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My Parent's Estate
By vulgus

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Story codes: MDom, MF, FF, MMMF, MMM+F, Cons.

To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my
previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

One of the happiest days of my life was followed immediately by
the saddest, most tragic day of my life. My parents drove up to
see me graduate from college. My magical four years was over.
They watched me cross the stage with my classmates and then we
had a nice dinner in a great restaurant in town. I loved my
parents deeply. They were my best friends and always had been. I
was an only child and there had never been any question that I
was loved. 

I went to a college in the northern part of the state. My parents
lived four hours away in the southern tip of the state. I tried
to get them to stay over that night, spend the night in a motel
and drive home in the morning. But they were anxious to get home.
The owner of the company that dad worked for was on an extended
business trip in China and he had left dad in charge. So they
left right after dinner. 

I had some packing to finish up and I was going to drive down the
next day. After my parents left I went to a couple of parties
long enough to say goodbye to some people I had gotten close to
over the last four years. Then I went back to my small apartment
and finished packing.

I was twenty years old and my life was almost perfect. I was
going to take a little time off and live with my parents for a
few months before I went back and got my Master's Degree. 

Early the next morning I threw the last of my things in the back
of my Volvo station wagon and got a cup of coffee at McDonald's.
I got on the Interstate and headed for home. I didn't have any
immediate plans. My parents had offered to pay for a trip to
Europe or a cruise and I planned to see what my options were
before deciding.

I got to my parent's house just before lunch time. They weren't
home so I went in and had a sandwich and tried calling them on
their cell phones to find out where they were and when they were
coming home.

I had seen the light blinking on the answering machine but I
didn't expect any calls here so I ignored it. It wasn't until the
phone rang an hour later that I found out that my parents were
not coming home. They had been killed by a drunk driver on the
way home yesterday evening.

I didn't faint. I just went into shock. I remember dropping the
phone and having to sit down. I had suddenly become aware of how
quickly the world was spinning and I no longer had anyone to hold

When I finally picked the phone back up off the floor the
policeman on the phone apologized for giving me the news over the
phone. He had been trying to get in touch with me since shortly
after the accident and patrol cars had been driving by every few
hours to see if anyone was home. He said that someone would come
right over to see me.

I hung up the phone and at first I didn't even cry. I just knew
that there had to be a mistake. My parents could not be dead. My
parents were young and vital and healthy and loved life. 

They were only thirty-six years old. Mom had gotten pregnant when
they were both sixteen and they had gotten married immediately.
They finished school and then my mom stayed home and took care of
me while my dad went to work during the day and went to college
at night. They had made a good life for me and for themselves and
there was no way that it could be over.

I don't even remember any time passing before the police Chaplin
showed up at my parent's door. He came in and sat with me. I am
not religious but it was nice to have someone to talk to and help
me get through that long afternoon. 

He didn't know very much about the accident. He was more
interested in making sure that I was okay. He tried to find out
if I had any relatives or close friends nearby but I didn't. 

I have some distant cousins out of state somewhere but I don't
even know where. My parents had sold the house that I grew up in
when I went away to college. They had purchased this smaller
house in a pretty swank neighborhood in a town about an hour away
from where I grew up. I didn't really know anyone here. 

The Chaplin seemed uncomfortable leaving me alone when he finally
left but for the next couple of days the only thing I needed to
do was cry and I didn't need any help with that.

On the third day after the accident, if you want to call what
happened that day an accident, my parent's lawyer, Mr. Davis,
came to the house. I had never met him but he turned out to be a
lifesaver. He had been a friend of my parents as well as their
attorney and he stepped in and took over all of the things that I
was clueless about. All of those things that have to be taken
care of at a time like that. He saw to the probation of my
parent's estate and he referred me to a lawyer to sue the company
that had owned the company car and provided it to the son of a
bitch who was driving drunk with no license and a history of
drunk driving.

I would have been lost without Mr. Davis. He even did his best to
gently pull me up by the scruff of my neck and get me back on my
feet and get me going again.

My parents had 1.5 million in life insurance between them and I
quickly settled with the large oil company that owned the car
that the drunk was driving for ten million more. I accepted their
first offer. They were anxious to avoid a trial and I was anxious
to put it all behind me. My lawyer was disappointed, he wanted to
jerk them around some more. But it was all over in a week from
the time I hired him.

My parent's house had already been paid for so there was no
mortgage to worry about. In fact, my parents had no debts and
considerable savings. When the estate was all settled I was very
well off, even after the lawyers were paid.

Now I just had to start getting on with my life again. I couldn't
just lie around crying forever. 

From the time I got home I had been living in just two rooms of
my parent's house, the guest bedroom and the kitchen. I couldn't
bring myself to do anything with their belongings. I had not even
gone into their bedroom since that day.

Now I had to force myself to do what had to be done around the
house. I went out and got some boxes and brought them home to
pack up my parents things in. I figured the place to start was in
their bedroom. I planned on packing up their clothes and donating
them to charity.

That was when I started to learn that I didn't know my parents
quite as well as I thought I did. The first surprise was a
relatively mild one. I packed my dad's clothes in a few boxes and
put them out by the front door. Then I started putting my
mother's clothes in a box. Half way through folding her clothes
up I started coming across clothing that I did not think she
could possibly have worn. I started finding incredibly short
skirts and dresses as well as sheer tops and dresses cut so low
in front and back that if they were actually street legal it was
just barely. 

My mother and I were the same size and I tried on one of the more
outrageous dresses I found. When I had it on I stood in front of
her mirror. I could not believe that my mother would wear
something like this, not even alone in her bedroom! The bodice of
the dress dipped down exposing me all the way to my navel! My
breasts were exposed almost to my nipples. With every  move I
made at least one of my nipples peeked out! I turned around and
the back of the dress was cut so low that the top two inches of
my bikini panties was visible. 

Out of curiosity I slid my panties lower on my hips and I could
see a lot of cleavage back there!

It wasn't just cut low either. It was so short that I was afraid
to sit down in it. I simply could not believe that my mother
would wear this!

I took the dress off and put my clothes back on and started
looking at the rest of the clothes in her closet. They were all,
I hate to say it, just plain slutty! I certainly couldn't give
this stuff to Goodwill! 

I started going through the dresser drawers and the surprises
just kept on coming. There were a couple of normal bras and
panties. But there were dozens of the sexiest, sluttiest female
undergarments that you ever saw in your life. I was starting to
wonder if my mother had a split personality. I had certainly
never seen her in any of this stuff. I had never been given the
impression that she was the kind of person who would wear this

I sat on the bed and stared at the things I had uncovered. I
couldn't make sense of this. I decided to stop and go to my dad's
chest of drawers and empty that instead. I had to think about
this stuff for a while.

I opened up a large trash bag and started packing up my father's
underwear. It was mostly the standard stuff, but there were a
couple of surprises in there too. If anyone had told me that my
dad owned thongs, including a couple of leather ones, I would
have laughed in their face. But damned if he didn't!

I tried not to read too much into it though. I threw it all in
the bag and things were moving right along again, until I came to
the third drawer. The third drawer changed everything. I opened
it up and was all prepared to reach in and pull out a bunch of
old sweaters or sweatpants or something. Instead it was full of
paperback books. 

I dropped the trash bag and picked up a few of the books at
random. There must have been a couple hundred of them, maybe
more. They were all the most disgusting pornographic novels that
I had ever seen. I never even imagined that things like this
existed! These weren't magazines, like Playboy or Penthouse or
even Hustler. They were novels. They all seemed to be from the
same publisher and they were all about women being raped and
tortured and forced to do the most awful things. There was a
woman, or women, or a young girl, on the cover of each book,
usually in extreme bondage and surrounded by leering men. She was
usually being, or just about to be, raped or beaten or abused in
some manner. There were nearly obscene photographs on the covers
of some of the books. But mostly the girls on the covers were
portrayed in exaggerated but amazingly lifelike color drawings. 

It was enough to make me wonder if I knew my parents at all!
Those books, my mother's clothes, what kind of people were they?

I closed the book drawer and stared at the next drawer. I wasn't
sure that I had the nerve to explore any further into my parent's
lives. But then, I certainly couldn't ask anyone else to come in
here and dispose of this stuff!

I slowly opened the fourth drawer. I wasn't sure what I had
found. I wasn't sure that I wanted to know. The drawer was full
of DVDs. The only thing on them to identify them was a number.
Other than the number written on each one there was no label, no
way of telling what they contained. There were hundreds of them.

I closed the drawer and pulled out the last drawer just enough to
peek inside. It wasn't clothing. It appeared to be photograph
albums. I pushed it shut and stood up and went out to the kitchen
and got a beer out of the fridge. I needed alcohol. 

I needed to think, but first I needed alcohol. That may sound
counterintuitive, but I'm pretty sure that you would have felt
the same way if you were in my position. I had just found out
that my parents were perverts!

I got out a cold beer and sat down at the kitchen table. I was
not doing much thinking though. I sat there with the images from
the covers of those books flashing through my mind and trying
hard not to imagine my mother wearing those clothes that I found
in her closet or the underwear in her dresser drawer.

I was learning things about my parents that I wasn't sure my mind
could handle. I didn't get it. They had always been so...I don't
know. Normal I guess. This isn't a case of my dad having a secret
stash of porn. That stuff wasn't stashed and my mother's slutty
outfits left no doubt that she was not the typical housewife that
I thought she was.

I drank the beer down quickly and got another. I stood staring
down the hallway at the door to my parent's bedroom. It
eventually occurred to me that I wasn't going to find the answers
to any of my questions sitting here drinking beer. I could sit
and drink beer all day and get comfortably numb but I wouldn't
resolve anything. I had far too many questions and no answers.
The problem was that I wasn't sure that I wanted my questions

The thought of what I might learn when I started digging deeper
was scary as hell. But I was still left with the same challenge I
had run into earlier. I didn't want to know too much about my
parent's apparently kinky sex life, but there was no fucking way
I could hire a stranger to come in and clean that shit out of
there. And besides, the more I thought about it the more curious
I was getting. 

I took my beer and went back into their bedroom and sat down on
the bed. I opened my father's nightstand drawer and the thing I
dreaded finding most was right there. It was full of bondage
stuff. There were ropes and leather cuffs and all kinds of things
that I couldn't even identify.

I closed the drawer and I knew that I had no choice. Well, no,
that isn't true. I did have a choice. I asked myself, do I want
to start with the photo albums or the DVDs? 

Reluctantly I opened the bottom drawer with all the photo albums
and pulled out several of them. Each of the very heavy photo
albums was about four inches thick. The covers had dates on them,
the time periods that were spanned by the pictures inside.  I
pulled out all the albums, without opening them. I didn't have
the nerve just yet. When I had laid them out in chronological
order I picked up the earliest one and carried it back out to the

I dropped it on the kitchen table and got another beer. Then I
sat down and tried to convince myself that when I opened it I was
just going to find a typical collection of old family photos.
That wasn't likely though. The dates on the cover spanned a
period that roughly corresponded to my first year of high school.

