more of a compliment to Kasumi's 
cooking than a knock against the chef's.
	We had pleasant dinner conversation, but under it was a bit of simmering 
sexual tension.  I think that if our dinner table had boasted a longer 
tablecloth we would have had some under-the-table action or at least some 
	After dinner, Kara's plan was just to go back home and fuck, but I had one 
more thing I wanted to do.  I drove us to a late appointment I had arranged with 
a professional photographer.  Since we were all dressed up and looking perfect, 
I figured it was the best time for personal portraits.  All three of us were 
done singly, in pairs and as a trio.  This being the digital age with an 
expensive photographer in her own studio, we had digital proofs to choose from 
right away.  We left after ordering a dozen shots, including a poster-size shot 
of Kara and myself for her room.
	Finally I gave them a couple of special gifts -- they were originally 
intended to be Kara's birthday presents -- a hardback collection of the Power 
Girl spotlight storyline from the initial JSA Classified series signed by the 
creators (for new Kara) and original color artwork of Power Girl by Frank Cho 
(for my Kara).  [I had ordered one from Alex Ross too, but it wasn't ready yet.  
Heck, I had ordered one for each of my comic book women.]

	Finally we headed back to the house.  I was really tempted to rent a nice 
hotel suite, but Kara had specifically said to go back home.  (Plus it would 
probably give her a good psychological home field advantage.)

	I had come up with conflicting ideas on how to approach the mechanics of 
the evening and hadn't even decided who to kiss first.  I usually enjoy taking 
things as they come in the bedroom, but I was stressing out a bit that night.  
Fortunately Kara is not exactly a shy, retiring personality who waits for other 
people to make plans for her.  As soon as we stepped inside my room, my Kara 
took charge, spinning me around and kissing me hard and passionately.  The kiss 
lasted maybe 5 or 10 seconds before she broke the kiss, spun me back around and 
pushed me toward her sister.

	"Go get 'er, Tiger."

	Well, that certainly solidified my plans.

	I took the new Kara in my arms and kissed her.  This felt odd.  Like when 
you go to sit down in your favorite chair and someone has moved it over a few 
inches from where it's supposed to be.  She felt so familiar, but she didn't 
move and act quite as I expected.  The familiar long-burning flame was missing, 
but it was replaced with a fresh spark of desire.

	We just stood there kissing for a couple minutes, with the lip-lock 
growing in intensity, adding tongues, then running our hands along each other's 
backs and through our hair.  I finally broke the kiss to pull off my suit 
jacket.  I tossed it over a chair and turned back around only to have new Kara 
grab my tie and pull me back to her.

	After a few more minutes of making out, we started stripping each other 
down, though maybe I should point out that the undressing was unfairly weighted 
in my favor since a single zipper reduced Kara to her panties and shoes.  On the 
other hand, Kara had help stripping me down as another pair of hands reached 
around from behind me to pull off my tie and unbutton my shirt.  

	We kicked off our shoes and fell onto the bed.  While I focused my oral 
attentions to everything above her neck -- nibbling on her ears, worrying her 
lower lip and sucking on her tongue -- my hands wandered over the rest of her 
body, caressing her breasts, belly, back and ass.  My Kara made her presence 
known by pulling off my trousers and silk boxers.  Then, surprisingly, she 
joined in a bit, kissing my neck, cupping my ass and stroking my cock.  When I 
broke off and turned my head to kiss my Kara, she forcibly turned my head back 
to her sister.

	I started slowly working my way down her body in my old familiar dance 
toward cunnilingus.  Lick along her windpipe and the artery in her neck.  Tease 
the nipples with your fingers while you close in with your tongue, then lightly 
suck until the nipples have popped out as hard as diamonds.  Down to the navel 
where you tease the belly and sides.  I had to deal with her panties, but I just 
turned it into more foreplay.  I licked her vaginal lips through her lacy 
dainties, and when I finally pulled them off, I followed their voyage down her 
long, powerful legs, kissing, licking and caressing as I went.  I'm not really 
much of a foot fetishist myself, but a little toe sucking seems to get a lot 
women hot.

	Eventually I made my way back up to her cunt and got down to business.  
Her pubic lips were cleanly shaved, but she had a thick patch of hair above her 
mound.  Her moist inner lips hung lewdly out of her vagina, begging to be 
stroked and pulled and dripping with vaginal juices.  Her clit was poking out of 
its hood and looked quite large, maybe just slightly smaller than the tip of my 
pinkie finger.