My parents had not been camera bugs. As I thought back I could
not remember either one of them ever taking a picture of me. At
least, not since I was little. Someone had damn sure taken a lot
of pictures of something though.

I sat staring at that photo album until I couldn't stand the
suspense any longer. I reached out my hand and closed my eyes and
took a deep breath. I opened the album cover and slowly opened my

I did the math as I looked at the first picture. It must have
been taken when my mother was twenty-seven or twenty-eight. She
had been really beautiful. She still was. Or at least she had
been up until a month ago. They would have been married about ten
or eleven years then. The only picture on the first page was an
8X10 of my mother in a perfectly normal little black dress. It
was a little shorter than anything I had ever seen her in, but
there was nothing wrong with it. She looked damn good in it. She
was beautiful. She had a perfect figure and long blonde hair and
a smile that could melt your heart. People tell me that I look
just like her when she was my age and I have always taken that as
a great compliment.

She was smiling that sweet smile in the picture, though she
looked a little nervous. Still, it was a perfectly normal
photograph, except for the caption. 

Under the photograph it said, "Erin, ready to serve her Master
for the first time. September 5, 1997."

Her Master?! My mother had a Master?!

I wasn't sure that I wanted to know any more than that. In fact,
I was pretty sure that I didn't. But I turned the page anyway.

There were four photos on each page. The first was of a very
handsome dark haired man with a stern face. I would guess that he
was about ten or fifteen years older than my parents. Underneath
the picture it just said, "Master Jon."

Looking at the picture I had the impression that I had met Master
Jon. But for the life of me I could not remember where or when.

In the following three pictures on the page my mother was on her
knees with her hands behind her back and Jon was standing in
front of her, looking down at her with disdain, or walking around
her with an arrogant look on his face.

On the opposite page were four more pictures of the two of them.
In the bottom two my mother was bent over kissing the shoes of
the strange man in front of her. That was hard to look at. But
what was even harder to see was the look of excitement on her
face. She was getting off on that!

My mother was bent over kissing a strange man's feet and she was
getting turned on! I assumed that my father was taking the
pictures. Was he getting turned on too?

I turned the page and saw that I had been wrong. My father was
not taking the pictures. In the first picture on this page the
man, Jon, was seated in a big leather chair and my mother was
standing in front of him. My father was standing behind my mother
and he was in the process of unzipping the back of mom's dress.
So who the hell was taking the pictures?!

In the second picture my mother was standing in front of Jon in
just a pair of bikini panties and thigh high black hose. Jon was
apparently watching as casually as if he were watching the news
on television as my father undressed my mother for his

The third picture on that page showed my father handing my
mother's underwear to Jon and in the last picture he was sniffing
them and smiling as he stared at my mother's naked body. 

I gulped down the rest of my beer and got up, a little bit
shakily. I thought about getting another beer. I wasn't much of a
drinker but I didn't know if I could handle this sober.

I reluctantly decided that I had already had enough to drink.
Besides, until I turned twenty-one it was a pain in the ass to
get more. I stood in front of the fridge staring at the album on
the table. I suddenly realized that as shocked as I was, I was
also getting turned on! 

I am not a virgin and I have not been one for a long time. I lost
my virginity a couple of months before those pictures were taken.
Well, I didn't lose it. I know where it went and I gave it away

I think I'm pretty open minded. I like sex and I love being sexy.
It could be better. The sex I mean. But I am hoping that with
time I will get better at it and my partners will improve their
technique. I love the kissing and the touching anyway. The actual
fucking often leaves a lot to be desired, like an orgasm for
instance. I almost never have an orgasm from fucking. Now that I
think of it, I can't remember ever having an orgasm from fucking.
But I usually get off one way or another. I'm not shy about
telling my sex partners what I need. Well, maybe a little, but
I'm getting better about that.

But that was all I had ever done with a guy. It had always been
just me and a guy, no photographer and there was no one
undressing me for his viewing pleasure. I had certainly not ever
kissed anyone's feet!

I suddenly remembered those paperback books. Was my mother into
that stuff?! Did she like being humiliated? Did she get off on
being tied up and beaten and raped? Holy shit!

I went back to the table and sat down. In the next set of
pictures my parents were both undressing Jon. I was almost afraid
to turn the page. No, I was definitely afraid to turn the page.

I knew that my parents wouldn't want me to see these pictures. I
was shocked, and apparently I hadn't even gotten to the good
stuff yet. I was finding though, that I couldn't resist. I had to

I turned the page with mixed emotions and it was a real learning
experience. Jon was naked and I have to tell you, he was very
well hung! As the pictures progressed I am not sure if I was more
shocked by my mother's behavior or my father's. My father didn't
have sex with Jon. He merely facilitated the sex acts that took
place between my mother and Jon. In one picture I saw him steady
Jon's large cock and apparently feed it into my mother's mouth. 

After that he stayed on his knees and in the background of the
pictures, but he was just an onlooker as my mother sucked Jon's

I like sucking a nice cock every now and then. I think it is a
sexy thing to do. But I have never sucked a cock like my mother
did in those pictures. She took that large male member all the
way down her throat! 

It was obviously not easy for her. There were tears in her eyes
and she was choking and gagging, but she eventually got that
thing all the way down her throat. I saw that my father was
concerned for her as she struggled to swallow that big fucking
cock. But he was also aroused. That was kind of embarrassing for
me too. I don't think that I had ever seen my father with an
erection before.

When he reached orgasm, Jon pulled back until just the tip of his
cock was resting on my mother's tongue and there were pictures of
the cum shooting out of his cock and into her wide open mouth and
then more pictures as she swallowed. It was really amazing.

I sat back and closed my eyes and steadied my breathing before I
continued. When I had calmed down I turned back to the album,
anxious to see what came next. What came next was my mother
getting him hard again with her mouth and then getting on her
hands and knees while my father lined Jon's cock up with her very
wet looking pussy. He drove that big thing into her for what
appeared to be a very satisfying fuck. The look on mom's face as
Jon fucked her made me even hotter than I already was. There was
no question that she loved what he was doing to her.

I had to take a break. I couldn't take any more.  I left the
album on the table and got up and went back to my parent's room.
I stood just inside the door and looked at my father's chest of
drawers and I shivered. I'm not sure why. I went over and sat on
my mother's side of the bed and opened her nightstand. There was
another large assortment of bondage equipment. There was also an
assortment of vibrators of various shapes and sizes and an
assortment of butt plugs. I had never used a butt plug. I had
never actually seen one before, just the pictures. A couple of
them were huge and I wondered if she actually took those into her

I pulled out a couple of the vibrators and turned one of them on.
I adjusted it down to the lowest setting and rubbed it lightly
between my legs. It felt pretty damned good. I felt a little
strange using my dead mother's vibrator. But I think that she
would have enjoyed it if she knew, judging by what I had seen in
the last couple of hours.

I stood up and took off my jeans and my panties and stretched out
on the bed. I had an orgasm almost as soon as I touch myself with
the vibrator. I wasn't finished though. I continued to move it
around and tease myself until I had two more very satisfying
orgasms. My mother had, if nothing else, excellent taste in
vibrators. This thing was much better than my dinky little

I decided to go for one more but before I got started I got up
and went over to the drawer full of nasty books and selected one
at random. I ended up with a book called "Roped and Raped
Schoolgirl" by Robert Vickers. I went back over and stretched out
on the bed. I turned the vibrator on low again and rested it
between my thighs while I started reading.

It was silly. I knew before I even opened it that it was a book
devoted to depraved male fantasy. On the other hand, I couldn't
put it down. I read it cover to cover, pausing every so often to
have an orgasm. By the time I turned off the vibrator and tossed
the book aside I was stiff and sore. The funny thing though, was
that even though I had enjoyed so many orgasms that I couldn't
even guess at how many there had been, I was still as horny as I
had ever been in my life. God I wanted a cock right now! I needed
a nice big cock like Jon's. I couldn't even imagine what that big
thing would feel like being forced up inside of me. I got to my
feet and pulled my clothes back on and went back out to the
kitchen for another beer.

I took it into the living room. I didn't have the energy to look
at any more of those photographs right now. I sat there in the
quiet room and stared off into space. I was going to have to
totally revise everything that I knew about my parents now. I
almost wished that I could ask them about those things. I knew
though, that if they were still alive, even if I had found their
kinky stash I would never have had the nerve to speak to them
about what I found.

I suddenly thought of that drawer that was crammed full of DVDs.
I was tempted to go and get one out. But I couldn't, not yet. I
knew that if I did I would get turned on all over again, because
I was pretty certain what was on them. I was a little concerned
that I was suddenly looking forward to seeing them. It can't be
normal to want to spy on your parents in their most private
sexual moments. But remembering how excited I had gotten looking
through the photographs of my parent's first meeting with Jon,
their new Master, I knew that I was going to enjoy watching those

I couldn't bring myself to go back into their bedroom right now.
I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. My parents
had bought a smaller house when they moved here. But it was a
very expensive house in a very upscale neighborhood. The
neighbor's houses were all big and expensive and the lawns well
manicured, mostly by gardeners. The people were surprisingly
friendly though. I had noticed it when I came back to visit on
school holidays. When people were outside in their yards around
here and they saw you walking by they waved or spoke. It gave you
a warm feeling just walking around the block.

I locked my front door and took off down the sidewalk at a
leisurely pace. As I made my way down the street several people
recognized me and came over to offer me their condolences. They
were very sincere and I really appreciated their thoughtfulness.

I went around the block and as I was approaching my house I saw
someone walking away from the door. He looked familiar but I
couldn't place him. I hurried to catch him before he went too far
down the street. He heard me rushing up behind him and he turned
around and stopped and waited for me.

As soon as I came to a stop in front of him I recognized him. It
was Jon! My mother's Master!

He smiled when he saw me and said, "Judging from your expression
I guess I got here too late. I was hoping to speak to you before
you started going through your parent's things. You must be
pretty upset. I would like to have a chance to talk to you if you
think you could stand to be in a room with me. I'm so sorry I
didn't come sooner. I was in China on business. By the time I got
word about your parents and was able to wrap it up and hurry home
it...well, it took until today. My wife and I just got home. I
promise you, I am as upset as you are. I was very close to your
parents, despite what you probably think right now."

I didn't want him to know how I really felt about what I had
found. It would have been too embarrassing. And besides, I don't
know why, but I wasn't ready to let him off the hook. But I did
want to find out more about what I had seen today. This man
apparently knew more about my parents than I did!

I invited him in for a drink and he smiled and said, "I would
love a drink. Thank you Miki."

He escorted me back to my door and I unlocked it. He followed me
into the living room and I noticed that his eyes went right to
the open photo album on the kitchen table. He said, "I am sorry
that you had to suffer that kind of shock after what you have
already gone through. I really wish I could have spared you that.
Please don't think ill of your parents because of what you have
found. They were both remarkable people and I think that when you
are older you may not be so upset by what you've discovered."

I left him hanging and asked him what he wanted to drink.

He smiled again. He has a beautiful smile. He said, "I'll help
myself if you don't mind. I know where it is."

I nodded and he headed for the liquor cabinet. I had already had
enough beer to drink today and I settled for a glass of ice
water. We sat in the living room and for a moment no one spoke. 

I watched him, trying to sense something, anything about him. He
radiated self confidence. He wasn't hesitating because he was
uncomfortable. He was probably just trying to decide what to say
to make me feel better and make me feel better about my parents.

He sipped on his drink for a moment and then he said, "You must
have a lot of questions. Would you prefer that I try to explain,
or would you like to ask the questions that are on your mind?"

I responded, "I only know you as Master Jon. What should I call

He smiled that disarming smile again and said, "Please, call me

I returned his smile and said, "I'm not upset Jon. I was shocked
when I found the things that were in their bedroom. I went in to
get their clothes ready to donate to Goodwill and it was just one
shock after another. But the more time I spent...browsing, is
that the right word? And as my mind began to adjust to the things
I was seeing, well, my reaction seems to be moderating,

Jon looked at me curiously. I think my reaction surprised him as
much as it did me. I smiled and said, "If you don't mind, you are
right, I do have a lot of questions. I think that maybe it would
be better if you could explain first. There are questions that I
wouldn't even know how to ask."

He chuckled and got up and went to the liquor cabinet. As he
crossed the room he said, "I need a little more courage before I

He poured himself another couple of shots of bourbon and then he
went over to the kitchen table. He glanced at the cover of the
photo album I had been looking at and then he came back into the
living room and sat down. 

He said, "I see you are starting at the beginning. I suppose that
you are curious about how we met. Your father worked for me. We
became good friends very quickly and based entirely on your
father's job performance, his extreme competence, and my ability
to rely on him so completely, I promoted him rapidly. As time
passed I met your mother at several office parties and it goes
without saying that I found her to be extremely attractive. I
believe that everyone that ever met your mother loved her. You
look so much like her Miki. It is difficult for me to sit here
and talk about them with you. She could have been your sister.
You even share a lot of your mannerisms."

"Your parents and my wife and I had an admittedly strange
relationship. It was a love affair of a kind. It lasted for more
than ten years. It wasn't over, in case you are wondering. My
wife and I are as upset as you were when you found out about
their passing. It took several days for people at the office to
find out what had happened and a couple more days for them to get
in touch with me. Since we found out it was a mad scramble to
extricate ourselves from our dealings there and arrange for
transportation home. We haven't had time for the news to really
sink in yet. For us it is a fresh wound and we are suffering
mightily. You may find that hard to believe as you go through
those things you have found. I am not prepared at the moment to
try to justify our lifestyle. But I want to stress to you that
there was a bond of love between the four of us that is not even
enjoyed by most married couples. There was no romance, but there
was trust and there was excitement and there was lust and there
was love."

"My wife was taking those pictures, the ones in the album you are
looking at.  As you go through that material, if you continue to
go through it, one of the four of us was nearly always the
photographer. There are exceptions. There were instances when we
used professional cameramen with professional equipment. There
were other times that we invited complete strangers to hold the
cameras. Most often though it was one of us."

"Our strange relationship evolved over time. You parents had
fantasies...well, you'll get the idea as you go through the
things you have found. As it turned out, my wife and I are a
dominant couple. We were just what your parents needed. And they
were the submissive couple that we had needed as well. My wife
and I have, over the years, had other slaves. Usually it was a
woman, though on occasion we met with couples. Usually it was a
relationship of short duration, often just a onetime thing."

"Your father discovered that my wife and I were into that
lifestyle one day when he was working late and needed a file from
my desk. I had inadvertently left some incriminating pictures and
correspondence in my desk drawer and your father discovered it.
We gradually began speaking of it when we were alone, usually
over a beer after work or when we were playing golf. It was at
one of those sessions when he was drawing me out on the subject
that he admitted that he and your mother had submissive

"We continued to talk about it for almost a year before the
events that you saw in that album took place. We were reluctant
to satisfy the desire that all four of us had because of our fear
of how it would affect our friendship and our working
relationship. We had, over that year, met more and more often
with your parents socially. We went out to dinner with them or
met them at parties. You probably don't remember it but we even
met you a couple of times when you were about fifteen or

"It began to seem inevitable. There was something about the four
of us together that just clicked. I want you to know that my wife
and I loved your parents and they loved us. They bought this
house to be near us. We live three doors down."

"I think that, unless you have any questions, I should stop at
this point. Are you going to continue going through the things
that you found in their room?"

I nodded and said, "I was shocked, there is no denying that. But
for some reason I can't stop. And the more I find out the more
that I want to find out. I'm not even sure why myself!"

Jon smiled and said, "I'm starting to think that you don't just
resemble your mother physically. But I'll leave that for you to

I blushed. Because I was starting to think he was right. 

He noticed my red face and the fact that I didn't bother to
protest. He was nice enough not to say anything though.

He stood up and took his empty glass out to the kitchen. When he
came back he said, "My wife wants me invite you over for dinner
tonight. It won't be anything fancy. We are still unpacking from
our trip, which was much too long. And she hasn't stopped crying
since we found out. Please come. Laura would love to meet you."

I stood up and said, "Perhaps it would be better if you brought
Laura here for dinner. I have pretty much stopped crying now. I'm
not the best cook in the world but I can promise I won't poison

He smiled and said, "If you don't mind, I think that's a great
idea. Laura is in no shape to entertain. What time would you like

I said, "Why don't we plan on an early dinner since you are
probably tired? How about dinner at six? But come over early so
we can talk."

Jon stood in front of me and ran his fingers through my hair. He
shook his head and said, "Jesus Miki, it's like I'm standing here
looking at your mother ten years ago." 

He suddenly took me in his arms and hugged me and said, "I'm so
sorry, for all of us."

I had just met this man. And considering what I knew about him I
suppose that I should have felt uncomfortable. But for some
reason it felt good to be in his arms. I needed that hug. I
hadn't had anyone to hug me since the accident. I almost started
crying all over his shirt. When he stepped back I saw that his
eyes were moist too. I smiled up at him and he started to
apologize for being too familiar but I put my finger to his lips
and shook my head. 

"No Jon, don't apologize. I needed that. Thank you. See you at
around five?"

He nodded. Then he turned and left quickly. I had the impression
that he was leaving because he didn't want me to see him cry. I
knew the feeling. If he hadn't left I was going to start crying
again too.

I had work to do. The house was clean. House cleaning was all I
had to do lately. But I would need to go to the store and get
something to feed three people. I grabbed my purse and hurried
out to the store, deciding on the way which of the few recipes I
was capable of preparing I would choose for tonight.

I ended up getting the ingredients for a quick and easy Swiss
chicken casserole and a tossed salad. Add some biscuits and rice
and a bottle of wine and they'll never know I can hardly cook at
all. I got some help selecting a wine since the only thing I know
about wine is that a wine hangover is as bad as it gets. I had
planned on getting rid of that phony ID card that I had used when
I went to clubs when I was in college. Now I was glad I had held
onto it.

I went home and got the casserole ready and preheated the oven
and I was all ready to put it in when Jon and Laura showed up. I
had already uncorked the wine and dug out some wine glasses and
made a tray of appetizers. I was just putting the salad in the
refrigerator when they showed up.

I went to let them in and as soon as they stepped inside Laura
wrapped her arms around me and started crying again. I held her
tight and she cried for a minute before she stepped back and
said, "Damn it! I promised myself I wasn't going to do that! I'm
sorry Miki."

I shook my head and said, "It's okay. I have been living through
this all by myself for the past couple of weeks. For some reason
it makes me feel better that someone else cares."

Laura looked like I had slapped her. She said, "Oh my god! I
hadn't even thought of how alone you must have been. I'm so sorry
Miki. We came home as soon as we possibly could, as soon as we
found out. It was days before anyone at the plant was notified
and we were only in touch with your father. It took them a couple
of days to figure out how to reach us and let us know. We miss
them so much. Our life will never be the same. We loved your mom
and dad so much."

There was a pause and then she said, "I'm sorry that you had to
learn about us and our relationship the way that you did. It must
have been so hard for you, especially on top of everything

I smiled and said, "Actually, once the shock wore off, it was a
blessing. It sure as hell took my mind off of my mourning. It's
just so damned hard to wrap my mind around the kind of people
that my parents really were after twenty years of thinking they
were something entirely different. We were always a close family
and I really thought that I knew my parents."

Jon said, "Miki, the things that the four of us did together,
that isn't who your parents were. It was an exciting game that we
played and all four of us loved it. But that isn't who they were.
They were the people that you thought they were. They were good,
kind, loving, concerned parents. They were intelligent, honest,
hardworking people. The things that you are learning, they were a
large part of our lives. But they aren't who we are."

I actually saw the sense in that! 

Jon saw that what he had said had registered with me and that his
words were a comfort to me. I went over and hugged him and said,
"Thank you Jon. Now, I have some wine uncorked and breathing. I
have some beer and of course the liquor cabinet. What would
everyone like to drink?"

Jon offered to get drinks for himself and his wife. I hadn't
planned on drinking any more alcohol today, except for the wine
with dinner. But I was suddenly feeling much better about myself
and life and my new friends. I put the chicken in the oven and
got myself another beer. I brought the snacks out to the living
room and we sat and talked for a while. 

At first it was just normal conversation, until I asked, "May I
ask what is probably a silly question?"

Laura was sitting beside me on the couch and she turned and took
my hand in hers and said, "Anything Miki. You are almost like a
daughter to us. We only met you a couple of times when you were
young, and then only for brief moments. But your parents talked
about you all the time and we kind of watched you grow up from a

I said, "I guess you answered the question. I don't know anything
about your relationship except what I saw in a couple of dozen
photographs today. I just wondered if you were like that every
time you got together. Did you ever just go out for dinner or sit
around and talk."

Laura laughed and said, "Erin was my best friend. We did
everything together. Sometimes, like if the four of us were out
having dinner, we would start slipping into our roles. Jon might
order your mother to remove her underwear and flash some of the
other diners or the waiter."

She paused for a moment and looked concerned. She said, "I'm
sorry, do you want to hear things like that? I don't want to
upset you."

I squeezed her hand and said, "That's exactly what I want to
hear. Go on."

She smiled, reassured, and said, "And sometimes we would leave
the restaurant and the games would begin spontaneously. We always
seemed to know when the others were in the mood. But no, we
weren't like that all the time. Sometimes we were just four good
friends, four best friends."

Jon got up and made two more drinks for him and his wife. When he
sat back down Laura said, "I'm amazed at how well you are
handling all of this Miki."

I laughed and said, "You wouldn't have been so amazed if you had
seen my face earlier today when I started cleaning out my
parent's room and started finding things that I knew could not
possibly have belonged to my parents."