	Most of the time you don't want to just dive in right away.  You want to 
tease the lips and stroke the clitty before delving deep inside.  This Kara was 
definitely primed and ready to come though.  By the time I worked my fingers 
deep inside of her and started licking and sucking hard on her clit, she came 

	Her hips and legs shot up a bit and her thighs clamped down on my head.  I 
tried to keep licking, but I was having trouble breathing.  I waved a hand and 
tapped her leg.  Fortunately my Kara picked up on the signal and pushed new 
Kara's legs apart enough to relieve the pressure.

	Once the Kara underneath me realized what was happening, her legs shot 
apart and she started apologizing.  "I'm so sorry.  I just... when I came, I 

	"It's okay," I said looking up from her crotch.  "And I'm not done yet."

	I restarted my work on her vagina, wanting to work her up to a second 

	"But... but I already came.  Isn't that enough?"

	"You think once is enough?"  I smiled and curled up a finger inside of 
her, searching for the elusive g-spot.  "Only once is a failure in my book."

	I probably shouldn't have bragged because I felt obligated to stay down 
there for at least two more orgasms.  Another fifteen to twenty more minutes of 
licking really wears out the tongue.  At least she was much more conscious of 
her legs and didn't smother me again.

	I wanted to move over to my Kara and give her a nice come, but my mouth 
needed recovery time.  Normally I'd have brought the second woman into the mix 
by now, but I really didn't get the feeling that these two were willing to be 
intimate with each other, even with me guiding the action.
	I looked over at my Kara and saw her masturbating, but she waved me to 
keep going with her sister.

	I knelt up between her legs and pumped my cock a bit, making sure I was at 
full hardness.

	"Should I wear..."  I didn't even get a chance to finish asking before my 
Kara tossed a condom at me.

	Tear foil, place on tip, roll down and ready to go.  The Kara splayed out 
before me was obviously a bit limp at the moment, but she was watching, rolling 
her shoulders and hips at me a little as I prepared to enter her.  Seeing her 
breasts roll around was a hypnotic sight.  Although her breasts were very large, 
I think my Kara's breasts were just slightly bigger.  Not that I was stupid 
enough to comment on that out loud.

	I worked my way inside her overheated pussy very slowly.  She didn't have 
the same conditioned Kegel muscles as my Kara, but she obviously didn't have sex 
very often so she still felt very tight.  Moving deep inside of her was slow 
work, helped a bit by her legs wrapping around my hips and pulling me into her.

	When I was finally completely inside, she sighed.  I held my position for 
just a moment, then began my thrusting.  While sex itself is a wonderfully 
enjoyable sport in which to participate, it can be exceptionally dull to 
describe in a mechanical, blow-by-blow manner.  How often and how quickly you 
pump into someone is not really riveting text, so I hope you'll forgive me when 
I skip around a bit.

	We made love for a good fifteen minutes before she came.  I was rather on 
edge myself and when she began crying out and bouncing higher than normal, I let 
myself go as well, coming less than a minute after she did.

	With a couple minutes of oral attentions, I regained my hardness quickly 
and with a fresh condom applied, this time mounted her doggy-style.  She wasn't 
as multi-orgasmic as Daria or Eiko, but I was able to work her up to seven or 
eight orgasms that night.  After about twenty minutes in what was only our 
second position of the night, she collapsed to the bed, half-conscious at best.

	As for me, I was close to coming a second time and knew I could easily 
make it three that evening if I could get rid of the condoms.  Of course there 
was a very simple answer to that desire.

	By the time our new Kara had fully regained consciousness, I had come 
inside my Kara once and was working up to that anticipated third blast.  My Kara 
had been so on edge that she had come in about thirty seconds initially.  Since 
then, I had counted at least three more orgasms from her as we made love on the 
bed next to her sister.

	When we finally finished, I rolled off of Kara into a spot between the two 
nearly identical blondes to rest from my labors.

	Kara, the new one, ran a finger down my chest and caressed my rapidly 
shrinking penis.

	"I'm now officially impressed and jealous," she said with a smile.

	"Told ya," I heard from my other side.

	"I might have to see if there's a copy of you in my world."

	"Actually I already looked for him in mine.  Not there."

	"You never told me that," I said, turning to look at my lover.  Actually I 
seriously didn't remember that being part of the background story.  I suppose 
it's a logical story element, probably one inserted by Alpha.