Laura said, "I can't even imagine what it must have been like. My
brother and I are still quite certain that my mother died a

It was time to serve the salad and as we moved to the dining room
table I explained, "I'm not much of a cook. My diet for the last
four years has consisted mainly of dorm food. There are a couple
of things that I can cook that come out okay most of the time. So
in return for not judging you after seeing those remarkable
photographs I only ask that you cut me some slack on the dinner,
just in case."

I got lucky though and everything was perfect, even the rice. We
enjoyed a pleasant meal and stimulating conversation. Sometimes
it was very stimulating. 

After dinner I put a couple of things in the sink to soak. Then I
insisted that my guests leave everything where it was and we
moved back into the living room.

Jon asked me about my plans for the future. I told him that I
didn't have much hope of making my fortune with my degree in
history but I had minored in computer science and much to my
surprise it had turned out that I enjoyed it and I had a real
aptitude in that area. So I was planning on getting a Master's
Degree in that area after taking a short break.

Jon said, "If you aren't in a hurry to get that degree I could
use a bright young person in my IT section at the plant. That's
how your father started out. He never took a computer course in
his life. Not until he had worked for me for years. He had a
great head on his shoulders and I get the impression that you are
a lot like him."

That came totally out of the blue! He saw my surprise and he
smiled and said, "You don't have to answer now. Think about it
though. I would love to have you come in with me. It just isn't
going to be the same now. Your dad always had my back. I am going
to miss him more than I can say."

After that the conversation became more general and they stayed
around for one last drink. Then they had to leave. They were
exhausted from their trip. Before they left, Laura wrote down her
number and said, "If you need anything, anything at all, call me.
I will be hurt if you don't. And this is going to sound strange,
but if you would like me to be there when you are looking at
those pictures or the DVDs so that you can ask questions or just
so you won't be alone, I would be happy to do that for you."

I thought that was so sweet! 

They were just about out the door when Jon said, "Oh, wait a
minute." He came back in and went to my father's study. He came
back out with a ledger book and said, "This is a catalog of the
DVD's. There isn't much information in it. That is intentional.
But you may find it helpful."

As they were leaving I kissed them both and wished them goodnight
at the door. After they left I cleaned up my messy kitchen. I was
feeling better than I had since I got the bad news. I had two new
friends, more than friends I think. Suddenly I wasn't alone in
the world anymore. I had cooked a great meal and it had been a
wonderful evening. I even had a job offer!

When I had finished cleaning up I got out the first photo album
again and brought it back out to the kitchen. I poured the last
of the wine into my glass and turned to where I had left off in
the photographs.

In the last of the pictures I had seen, Jon had just finished
fucking my mother. I'll bet that's a sentence that never enters
the minds of most girls. When I turned to the next page the scene
had changed. Laura was naked and stretched out on a blanket on
the floor and my mother was kneeling between her legs. 

Holy crap! My mother was going to eat a pussy! Mom looked scared,
but she was soon licking all around Laura's neatly trimmed pussy.
In the fourth picture my mother's tongue was deep in Laura's

Mom didn't look scared any longer. Laura was lying back with her
eyes closed and a look of bliss on her face and my mother
appeared to be eagerly eating her out. There were several
pictures of that from different angles and then Jon was back in
the picture. 

I watched as he fucked my mother from behind again while she ate
Laura's pussy. I saw the expression on my mother's face change in
the next picture and I didn't know what was wrong until the
camera angle changed and I saw that Jon's large cock was sliding
into my mother's ass!

Christ! That had to hurt! I could tell that it did. But she
didn't fight him. She kept working at Laura's pussy. I guess dad
was taking these pictures.

That series of pictures ended with a picture of Laura's butt
lifted right up off the bed and pressed into my mother's face and
Jon's slimy cock resting in the crack of my mother's ass. I sat
back and drank the rest of my wine in one gulp while staring at
that last picture. 

I knew that before I could go to sleep tonight I was going to
have to spend more time with my mother's vibrator. I got up and
went to their bedroom to get it. I glanced over at my father's
chest of drawers. I went over and opened the drawer with the DVDs
and pulled out disc number one.

The next two hours can best be described as a one woman orgy. I
locked the doors and made sure the curtains were closed. I
covered the sofa cushion with a towel. Everything was ready and I
sat down and started the DVD. There was a moment of dark screen
and then the screen came to life. 

I gasped in surprise. There before me in vivid color on my
parent's big screen plasma television was the image of my mother
in what was obviously someone's backyard. There were three tables
near a large pool and there were four men sitting at each table.
My mother was moving around between them in the nude serving
drinks and snacks to the twelve men. 

Each time she got near any of the men she was groped freely and
roughly by them. When she wasn't carrying drinks she was often
pulled into some man's lap and kissed and groped. They were
making the crudest, most insulting comments as they abused her.

I watched in amazed shock and then I paused the DVD and opened
the ledger. Each DVD in the collection was listed by its number.
Beside number one it listed the date the DVD was made, October 7,
1997. That was just one month after she first became Jon's slave.
After the date it said that this was my mother's first "party".
The men were the majority of the management team at a firm that
had just signed a large contract with Jon's company. They were
being treated to my mother's services to celebrate the new
contract that they had just signed. Apparently my mother was a
signing bonus!

I put the ledger down and turned on the vibrator and watched with
diminishing shock and rapidly increasing lust as the party
quickly devolved into a gang bang. I had assumed that my father
was filming the action but I soon saw that my father had assumed
the duties of waiter and was serving drinks while the men began
to rape my mother right there in the back yard. It started with
cocks being rubbed around her face and forced into her mouth.

She wasn't sucking them off, not at first. They were just
tormenting her with them. But it wasn't long before she was on
her hands and knees on a lounge cushion in the grass with men
raping her rather violently from both ends.

The camera was getting a lot of close-ups and the astounding
thing was that there was a look of pure lust on my mother's face!
She loved being treated that way! It went on for two hours. At
least that's how long the DVD lasted. I don't know how long the
party lasted. Some of the things I saw were really gross. I saw
her scooping up streams of cum off of her tits and licking it off
of her fingers. I saw her spread her legs and gather more of the
slimy stuff from around her red and swollen vulva and eat that as
well. It wasn't very long before the cocks entering her mouth had
been in her pussy already and they were slimy and nasty looking.

I couldn't get over how obviously excited she was as this went
on. As the evening progressed she was obviously tiring, but the
look of lust never left her face. And I never saw her refuse any
order. She never balked once. More than one of those dirty old
men squatted over her face and she ate their nasty asses for long
periods of time, long enough for them to get hard again so that
they could rape her some more.

As I watched I had the vibrator working its little heart out
between my thighs and I had an orgasm almost every time anyone
else did! I wasn't thinking about anything. I wasn't questioning
how my mother could submit to that kind of treatment. I wasn't
even offended by the language or the abuse. I was just watching
in amazement and having orgasm after orgasm. 

By the time the two hour movie ended I was stiff and sore all
over. Not just my pussy. I had been tensing up and straining
through one orgasm after another and my whole body was sore. 

I shut everything off and all but staggered to my bed and
collapsed onto it. I fell asleep almost instantly and for the
first time since the accident I slept soundly. In fact, it was
the first night since the accident that I managed to sleep
through the entire night.

I woke up early the next morning feeling refreshed and put on my
sweats and went for a run. I had managed to keep up an
abbreviated running schedule. Running had seemed to help with the
grief. I had been really dragging though. This morning, for the
first time since returning home, I felt good and enjoyed my run.

When I was walking back down my street after my run and cooling
off I saw Laura coming from the other direction. She too was
obviously just returning from running. I waved to her and she met
me about half way between our houses. 

She hugged me and said, "I didn't know you were a runner! That's
wonderful. I miss having someone to run with. Your mom and I ran
together five days a week. Come on in. I have coffee on and a bag
of fresh bagels in the kitchen. Jon's driver drops some off for
me every morning."

I followed Laura inside. I recognized her living room. This is
where the photos of my mother kneeling at Jon's feet and the
subsequent pictures in that set were taken. 

We drank coffee and ate bagels and talked about running at first.
But soon the subject changed. Soon we were talking about the
photographs and the movies and my parents and their strange

Laura was pleased that I wasn't upset with her or Jon and even
more pleased that I had found the things that I had discovered in
my parent's room so arousing. We began to talk about my parent's
fantasies and what they got out of being treated that way. 

I had been disturbed by my own reactions as I paged through the
album, read that dirty book and then watched the DVD. I was
incredibly aroused by some of the most offensive and disturbing
behavior, which was totally out of character for me. But after
talking to Laura and having an intelligent discussion on the
subject I was no longer upset by the feelings I had last night.
She also explained it from the other side of the equation. She
told me what it was like for her and Jon and she explained the
deep feelings that they had for both my mother and my father. 

By the time the conversation was winding down I think that we had
both come to realize that I was very much like my mother. I had
never been exposed to any of this before and it had surprised and
disturbed me. I still had questions and reservations, but now I
was starting to wonder what it would be like. I imagined myself
in my mother's place, kneeling at Jon's feet and doing the things
that I had seen in that DVD. 

Laura must have sensed what I was feeling and she smiled and
said, "You want to try it now, don't you?"

I had been very embarrassed when our frank discussion had begun.
But as we had talked so reasonably and maturely about the subject
I had gradually come to feel more at ease as time passed. Now I
was embarrassed all over again. 

She saw me blush and she laughed and took my hands in hers. She
said, "Oh Miki, it's okay. It's okay to feel those things. You
don't ever have to be embarrassed with me or Jon. We are in our
fifties now. We have been doing this for a long time."

I finally admitted it. "Yes, I find it, all of it, very arousing.
I think I might like to try it. I just don't know if I have the
nerve. And some of the things, especially some of the things I
read about in that book..., I guess what I'm trying to say is
that I don't know what my limits are. I found some of that stuff
positively disgusting. But the idea of being forced to do those
things, even the disgusting things, was totally compelling. How
do you resolve that?"

Laura smiled and said, "You don't resolve it Miki. That is the
thrill of it for a submissive. A large part of the excitement
comes from being forced to experience things that you would never
have the nerve to experience on your own because you aren't so
much being forced as being given permission. If you explore this
lifestyle you will soon find that being helpless gives you a lot
of power and a lot of freedom."

She saw the confused look on my face and she said, "It is hard to
explain. When you give yourself over to it like that you are then
free to enjoy all of those things that your well developed,
civilized mind is telling you are wrong. You have to be careful.
You have to avoid situations that can lead to your being harmed.
It may not be totally necessary to have someone like me or my
husband to take control, someone you trust. But you must be
careful to avoid that tiny percentage of people who don't have
limits and won't respect yours. Just like in every other area of
endeavor, you will find some real nuts out there. The world is
full of people who would love to do some terrible things to a
beautiful young girl like you."