	"Well, no, of course not.  But having another copy of you in my world 
would have made it a lot easier on me, what with all the dimensional back and 
forth.  Though back when I checked, you were only sixteen or eighteen or 
something on my last visit.  You know, pre-'Bouncy-Bouncy'."

	"Huh," I said articulately.  It's not as though I had any right to object, 
fictional background or not.

	Power Girl released her casual grip on my dick and said, "Anyway, I'll 
give the girls a 'thumbs-up' review."

	"I get reviewed?"

	My Kara looked at me with a patient expression, one reserved for people 
who say exceptionally stupid things.  "Of course you do, honey.  All the time."

	"You're kidding, right?"  More patient looks.  "You're not kidding?  
Well... okay... How do I do?  I mean, what are my reviews like?"

	"Oh no, that's privileged information."

	"Privileged?  But it directly concerns me!"

	"Privileged. Information.  Besides, we can't have you go getting a swelled 

	"So my reviews are good?"

	My Kara only sighed in response.

	"But you're not going to tell me."


	"Even though your sister is apparently going to go tell women I've never 
slept with what I'm like in bed."

	From my other side, our new Kara said, "I asked them to wait until I... 
let's say, gave you a 'test drive'.  I have a responsibility to protect my 
charges after all."

	I'm not really sure how this was 'protecting' her charges.  Maybe I was 
approved because I used a condom with her?  Still...

	One final postscript to the evening:  I was informed the next day by Alpha 
that Maxine and Atlee had hovered outside my door, listening in for a few 
minutes early on.  Courtney caught them there, but instead of chasing them off, 
she stopped to listen herself.  When Alpha realized Courtney wasn't going to 
lead them away, she sent Jasmine and Elisa to the hallway to catch them in the 
act, but the youngsters heard their approach and fled... which was all Alpha 
wanted in the first place.

	The next day I took some pleasure in noticing how Power Girl walked around 
with a slow, careful gait.  If she started visiting my bed regularly, she would 
become used to the sex and not have such soreness.  Which brought up another 
question:  Would this become a regular thing?  I didn't know.  Didn't even know 
if Kara would want to supervise any further contact between us or not.

	By afternoon, it was obvious that Courtney, Maxine and Atlee were becoming 
much more aggressive in their pursuit of me.  I suppose they had finally 
received a 'green light' from Power Girl.  I wasn't sure I could handle three 
new women at the same time after going all out the previous night.  Well, not if 
I wanted to give them a really good 'first time'.  Still, flirting had become 
second nature to me, and it was really hard to resist.

	All three were wearing very tight, skimpy clothes, very inappropriate for 
winter (even in Texas).  Given the way their nipples were poking out, I doubt 
any of them were wearing bras.  As visually stimulating as they were, the 
reactions of my women were just as entertaining.  Some, like Diana and Kara, 
were obviously barely able to keep from laughing.  Kasumi gave them disapproving 
tongue-clicks and reminded them of the need for warmer clothes during winter.  
Jane hatched a plan, maybe with Daria's help, to tease them by doing things like 
sitting in my lap and rubbing my cock through my jeans in full view of everyone 
else.  Some of the others relayed a few interesting stories in the guise of 
'helping out' the youngsters.

	Harley's story really stands out in my memory.  She told everyone about 
the first time the Joker made love to her.  A newlywed couple in a honeymoon 
suite had just been killed with the Joker's Smile Gas and, with their hyenas 
laughing and eating the bellboy in the background, the Joker had been so 
overcome by the ambiance that he seduced Harley right then and there between the 
corpses.  A thoroughly disturbing scene.  Harley's description of Joker's 
corpse-like penis was just the cherry on that nightmare sundae.

	Eventually I gave in and offered to take Maxine, Courtney and Atlee out on 
the town the next evening.  Not that Monday night is a hoppin' party night, but 
I was confident we could find something fun to do.  
	After a quick consultation with Alpha, I decided to take them out to one 
of those medieval-style dinner/shows, the kind with jousting, greasy roasted 
meat and vaguely educational displays of craftsmanship and dancing.  And of 
course I let them know our plans so they could dress appropriately.

	I spent Sunday night with Kasumi and Zatanna.  Although I limited myself 
to one orgasm, I made sure both of my ladies were taken care of in that respect.

	I had noticed a general lessening of my ability to regain my erections 
quickly, and had Alpha give me a check-up Monday morning.  She gave me a 
cellular 'freshening up' just in case.  We also had a long discussion about the 
situation which made me realize I was probably just mentally tired.  There was 
too much stress from too many sources all at once, so we started working on a 
plan to reduce my obligations and hopefully relax me.