I knew what she was trying to say, but I couldn't help wondering
if it wouldn't be much more exciting to be in the grips of
someone that you didn't trust, someone that was scary. I wasn't
interested in being harmed. But I didn't want to be totally safe

I thanked Laura for the information and the frank discussion. I
had to go take a shower and get dressed. I had some things to
take care of and I still had not cleaned out my parent's room.
Before I left she insisted that I join them for dinner this
evening. I promised that I would and went home. I was surprised
to find that it was after ten o'clock. I had spent almost two
hours with Laura.

I went home and took a shower and puttered around in my parent's
room. I had already packed away my father's clothes and my
mother's normal clothes. For some reason I had not done anything
with her slut clothes. It wasn't that I was afraid to give them
to Goodwill anymore. I just didn't want to get rid of them. 

I threw away all of my mom's makeup and I got rid of their
toiletries and started moving my things into their room. I put my
mother's slutty clothes back in the closet and added my more
modest wardrobe. I left the books and the DVDs and the bondage
equipment where they were.

Once the bedroom looked more like my bedroom I cleaned up the
guest room I had been staying in and the guest bath and by two in
the afternoon I was finished for the day.

I went back out to the kitchen and started going through that
first photo album again. It was a very thick album and I wasn't
even halfway through it yet. The first half of the first album
was all about my mother serving as a sex slave to Jon. All of the
pictures were apparently taken in their home. I was really
impressed with how sexy my mother was, but I was even more
impressed with Jon's large cock. I spent a lot of time admiring
that beautiful thing.

In the next set of pictures I had seen my mother serve Laura for
the first time. Her initial reluctance was obvious. It was easy
to see when my mother's reluctance disappeared. She was soon
making love to Laura with all the eagerness she had exhibited
with Jon.

The next set of pictures was pretty interesting. It was labeled
as her first public exposure and it took place only a week after
the first pictures were taken. It seemed that things were
proceeding rapidly. Once they had gotten into it my parents had
apparently had no reservations about what they were doing.

On her first public outing my mother was dressed in nothing but a
tiny, lacy slip, and she was no longer in Jon and Laura's house.
She was getting out of a car in a parking lot. The next picture
showed her posing in front of an adult book store with Jon. Then
they went inside.

I had never been in one of those places so I found the pictures
interesting. I don't know if prior arrangements had been made or
if it just didn't matter, but it looked like my mother was
ordered to remove her only garment, that little slip, as soon as
they were inside the store. I couldn't tell how many other
customers were in the store. In succeeding pictures I saw quite a
few different men coming close. Some of them just to look, others
eagerly posing with my mother. Those posing with her always posed
with their hands on various parts of her body. She got groped
quite a bit.

Jon led my mother to a wall full of adult toys and started
loading her up with her first bondage equipment and all kinds of
vibrators and butt plugs. After she had moved through the crowd
of onlookers and deposited her toys on the counter she returned
and was given an armload of paperback books and magazines. They
went on the counter too and then, after Jon paid for everything,
my mother took it all out to the car, in the nude, one armful at
a time.

Each time my mother went out to the car one of the men in the
crowd assisted by opening the door and then following her out,
presumably to open the car door for her. Upon their return they
would each take my mother into their arms and kiss her
passionately and explore her body with their hands. But
apparently she didn't have sex with anyone. They looked pretty
disappointed when she left. It looked like she was disappointed

I stopped at the end of that series of pictures. I sat back and
closed my eyes and imagined what it must have been like. It was
going to take forever to go through all these pictures at this

I thought that I might go in and lie down and use the vibrator
for a little while, but it was almost time to get dressed and go
to Laura's house. I had said I would come early. After spending
an hour looking at photographs I was all wound up and I decided
to take another quick shower and change into something nice.

After my shower I went to my room and went through my clothes for
something nice but casual. I'm not quite sure why I ended up with
the dress that I had tried on when I first discovered my mother's
collection of slut clothes. It was the one that was cut so low in
the back that it exposed the top of my butt crack and had so much
cleavage that my nipples were in constant danger of being

I held it up and looked at it and I shivered in excitement at the
thought of going out in it and walking down to Laura's house. I
put the dress on again, without underwear this time. God it was
short! I stood in front of the full length mirror on the back of
the closet door and stared at myself. 

Fuck it! I'm going to wear it!!

I went back into my closet and picked out a pair of three inch
heels and when I had them on I gave my hair another brushing and
went to the front door. I picked up my purse and looked to see
how many people were going to be scandalized when I stepped out.
The streets weren't deserted but I only saw two people that would
be close enough to realize how nearly naked I was. A gentleman
who lived across the street and two doors down was standing by
the street talking to another man that I didn't recognize and
Mrs. Bellows from next door was coming up the street from the
nearby neighborhood park. She would see my back, but I would be
at Laura's before she got close enough to get a good look at what
I was wearing.

I didn't wait. I stepped out and locked my door. I walked as
calmly as possible out to the sidewalk and down the street to
Laura's house. As I passed them I waived at the two men across
the street. They had stopped talking and were staring at me as I
went by. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

I knocked on Laura's door and she yelled at me to come in. I
walked in and set my purse down and she called out that she was
in the kitchen. I headed for the kitchen and she came out to meet
me just before I got there. 

When she saw me in mom's dress she came to a sudden stop and when
I first saw the expression on her face I thought that I had
screwed up. Suddenly there were tears pouring down her cheeks and
she was hugging me and crying. 

I put my arms around her and said, "I'm sorry Laura. I thought
you would get a kick out of it."

She said, "Oh god Miki! I thought I was seeing a ghost! You're
beautiful. You look just exactly like Erin. I'm sorry about the
tears. I miss her so much."

"Do you want me to go change?" I asked.

She took her arms from around me and stepped back and said, "God
no! I can't wait to see Jon's face when he sees you in that. It
was his favorite dress." She grinned and said, "I can't imagine

I looked down and saw that one of my nipples was exposed and I
said, "How did she keep everything covered?"

Laura laughed and said, "She didn't! That was the point!"

She shook her head as she stared at me and said, "You look good
enough to eat."

Then she got serious and looked me right in the eye and said,
"You know that you are making more than a fashion statement don't

I blushed and nodded. I did. I knew when I put this on that I was
saying more than 'Look at me, I'm so fucking sexy.' I knew that I
was offering myself to serve in my mother's place. The funny
thing about that was that it hadn't been something that I had
thought about and made a conscious decision. I just came to the
realization that I wanted to do it, and I had put the dress on
almost without thinking about it as my way of surrendering
control to them.

It was as if one thing had led naturally to another. I had
discovered that my parents were submissives. I had looked at the
pictures and the movies and become aroused. I had met and become
fond of Jon and Laura as soon as we met. I had come to realize
that I had to at least try it. But I had forgotten that for them
not as much time had passed since learning of my parent's death.
For them it had only been a few days.

I almost whispered, "Is it too soon? Did I fuck up? I'm sorry,
I'm so stupid. I wasn't thinking. I'll go home and change."

I turned to go home, feeling like a fool but Laura almost yelled,
"NO! Don't go. Please, I'm sorry. Don't go Miki. Stay just like
that. I think you are just what I need to snap Jon out of it."

I turned back and now I was crying. I asked, "Are you sure Laura?
I could put this away and bring it back out in a month or two. I
wasn't thinking about the time lag for you guys."

Laura smiled and stepped close to me again. She took me in her
arms again and this time she tilted my head back and kissed me on
the lips, passionately. I had never kissed a woman like that
before and I was surprised at how exciting it was. I never
thought that I was the kind of woman that would do something like
this, like any of this.

Laura stepped back and looked me in the eyes. She saw that the
kiss had been exciting for me and she smiled. She said, "Turn
around, slowly. I want to see you in that dress."

I looked down and saw that one of my nipples was uncovered again.
I covered it and then I turned slowly, modeling my mother's
slutty dress for her. When I had turned all the way around she
sighed and said, "Oh to be twenty again!"

I was taken aback at that. I was in awe of this woman. I said,
"You are kidding, right? You are the most beautiful, most
sophisticated, sexiest woman that I think I have ever met."

She smiled and caressed my cheek and said, "You are so sweet. I
guess I'm in pretty good shape for an old broad. But I have to
work like hell to stay that way."

She took my hand and started pulling me into the kitchen. She
refused to let me help with dinner. I suppose that's a good thing
considering what a klutz I am in the kitchen. I sat at the table
and she poured me a glass of wine and we talked while she

I asked her if she didn't ever get jealous watching her husband
with other women. She said, "No. For several reasons. For one
thing, it is usually something that we do together as a couple.
But I think even more than that, there is a lot of voyeur in me.
I am told that, as a general rule, men are more voyeuristic than
women. They are more aroused by visual stimuli. But I have always
been very voyeuristic. I am reasonably sure that I enjoy it as
much as any horny old man. When I was young I used to spy on my
brother and on those occasions when I was able to see him naked I
became very excited."

"Another reason that I don't get jealous is that I know Jon loves
me with all of his heart. He is capable of loving others. We both
loved your parents very much. But I know that I will always be
first in his heart. I'm not worried that he will find some hot
young cunt like you and run away with her."

I chuckled and she asked, "What's so funny?"

I said, "No one has every called me a cunt to my face before. I
have always hated that word. It sounds so demeaning. Somehow it
just isn't the same now. After the last two days, and dressed the
way that I am, being called a cunt doesn't bother me at all."

Laura came around behind me and bared my breasts. She cupped them
and caressed them and kissed the top of my head and said, "I
assure you, I meant it in the nicest way."

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch of a woman's soft hands on
my breasts for the first time. I found that I liked it. I liked
it a lot. Her touch was very sensual.

We heard Jon's limo pull up out front and Laura released me and
stepped back. She said, "Come on. Let's meet Jon at the door. He
is going to be so happy to see you in this dress."

I got up and she pulled me to the front door. We were standing
there side by side when the door opened and Jon came in. He
stopped suddenly and his face lit up. He was staring at me in the
dress when he asked quietly, "Who do I thank for this little

Laura responded, "I invited her for dinner. She chose the

I saw his eyes tear up and I felt awful. I had never seen a man
with tears in his eyes and it really got to me. I started crying
and I said, "Oh god. I'm sorry. It's too soon. I wasn't thinking.
I'm such an idiot sometimes."

Jon dropped his briefcase and his newspaper and stepped up and
took me into his arms. He held me tight and after a moment, in a
voice choked with emotion he said, "I'm sorry Miki. I feel like I
just stepped out of a time machine. You look just like your
mother did when she wore that dress. It's eerie."

He stepped back and wiped the corners of his eyes and stared at
me. I was asked to turn around again and when I had turned and
was facing him again he was shaking his head. Laura had moved
over to stand beside him. He had his arm over her shoulders and
she had her arm around his waist. They were staring at me, but
not with a look of lust that I had expected. Instead I saw
nothing but love in their eyes. It was so nice to not be alone in
the world anymore.

Jon kissed Laura and then he came over and kissed me on the
forehead. He said, "I'm going to go change out of this monkey
suit. I'll be right down."

He went up to change and Laura and I went back to the kitchen. I
didn't sit down right away though. I asked, "Laura, are you sure
I shouldn't go change? I didn't mean for this to be so emotional
for everyone. When I put this on I never even thought about you
two being out of town until yesterday. I still miss my parent's
and I still cry all of the time. But I have had weeks to get used
to the idea that they are gone."

Laura smiled and said, "Sit! Jon has been moping around here
since we got back. His secretary said he was moping at work too.
We need to snap him out of it. If that dress and what's under it
doesn't do it nothing will."

I sat back down and sipped my wine. Ten minutes later Jon came
into the room and stood behind me. He smoothed his hand down over
my hair affectionately. I waited for him to do something more. I
expected him to reach into my top as his wife had done a short
time ago. I thought he would explore my breasts or at the very
least expose them so that he could check me out. Instead he
rested his hands lightly on my shoulders and asked us about our

As Laura was telling him about us meeting up after we returned
from running this morning he was taking his seat next to me. I
saw his face light up and he asked, "So you are planning to run
together from now on?"

I got the impression from the way he asked that there was
something I didn't know about running with Laura in the morning.

I waited but Laura didn't say anything. I said, "Yes, we planned
on running together on Monday. We don't run on weekends. Why do I
get the impression that there is some significance to that of
which I am unaware?"

He just smiled and ignored the question. Laura told him about her
reaction when I showed up for dinner in this dress. Apparently
they were both of the same mind about it. They both took it as an
indication that I was offering myself in my mother's place as
their slave.

Jon asked, "Did you go through more of the photos today Miki?"

I nodded, blushing slightly for some reason. I guess I still felt
like I was snooping, invading their privacy by looking at them.

"How far did you get?" he asked.

I replied, "I saw some beautiful, sexy pictures of my mother and
Laura, and I saw my mother's visit to an adult book store."

Jon asked, "What did you think of those pictures? Or more to the
point, what did you think of those situations?"

I couldn't look them in the eye as I answered quietly. "I was
very excited. I was turned on by the pictures and I was turned on
by the idea of what happened."

Laura asked, "Have you ever been with another woman Miki?"

I shook my head. Then I said, "No, never. I never even thought
about it."

Jon poured me another glass of wine and said, "I suppose that you
expected to come over here in that dress and we would rip your
clothes off and put you right into the middle of the kind of
action you saw in one of those photo sets, didn't you?"

I shrugged and said, "Something like that I guess. To be honest,
I didn't put any thought at all into it. I didn't even plan on
wearing this dress until I went to my closet to pick out
something to wear tonight. I saw this dress hanging there and I
realized that I wanted to do this."

He put his hand over mine and smiled and said, "So you haven't
really given this any thought at all. Honey, we need to talk.
Don't misunderstand me. I would love to take you up on your
offer. We both would. You are sexy and beautiful and sweet and
innocent. You are everything a couple of old perverts like us
could ask for. But you need to have some idea of what you are
getting into. You need to know what to expect from us and what we
expect from you. You need to decide what your limits are. And you
have to be pretty damned sure that you aren't going to wake up
the next morning and think, 'Oh god, what did I do?!' I would
hate to have you do this for all the wrong reasons. We like you.
We like you very much. You are so much like your mother that I
have no doubt that in a very short time, once we know you a
little better, we will love you. And we will be here for you if
you need us. You don't have to do something like this because you
think that is what it will take to be with us. So why don't we
eat and have a couple of drinks and relax and talk for a while?
Is that okay with you?"

I smiled at him and said teasingly, "You sure make it awfully
fucking hard for a girl to put out!"

Laura laughed and Jon hugged me and said, "I'm easier than you
might think after listening to what I just said. Trust me. I'm
not trying to talk you out of this. I just want to make sure you
are not going to regret it later. Now, have you given any thought
to my job offer?"

I responded, "Yes, but I was wondering if it wouldn't be
uncomfortable having me working for you if do I put this,
became what my mother was to you?"

Jon asked, "Did you watch the first of the DVDs?"

It was the only DVD I had watched. It was the one where my mother
entertained a dozen of Jon's clients around the pool in someone's
backyard. I nodded and said, "That's the only one that I have
watched so far. I can't watch any of the others until I go to the
store. I have to replace the batteries in the vibrator. That was
the hottest thing I ever saw in my life!"

He smiled and said, "Maybe you are a natural at this. I hope so.
In answer to your question, no it would not make me uncomfortable
to have my slave working for me. I would love to have you around
the office. It would have to be done in a way that didn't
jeopardize your reputation, because you will be an executive and
you will have real duties and responsibilities. But I would love
to have my sex slave readily available at work and have you handy
to offer to a client when I thought it was appropriate."

I shivered at the idea of being in a situation similar to the one
my mother had been in on that DVD. Jon may have had it in mind to
try to talk me out of this slave thing this evening. But I was
getting hornier and hornier as the conversation went on and
before I left here this evening I wanted to get fucked!

We talked for a little while about what my duties would be and
what the company would give me in return and it sounded pretty
exciting. I told him that I was definitely interested but that it
bothered me that I was getting the job because of who my parents
were and not on my own merits. 

He said, "I will admit that I am giving you the job because of
who you are and who your parent's are. You will have to pull your
weight if you intend to keep it though. Once you start work, and
have been given adequate training, I will expect no less of you
than I did of your father. And I expected a lot from your father.
He always gave me that and more. He was a good friend, but he was
also the most valuable employee I have ever had."

With that settled we switched to the topic of sex. They
questioned me at length about my sexual experiences and my
fantasies. It was often embarrassing and it seemed like they were
embarrassing me on purpose at times. 

Once they had drawn a fairly complete sexual history out of me
they began to talk about what they would expect of me and what
they got out of it. They talked frankly about the things that
turned them on and they made it clear that the idea of corrupting
a sweet young thing like me was an incredible turn on.

They were skeptical that someone like me, with such a vanilla
flavored sexual history, would suddenly be drawn to their more
esoteric and erotic lifestyle. After a long discussion we agreed
that I would serve them for a trial period of one week. 

During that week they would try to give me a broad range of
experiences without testing my limits too quickly. We all agreed
that if everyone still wanted it at the end of that week then
they would accept me as a slave. 

Once that was settled Jon ordered me to stand up. We were still
at the dining room table. I got to my feet, in the process baring
one of my nipples. I left it exposed this time. They got up and
Laura said, "Why don't you two go into the living room and I'll
get the camera and join you. I want to get some pictures of
sweet, innocent Miki."

Jon reached out and lightly brushed his fingers over my exposed
nipple and then he turned and went into the living room. I
followed him and after he sat down I stood in front of him. 

Laura came in a few minutes later and when she was ready Jon
ordered me to remove my dress.

The moment of truth! It took only seconds to pull the dress off
of my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I was naked in
front of Jon and Laura. I think that at that moment I was as
nervous and as excited as I was on the night that I lost my

I stood there in front of Jon for what seemed like a very long
time. I fought to keep from covering myself with my hands. I
watched his face, I saw his eyes as they scanned my body. He was
obviously pleased.

I had never stood before a boy, or a man, and undressed for his
pleasure. In the past, more often than not, I was undressed by
the guy I was about to have sex with while we kissed passionately
and groped each other as our various good parts were uncovered.

I enjoyed the fact that guys thought I was hot and liked to look
at my body. But this dispassionate undressing was a new
experience and it made me feel very vulnerable. For some reason,
that vulnerability was really turning me on.

Another striking difference between Jon and my former lovers was
that Jon was nearly old enough to be my grandfather. He didn't
look it. He was an extremely youthful and virile man. He was in
excellent shape and he was one of those strong men who, when you
met him you realized from the beginning that he was a strong, in
charge, extremely vibrant man. He was a man who was used to
wielding power and you knew it the moment that you engaged him in
conversation. There was no question that he was the alpha male.
He exuded self-confidence more than any other person I had met.

I didn't have the feeling that I was giving myself to him. It was
more that he was taking me. He was permitting me to submit to
him. There was something very primitive, very primal about the
way I was being subjugated by his strength of being. Now he was
going to begin my training. A man was going to train me! 

A week ago, even two days ago, that sentence would have had me
foaming at the mouth in rage. Now it had my pussy drooling

As I stood before Jon I concentrated on his reaction to my nudity
but I was extremely aware of Laura moving around me and taking my
picture. I had never allowed any of my boyfriends to take a
picture of me in the nude. It had come up more than once and each
time I had been adamant. I absolutely refused to permit it. I
could just picture those boys sharing my nude pictures with their
friends or even worse, posting them all over the internet. 

Now I heard that faint clicking of her finger on the button,
taking picture after naked picture in rapid fire succession and
each time I heard that quiet click it sent waves of pleasure
through me. It was just another way in which I had chosen to
submit totally to the couple who had been the major influence in
my parent's sex life. It doesn't get much stranger than this!

Jon had been quiet for what seemed like a very long time as he
admired my body. Finally, in a calm, quiet voice, as if he could
take me or leave me, he asked, "What did you think when you saw
my cock in those pictures?"

I had never told a guy what I thought of his cock before. No man
had ever asked. I had received many compliments on my various
body parts, but it had never even occurred to me to tell anyone
that I thought they had a nice cock. It just didn't seem like
something a girl should say. But I had been partial to some of
the cocks that I had come into contact with since becoming
sexually active. Some just had a cleaner, more virile appearance
than others. I'm not sure if I can say what criteria I used to
form that opinion. 

I know that I had admired Jon's cock right from the start. I had
only seen it in pictures. But it was long enough and fat enough
to be impressive without being scary. It was straight and not all
covered in prominent veins. I wasn't a big fan of protruding
veins on a cock. They seemed to give it a gnarled appearance.

I finally answered, "I thought it was very sexy. I liked the way
it looked. It is very masculine. But then, I suppose it would
hard for a cock to look any other way than masculine." 

I paused for a second and said, "I found it to be very

Jon never changed his expression. He asked, "Does that mean that
you think you would enjoy having it inside of you?"

I felt my blush deepen as I responded, "Yes sir."

Laura had finished moving around me taking photographs from every
angle. She put the camera down and sat in a nearby chair and
observed quietly.

Jon asked, "What went through your mind when you saw those
pictures of your father putting my cock into your mother's mouth?
I assume that you observed that she was forced to take my entire
cock into her mouth and throat. You will have to do that too. Do
you think that you can do that?"

I shivered, not so much at the idea of taking his cock into my
throat. I had never done that and it was scary. But what caused
me to shiver was the concept of putting myself into a position
where a man could force me to do that. I would have no choice.
That was exciting.

I responded, "I was shocked when I saw the pictures of my father
guiding your cock into my mother's mouth. I had never imagined
that a man would do that to his wife. The entire concept was
foreign to me. But the more I looked at those pictures, and
later, when I watched that DVD and saw the things that happened
at that party, the more the idea of what they had done excited
me. Like most young people I suppose, I have always been
uncomfortable with the idea of my parents as sexual beings. I
believe I overcame that quickly when I was surrounded by the
evidence of their sexuality and became so totally immersed in

That was the easy part of the question. How could I answer the
other part? I wanted to be totally honest with him. I finally
said, "I have never taken a man's cock into my throat and even
though I sometimes enjoy sucking a nice cock I have never even
thought about doing it like that. I take as much of a guy's cock
into my mouth as I can handle without gagging and use my lips and
my tongue and my hands to please him."