	Mid-afternoon I went home to change clothes and pick up the girls.  They 
were all outfitted in pretty dresses which might double as princess-style 
clothing with the proper accoutrements.  Each dress displayed some cleavage but 
not much more. Attractive but not overtly sexy, which surprised me a little.

	I had sent Jasmine out to pick up a small pendant for each of them:  A 
silver star with a small diamond in the center for Stargirl, who normally wears 
a bright white star on her chest.  A piece of jade cut to look like a crescent 
moon for Cyclone, our weather witch who is so envious of green skin.  And a 
piece of a meteorite on a silver chain for Terra, our resident manipulator of 
rock and earth.

	The medieval dinner/show was sparsely attended since it was a Monday, but 
that just meant that we received more attention than we might have gotten 
visiting a weekend show.  It also meant that a few of the big acts like the fire 
juggler and the more experienced court jesters were absent.  I indulged the 
girls' desires for some hand-made crafts, such as a classic broomstick for 
Maxine, a sword for Courtney and some blacksmithing tools for Atlee.

	The girls were treated like nobility, and they treated me like their 
princely protector.  I was even convinced to volunteer to receive a sword 
fighting lessen in front of everyone.  (I don't think I did badly for a novice, 
but the resident 'knights' could obviously have beaten me easily.)

	At the dinner table, I fed grapes to my ladies and was fed grapes in 
return. More than once a dainty foot traveled up and down my shin, but the girls 
were restrained enough that no one tried to grab my crotch under the table.

	All in all, it was a four hour experience, and a lot of fun.  I was more 
than willing to bring the whole household back for a fun evening at some later 
date.  At that moment though, my mind was on other things.

	When I ushered each lady into my car, I gave them each what I hoped was a 
searing, intense kiss.  None of the three were eager to end the kiss, so I think 
I created the desired effect.

	Once we were all in the car, I turned to speak to them.

	"Ladies, I am very eager for the evening to continue in a more private 
setting, but I don't know what plans or wishes you might have.  If you're 
willing, I have reserved a nice hotel suite nearby so we can have a little extra 
privacy. I'm sure you'd prefer to avoid the possibility of anyone listening at 
the door."

	All three of them blushed a bit at my comment, remembering their own brush 
with audio voyeurism.

	"But we haven't packed anything..." protested Maxine weakly.

	"We won't need much, and the hotel will provide the basics.  But it's all 
up to you."

	Courtney, who was sitting in the front seat next to me, leaned over and 
kissed me, thrusting her tongue between my lips.

	When she broke off, she said, "Let's go."

	I was leaving out one detail.  Alpha had actually rented two rooms, with 
one room to be occupied by whoever she had shadowing us today.  From a brief 
glimpse I caught of them at dinner, today's secret bodyguards were Beta and 
either Elisa or Jasmine.  Not that anyone else needed to know this.

	The hotel suite was very nice, though the bed was only King-size which was 
going to make it a little cramped.

	I gave each of them another intimate kiss -- Maxine, Courtney, and finally 
Atlee.  Upon breaking my kiss with Atlee, she jumped into my arms and said, "Me 

	I glanced at the other two and got a nod from Courtney and a red-faced 
scowling nod from Maxine.  I later found out that they had drawn straws to see 
what order they would go in and Maxine was going last.

	I carried Atlee over the bed and set her down, bending down with her to 
maintain a kiss.  Unlike my night with the Zor-L twins, no one else helped us 
undress, but Atlee had enough enthusiasm for the job to get the job done 
quickly. She almost got my pants off too quickly for me to retrieve the condoms 
in my pocket.

	Atlee was a busty and enthusiastic little minx, coming easily and eager to 
try a variety of positions.  She obviously wasn't a virgin but definitely had 
much more curiosity than experience.

	I spent over half an hour with her, starting with oral sex as is my wont, 
moving on briefly to the missionary position.  However she would take only a 
minute of fucking before adjusting her position slightly, usually without 
letting me remove myself from her pussy.  I finally finished off inside her when 
I was standing next to the bed while her hips were high in the air and she 
rested on her shoulders.  If I had to guess, I'd say she came three or four 
times, but it was really hard to identify her orgasms.