Discussing this with two people I hardly knew should have been
very embarrassing. For some reason I was becoming very aroused
and I wondered if he was going to fuck my throat this evening. I
kind of hoped that he would.

I finally finished answering his question. "As to whether or not
I think I can do it, I suppose that if it can be done I can do
it. I am no different than other women, my mother for instance,
and I saw the evidence that she managed to do it. I am nervous
about it. It looks...scary, painful. But those pictures that
showed your cock buried in her mouth and throat were certainly
erotic. I believe that the operative words in your question were
that I would have to do that too. So it isn't really up to me, is

Jon smiled for the first time since he had ordered me to remove
my dress. He said, "You have a good brain Miki. Even under these
stressful conditions you think, you evaluate, you analyze. You
are really going to be an asset to my company. Put your dress

He saw the shock and the disappointment in my face. He chuckled
and said, "You are very turned on right now, aren't you?"

I nodded.

He said, "You thought that I was going to make you suck my cock,
you hoped that I would fuck you. Is that right?"

I almost whispered, "Yes sir!"

He said, "I'm glad that you are so aroused. Now put your dress
on. I gave you an order. I expect to be obeyed."

I picked up my dress and pulled it over my head and let it fall
into place. When I was dressed again Laura got up and led me to a
chair. She asked me if I would like something to drink and I
really needed one right then. I nodded my head and said, "Yes,
please. I don't care what."

She smiled and brought us both back a cocktail and poured a
little more bourbon in Jon's glass. After Laura sat down Jon
said, "I told you Miki, you need to think about what you are
getting into. I want you to go home tonight and think about what
we will require of you. I am pretty sure that you already realize
it, but just in case there is any confusion in your mind, the job
offer that I made to you is not contingent upon your becoming our
slave. You admitted earlier that you hadn't thought about this
decision. This is not a decision that should be made without a
great deal of thought. If you had told me that you had fantasized
about doing this since you were young, or even since you went
away to college, then I might think that you were better prepared
to make this decision. I want you to go home tonight and think
about this lifestyle. Try to decide if you are excited by it or
are you just looking for someone to take charge of you and take
care of you and fill the void left by the death of your

Jon got up and came over and sat on the arm of my chair and put
his arm around my shoulders. He bent down and kissed the top of
my head and said, "If that is what you are looking for Miki,
surrogate parents, then Laura and I would be happy to fill that
void in your life and you wouldn't have to have sex with us to
accomplish that. You need to be clear in your mind about what you
want. So I want you to relax and drink your drink and come back
tomorrow for breakfast at about nine and we'll decide then if you
are ready."

I smiled up at him and said, "You are without a doubt the
cruelest man that I have ever met! You know how horny I am right
now! Ten minutes ago I knew without a doubt that I was going to
be fucking that nice cock of yours tonight and I was looking
forward to it. You are certainly going to make my life

Jon and Laura both laughed and Jon said, "If you come back here
tomorrow with the right answer and we are convinced that you have
thought it over and are sincere then you are going to have all of
the cock you can handle for the foreseeable future. Now shut your
mouth before I put a cock in it!"

I smiled and said, "Yeah, that's a horrible threat!"

Jon returned to his seat and I sipped my drink and we talked for
the next half hour or so. We talked about the job I was being
offered and we talked a little about my parents. I asked them
when my parents had the time to do all of the things that they
had done and I was reminded of all of the evenings I had spent
babysitting or, after I turned sixteen, out with my friends. It
hadn't seemed like that much time to me at the time. But it had
obviously been enough time to fill a couple of drawers with photo
albums and DVDs.

Jon reminded me that I had been gone for four years and he said
that the action had really picked up once I went away to

I asked him if they had been concerned that I would find out. I
told him how guilty I sometimes felt as I went through their

Laura answered that question. She said, "I knew your mother
better than anyone else in the world. She was my best friend for
a very long time. Your mother was a very happy person and she
loved the time we spent together. One of her biggest fears for
you was that you were going to be uptight and afraid to explore
your sexuality like so many women whose sexual growth is stunted
by our repressive, male dominated society. Not to tell tales out
of school as it were, but your parents thought you were stuffy. I
don't mean that your mom thought that you should necessarily
follow in her footsteps. Just that you should be happy and find
out what works for you. She would probably be embarrassed to know
that you had discovered and begun to go through her sex life the
way that you have. But I don't doubt for a second that she would
be glad that you were spreading your wings the way that you

I finished my drink and got to my feet. I thanked them for a
wonderful evening and said, "The sooner I get home and get to
sleep the quicker this long night will be over. I will see you at

Jon went out with me and said, "I'll walk you home."

I smiled and said, "That isn't necessary. I walk around the block
in the evening all the time."

Jon chuckled and said, "Not with your tits and ass hanging out."

I couldn't dissuade him so I enjoyed his company for that short
distance to my house. I thanked him at the door and went in. Just
before I closed my door he said, "I don't want you to masturbate

After I closed and locked my door I leaned against it and almost
screamed out loud in frustration. When I had left here this
evening in this little nothing of a dress there had been no
question in my mind that I was going to get fucked. It never even
occurred to me that Jon would refuse. Well, not refuse, but make
me spend another night thinking about it. 

I am not sure whether his reason was to take control away from me
or to give me more time to think about my decision. Whatever his
reason I was suffering from a major case of horny right now. I
wasn't sure that I could comply with Jon's last order. But then I
realized that I would. He would probably know as soon as he saw
me tomorrow if I tried to deceive him. 

I tossed my purse onto the table near the door and took a few
steps. I stood just inside the entryway to the living room and it
struck me that there had never been another time since I had
become sexually active that anyone had ever turned me down. I had
undressed for Jon. I had offered my body to him to use in any way
that he desired and he had sent me home to think about it! 

There was only one thing that I could do. I went to my room and
got undressed and took a long shower. When I was done I gradually
turned off the hot water until it was as cold as I could stand
it. I stood under the cool spray for several minutes and finally
stepped out and dried off.

I got ready for bed. Since I had recently taken to sleeping in
the nude that was not a long process. I went to my bed and sat
down and thought about the pictures and the DVDs, but mostly I
thought about the vibrators and how badly I wanted to have an
orgasm right now. I had been so primed for sex this evening. But
as I sat there and thought about it I had to smile. He really
knew how to be a tease. It might be interesting to be under the
power of a man like that. 

There was never any question in my mind that I would feel the
same way tomorrow. But even so, I tried to do as he asked. I
thought about the things that would be required of me and I tried
to understand why they were things that I had never even
considered until I started going through my parent's belongings,
and yet now I couldn't wait to experience them. 

I tried to remember what my fantasies had been before this all
happened. I can recall conversations in which my girlfriends
talked about imagining that they were with some movie actor or
rock star. That was never a fantasy of mine. 

But I couldn't remember a single fantasy of my own. I can
remember being aroused by the anticipation of having sex with my
boyfriend before a date. Even when I knew that there wasn't a
chance in hell that I would reach orgasm with him I was still
aroused by the idea of the kissing and touching and the idea that
he would be so turned on by me. 

I can remember masturbating to the memory of a recent sexual
experience. I would get my dinky little vibrator out and tease my
pussy with it while I thought about my boyfriend undressing me
and touching me and kissing me. I would recall how it had aroused
me and I would imagine how excited he had become and those
thoughts, along with my vibrator would get me off. I never once
imagined having sex with an older man, much less with his wife! I
never once imagined being a submissive sex slave. Now I couldn't
get those images of my mother doing just that out of my head.

I lay back on my bed and turned off the light. It took me forever
to get to sleep that night. My thoughts flew around inside my
head totally out of control. There was only one constant. I knew
beyond any doubt that I wanted to do this. I couldn't explain
why. But there was never any question in my mind that when I went
to their home for breakfast tomorrow morning I was going to renew
my offer to be their sex slave.

I slept, finally. I have no idea what time I went to sleep. I
only remember waking with a start and wondering if I had
overslept. It was Saturday morning and I don't normally run on
the weekends. So I had gotten into the habit of sleeping late on
Saturday and Sunday. I glanced at the clock and was disappointed
to see that it was only a little after 7:00 A.M.

What the hell was I going to do for two hours?! I sat up on the
side of my bed and decided to take another shower. I realized
that I was still desperately horny, maybe another cool shower
would help. As I headed for the bathroom I suddenly remembered
the vivid dream that I had enjoyed last night. I had dreamt of
the events I had watched on the first DVD yesterday, my mother
entertaining a dozen out-of-town business men around the pool in
that backyard. Except that in my dream it had been me, not my
mother. I had been the object of their gang bang. I had sucked
them all off and been taken by them over and over. I had been
used like a piece of meat for their sexual pleasure. Even a
prostitute would have been treated better than they treated my
mother that day.

I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and prepared to brush my
teeth. I looked at my body and saw something that I had never
seen before. Or at least, I had never seen it when I had not been
well fucked the night before. I saw dried fluids around the
tight, narrow opening to my vagina. I must have been leaking
sexual lubricant like never before as I slept last night. I had
never done that before, certainly not like this.

No, I think it was pretty obvious that no further thought was
required. I had never been so aroused for such an extended period
of time in my entire life. My body was so tightly wound right now
that I wasn't very clear headed anyway. But I was aware enough to
realize that if Jon and Laura tried to send me away without using
me again today I would get down on my knees and I would beg them.
I would cry and plead and offer them anything if they would just
make me their slave.

I brushed my teeth and took another long shower. Then I went to
my closet and tried to decide what to wear. I had a whole
wardrobe of my mother's slut clothes to choose from. For some
reason though, I selected one of my own tank tops, a pair of
cutoffs, and a nice bra and panty set. I didn't get dressed yet

I still had an hour before it was time to go to their house. I
didn't want to put my panties on this early. I knew that I would
sit around and think about what was going to happen and I would
have to change my underwear before I left the house.

I went to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee in the
coffeemaker. While the coffeemaker was spitting hot water over
the grounds I moved to the living room window and opened the
drapes and stared out through the sheers at the quiet street and
waited for the coffee to be ready. When the buzzer sounded I made
myself a cup of coffee and took it out to the pool and sat in the
shade, still in the nude, and as I looked around I imagined that
I could see all of those men using my mother that day in my mind.
I think that now I could imagine what she was feeling. I couldn't
wait until I could experience it for myself.

By the time I had finished my second cup of coffee and rinsed out
the pot it was time to get dressed. I had to rinse off my pussy
and my thighs first. I was soaking wet. It had been a very erotic
night and all of my thoughts this morning were about sex too.

I cleaned myself up and dabbed a drop of a mild cologne in my
pubic hair. I didn't want to smell musty when the time came.