	When Courtney joined me, she was already down to her panties and bra and 
was blushing furiously.  A few minutes later, I was settling in for another 
round of cunnilingus when she jumped unexpectedly.  I looked up to see Atlee 
playing with Courtney's breasts, and Courtney had obviously not expected the 
attention.  I kept my tongue busy and watched as she slowly relaxed into the 
sensations.  When Atlee started kissing her, that was apparently too much for 

	"Atlee, I'm not gay."

	"Neither am I.  I just thought I'd help out."

	"You really don't need to..."

	"That's okay.  You're very beautiful, and I like you a lot."

	"Thank you... ooohhh, god that licking feels good... I like you too, but 
not... oh wow, you're nibbling right there... but not like that... ooohhh...  
I'm not... not gay..."

	Courtney was one of those vocal women who like to describe what you're 
doing to them during sex as if it might turn out to be a surprise to you.  You 
know, things like 'Oh god, you're licking my clit' or 'Wow, you're so deep 
inside me.'  It makes no sense to me, but doesn't bother me since I just ignore 

	I kept my fingers working on her while I said, "Obviously not or you 
wouldn't be here with me."  Then I returned to my task at hand, giving her 
clitoris some strong suction followed by a series of circular licks.

	"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...  See, Atlee... ahhh... ahhh... not gay..."

	"Of course not.  But you are very kissable, and I want you to feel very 

	From then on, I stayed out of it, though I did enjoy the visuals.  When I 
moved on to the actual fucking, Atlee slid underneath Courtney and cupped her 
breasts from behind, occasionally flicking her nipples while I worked my way 
inside her towards her womb.

	After a few minutes, she shuddered and sat up to hold on to me with both 
arms, squeezing me as hard as she could.  Her cunnilingus orgasms had not seemed 
anywhere near that strong.  With her body still clinging to mine, I stood up, 
put her up against a wall and started pounding into her again, this time using 
gravity to let her fall down onto my cock after each stroke. 

	Maybe five minutes into this position, I realized that it was going to 
tire me out too quickly so after her next come, I repositioned her facing away 
from me with her feet on the floor and her hands on the bed.  In this position I 
started brushing her cervix (though it was a little hard to tell for sure 
through the condom).  It wasn't long before her arms gave way, then her legs.  I 
held her lower half up long enough for her to scoot further onto the bed so she 
could prop herself up on her knees.  When she rose to her elbows, Atlee slid 
underneath enough that she could start sucking on Courtney's nipples, as well as 
reaching a hand down to play with her clit.  Courtney was much too far gone to 
object this time.  As for me, I decided to let them work it out for themselves 

	It was in this position that I finally came again, filling the second 
condom of the night.

	As soon as I pulled out and Courtney fell off to the side, Atlee was on 
the spot, taking my penis in her hands.

	"We must keep you hard for Maxine," she said before sucking me into her 

	Despite her enthusiasm, she really didn't have much skill in that area.

	Gently pulling her off, I said, "One of the reasons I like to start with 
oral sex is that it can give me a few minutes to recharge.  Speaking of 

	I held out my hand to Maxine, who suddenly looked a bit scared.

	"I haven't... There's something I haven't told you... ummm...." she said 
in an uncharacteristically timid tone.

	"It's okay," I reassured her.  "You can tell me or not, your choice.  For 
that matter, we can stop right now and do this another time or not at all."

	"No, no, that's not it.  I... oh god... I really want to come like that, 
and you... it's just that... I've never... I mean I'm a..."  She trailed off.

	"I promise to be gentle," I said moving toward her.  I completely forgot 
that my mouth must smell like pussy-central and tried to kiss her.

	She pulled back slightly and said, "Could you wash up first?  Real 
quickly, please?"

	Embarrassed I stopped and apologized.  "Be right back."

	I think I must have brushed my teeth, gargled and washed up in less than 
two minutes.

	When I returned, Courtney was being cradled by Atlee and all three were 
talking among themselves in quiet voices.  Maxine still had her green bra and 
panties set on and was obviously fighting the urge to cover up.

	I sat down next to her and we just made out for a few minutes, eventually 
stripping her down to her bare skin and playing her body like a fine instrument. 
She was very willing and aroused, just shy and inexperienced, which were 
problems I could deal with. 

	She was the softest and least muscular of the group.  Her breasts were 
small, B-cups at best, with pale freckled skin covering her chest.  Her nipples 
were pale and puffy, and her pubic hair was completely untrimmed but naturally 

	I was very gentle when I ate her out, not wanting to taste virgin blood.  
She came fairly easily and quickly and made little animalistic squeaks when she 
climaxed.  Between climaxes though, she slowly worked up the courage to direct 
my attentions, suggesting that I stroke her vaginal lips or lick her perineum -- 
by name even! So few people know what the space between your anus and genitalia 
is called.

	After three oral orgasms, I moved up to actually take her virginity, 
applying my third condom of the night.  

	Before I entered her, she told me, "I want to do this the first time in 
the missionary position.  After I come once, if you're still able, I'd like to 
try the cowgirl position.  For my first time, I want to stay face-to-face so we 
can see each other and kiss, so no doggy-style tonight please."

	I don't think I have ever been given such an outline for sex before, 
especially not by a virgin.

	"Certainly.  And after cowgirl?"

	"Do you think you'll... we'll still be able to continue past that?"

	"The advantage to going last is that I will probably last longer with you 
than with the others."

	"Oh," she said blushing.  "I don't know... maybe side-by-side or up 
against the wall like you did with Courtney?"

	"The one will tire me out faster than the other, but both have their 
attractions.  Side-by-side is much more intimate but the action is much less 
vigorous.  How about if we just wait and see what you want to try when the time 

	She nodded and I began the program.  The pain of breaking her hymen took a 
few minutes to get past, but once she was over it, she resumed her pursuit of 
physical pleasure.  She came easily enough that we worked through two climaxes 
with each position and made it through five positions in total.

	Atlee joined in again, especially after my initial entry with it's 
associated pain.  Though she never kissed Maxine on the lips, she licked her ear 
and belly and both nipples and generally did her best to soothe the pain away.  
Courtney watched and played with herself, but didn't join in.

	Once I had my own third come of the night, I collapsed into bed with 
Courtney and Atlee on one side and Maxine on the other.

	In the morning, we had another short round of fucks in the shower, though 
Maxine was too sore and after washing herself, contented herself with just 

* * * * *

	A month later, we had all pretty much settled in.  Plans were underway to 
add two wings to the house, turning it into a flattened U-shape (as seen from 
above), though the add-ons would only be two floors instead of three.

	I was enjoying a rare moment of relaxation, just sitting and reading in 
the living room when I heard a weird popping sound.  Initially I just dismissed 
it as someone dropping something.

	Then my earbud came to life.  "Frank, please be advised that intruders 
have appeared in the entry hallway of the house.  Please move to the basement as 
soon as possible.  My mobile platforms are on the way."

	The hallway was just around the corner, so in direct disobedience to 
Alpha's warning directive, I hopped up and took a peek.

	In the entry hallway, in just about the same spot where we had arranged 
for Anna Marie appear, stood three oddly dressed women and one animal.

	The first woman was a tall black woman with long white hair.  She had a 
somewhat regal bearing despite her odd black outfit with gold trim.

	On her right stood a young Asian girl with pinkish sunglasses, short hair 
and a yellow overcoat.  I think she was chewing gum, of all things to be doing 
right then.

	On the left stood a young brunette wearing a blue leather-ish jacket and 
blue leggings.  On her shoulder was a grey-ish purple... I guess 'baby dragon' 
is the easiest description.  It looked a bit like a large-headed lizard with 
wings and was maybe a foot and a half long if you ignored the tail.  Unless it 
was lighter than it appeared, it wouldn't be flying with those wings... not in 
the real world anyway.

	The black woman turned, noticed me and spoke.

	"Please forgive our intrusion, but we're looking for a friend of ours that 
went missing a few weeks ago.  Have you seen a woman around here... she has 
brown hair with a streak of white in the front?"

	Elisa entered the hallway at top speed right then, but I waved her back 
and she slowed to a stop.  I could hear Dorothy approaching rapidly as well.

	Somehow I had the self-composure to respond.  "Storm, right?  Jubilee?  
Shadowcat?  Hi.  Rogue's out shopping right now, I think.  Make yourselves at 
home, you might have to stay a while.  Elisa here can take care of you if you'll 
excuse me for just a moment..."

	I left them looking confused and walked to the back hallway and straight 
out the back door.  

	Looking up into the sky, I collapsed to my knees in a suitably dramatic 
fashion and yelled to the universe at the top of my voice: 


	After a minute or more with no answer, I sighed, gathered what remained of 
my composure and sanity, and went back inside.

	From the other room I heard a voice saying, "... so don't worry too much.  
If we're not back in 48 hours, the Professor arranged for an Avengers team to 
retrieve us.  I think Carol and Jen are going to lead it."

	I suppressed a whimper.


(Though this non-canon side-story has finished, the main story is still 

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