I put my bra and panties on. They were not anything special. They
weren't all lacy and see-through. The bra covered my breasts
completely. The panty was a plain but feminine bikini that
matched the bra. I put on my shorts and my top and slipped my
feet into my sandals and looked in the mirror.

I looked just like I would have looked before I found all the
kinky items that I had acquired as a part of my parent's "estate"
and had my world turned completely around. I looked just like I
had looked when I walked around campus on a typical weekend. I
looked like a coed and not a sex slave. I smiled and thought,
"Let's see what he makes of this!"

I waited a few more minutes and timed it so that I would arrive
at their front door at 8:55 A.M. I had been anxious, but not
nervous, since I awoke this morning. I stepped out of my house
and locked the door and suddenly I was nervous again. When I
realized it I smiled. I thought how sad it would be if I was to
make such a drastic change in my life and not feel nervous about

I was about to become a sex slave for god's sake! In the next
week I was going to be doing all sorts of strange and exciting
and humiliating and degrading things. And just thinking about it
made it hard for me to walk without having an orgasm from the
pressure of my tight shorts against my pussy.

When I got to their door the main door was open. I knocked
lightly on the storm door and Laura came to the door and let me
in. She had a big, warm, friendly smile on her face as she asked,
"Did you sleep well Miki?"

I smiled and said, "I got a little sleep, after I took a long,
cold shower."

Jon overheard me and he laughed. I followed Laura into the
kitchen and I offered to help out with breakfast but Laura said,
"No, come over here and sit down with me. Jon makes the best
cheese omelets in the world. All we have to do is stay out of the

I sat beside Laura at the kitchen island and Jon brought me a
large mug of coffee. As I put cream and sugar in my coffee Jon
said, "I see that you are wearing your own clothes today. Are we
to infer anything from that?"

I smiled and asked, "You aren't worried are you?" But then I
said, "No Jon. I just figured that wearing my mother's clothes
last night didn't work out that well for me. This, or something
similar, is what I would normally wear on a Saturday morning. And
no, I have not changed my mind. I thought about it last night. I
don't pretend to understand it. But I know that this is what I
want. If it turns out that I'm wrong, well, I can opt out at the
end of next week. I don't see that happening. I had a terrible
time sleeping last night because of you."

Laura put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. She said, "Oh Miki,
I'm so glad!" 

She laughed and said, "I don't mean I'm glad you had trouble
sleeping. I'm glad you didn't change your mind. I dreamt about
you last night. It is going to be so exciting."

She leaned over and turned my head and kissed my lips. It wasn't
a long, hard, passionate kiss, but neither was it a kiss between
two women who were just friends. It was a kiss that promised
wonderful things to come.

I blushed and admitted that I had enjoyed a very erotic dream
last night too. I was grateful when just at that moment Jon came
over with a tray and said, "Okay girls, grab your coffee and
let's go."

We went out to the pool and sat at a table near the water but
shaded by a large umbrella. As soon as I saw their backyard I
recognized it from the DVD. This was where my mother had
entertained those twelve men. I tried to get those images out of
my mind. It wasn't that they were unpleasant or uncomfortable.
But I had to get them out of my mind so that I could concentrate
on the conversation.

We enjoyed a long, leisurely breakfast and I had no trouble
admitting that what Laura said was true. That was the best omelet
that I had ever had in my life.

When we had finished eating Jon sat back and asked, "You were
saying something about a dream you had last night?"

I had hoped that he had forgotten that. I was sorry the moment
that I mentioned it. It was embarrassing to admit to them what I
had dreamt and how excited it had made me.

I grinned nervously and said, "I was hoping that you had
forgotten about that."

He smiled and said, "You are allowed no secrets from us. Tell me
about the dream."

I asked, "Do you remember the first DVD? Do you remember what was
on it?"

Jon and Laura smiled at each other and Jon said, "I will never
forget that day. It was one of our most exciting adventures. Your
mother must have had a hundred orgasms that day."

I remembered the look on her face and I didn't doubt it for a
second. I said, "Last night it was me. I was the woman that was
being used and abused by twelve strange men, most of whom were
twice my age. It is strange. There are so many new concepts that
I am dealing with all at once here. I was never one of those
girls who had a thing for older men. But now I fantasize about
them and I can't wait to serve one of them." 

I looked at Jon pointedly.

Then I said, "I have never even considered making love to another
woman. I would have slapped anyone that suggested that I submit
to a large group of strange men in someone's backyard. The idea
of sexual slavery was anathema to me, to everything that I stood
for as a strong, self sufficient, supposedly self aware, educated
woman of the world."

I paused and looked at Jon and Laura and then I said, "But last
night, and this morning, well, let me just say that I have no
doubts, none at all. I want this. I know that it won't be easy.
But it will be exciting. I don't know where it will lead. I don't
know what it says about my future life. But I am placing myself
in your hands. I trust you, both of you. I am giving myself to

Jon smiled and said, "That's great Miki." Then he stood up and
put the empty plates on the tray and said, "Does anyone want more

I looked up in confusion and asked, "Shouldn't I be doing that?"

He reached out and lifted my chin and kissed me, a nice soft
kiss. Then he said, "You're our sex slave Miki, not our
housekeeper. I'm not saying that there are never going to be
times that your duties include the domestic. But you just worry
about doing your own dishes for now."

I grinned, embarrassed but touched by the friendliness, the
affection that I felt from these two people. It was hard to
picture them as stern task masters in a sexual situation.

Jon came back out with the coffee pot and the cream and sugar and
we each had another cup and talked. Jon asked me more about my
studies, particularly my minor in computer science. 

When we had finished our coffee Jon said, "Let's go for a swim."

I was about to tell him that I hadn't brought my suit. I didn't
get a chance though. He said, "Miki, stand up and undress. Take
your clothes off slowly. We enjoy it more that way."

It's funny, even though I had undressed for them last night and
allowed Laura to take any number of nude photographs I was
embarrassed all over again. 

I got to my feet and pushed my chair in. I could feel my heart
beating a mile a minute and I knew that I was blushing again. I
was determined though. I had already resolved that I would obey
every order that I received from either of them.

I slipped my sandals off and pushed them under my seat. I noticed
that my hands were shaking as I struggled with my tank top. I
dropped it on the back of my chair and unbuttoned my tight shorts
and slid them down off of my hips and let them fall to the deck.
I bent at the knees and picked them up and placed them with my

I felt their eyes on my body as I stood there in my bra and
panties and I knew from the look on their faces that I had made
the right decision this morning when I chose these more modest
clothes. I was so pleased.

I reached behind my back. My fingers were shaking so badly that I
thought that I was going to have to ask for help getting my bra
off. It seemed to take me forever. I finally managed to grip the
strap and unhook it. I released it and then lowered my arms and
shrugged out of it. 

They had ample opportunity last night to see my breasts. Jon had
even brushed his fingers over my nipple at one point. Yet here I
stood, all but naked before two fully dressed people who were
nearly three times my age and I believe that I was much more
embarrassed than I had been last night. It occurred to me that
last night I had not been entirely sober. I had been drinking
beer off and on all day and I had several glasses of wine that

I may have been more nervous now than last night, but I knew from
the feelings that my body was experiencing that I had made the
right decision. I didn't doubt for a second that when I finally
found the strength to remove my panties the crotch panel was
going to be soaking wet.

I knew that I was taking too long. But they didn't seem to be in
a hurry. They never once seemed impatient. Instead, I realized
that they were enjoying my embarrassment as much as they were
tantalized by my nudity.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and slowly
slid them down. I glanced at Jon's face as I lowered them and I
saw that he wasn't looking at my exposed flesh. He was staring
right into my eyes. He was reading my soul.

When I was naked finally, I stood up straight with my hands at my
sides and waited. Jon ordered me to turn around slowly and when I
was facing him again he smiled and said, "You are truly beautiful
Miki. Your body is a work of art. I look forward to sharing it
with the world."

I shivered in excitement at the very idea. But for now I was just
about to the point of begging him to take me. I was desperate for
his cock. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had never in
my life wanted to be with a man, to be taken, to be penetrated,
the way that I wanted it now. No man had ever teased me like this
before and the excitement was building to the point that if he
didn't do something soon I was going to go crazy. I wouldn't need
to masturbate at this point. I knew that if I just touched
myself, or better yet if he would touch me, then I could cum. I
had never needed an orgasm more than I did that this moment.

He knew it too. He could see it in my face.

He and Laura stood up and undressed slowly and calmly. His
beautiful cock was about half hard and I thought to myself, "It
looks delicious! I wonder what it will feel like in my throat." 

But there was no fear. There was only anticipation.

However, he was nowhere near finished tormenting me. I had just a
moment to admire their bodies. If I didn't know Laura's
approximate age I would have guessed from her appearance that she
was in her mid thirties, maybe younger. Her skin was unblemished
and she was fit and toned. She had small breasts. I would guess
that she wore an A cup. But she was a very slender woman and they
looked perfect on her. They were perfectly cone shaped and her
nipples were small and pink. Her pubic hair was severely trimmed.
There was only a small, narrow V over her slit. Her labia hardly
protruded at all. Her pussy looked almost virginal.

I stared at her for so long that she smiled and said, "Not bad
for an old broad, huh?"

I blushed at having been caught staring and I looked at her face
and said, "Laura! You're beautiful!"

She came over and put her arm around my shoulder and as she
guided me to the pool she said, "Yes, I work hard at it. But I
know that I have been lucky too. I have good genes I guess." 

She hugged me and said, "So do you dear. Your mother still looked
like a teenager. You saw her pictures. If you had not known any
better you would swear she was still in her teens."

I nodded and said, "Yes. I was really impressed, with both of

I glanced at Jon and smiled and said, "With all three of you."

Laura chuckled and said, "Yes, don't tell Jon that I said so, but
he is a fantastic fuck. I have had sex with men who had larger
cocks, but I have never been with a man that can push all the
right buttons the way Jon can. I suspect that he was a woman in a
previous life and he knows all the right things to do because of

Jon was walking close behind us and he said, "Yes, and I'm going
to be a woman in my next life too. But I'm going to be a

I chuckled and said, "I think I'd eat his pussy."

We walked down the wide cement steps at the shallow end of the
pool. The morning was warm enough that the slightly cooler water
felt very good. We huddled together near one side of the pool in
water up to our necks and talked. At first it was just general
conversation but more and more the conversation began to turn to

As we talked they began to lightly explore my body with their
fingertips. They were still teasing. They didn't grab or grope.
It was all very tender, very arousing. It was unlike what I had
experienced with any of the guys that I had enjoyed a sexual
relationship with in the past. There was none of the urgency you
felt as you grappled with a young man and worked quickly to get
each other's clothing off so that you could couple. There was
just pleasure. 

I had already been very turned on. As I walked down the sidewalk
this morning to join them for breakfast I was just a deep breath
away from reaching orgasm. I had gradually calmed down as we
enjoyed a peaceful breakfast. But now, after telling them of my
dream and slowly undressing in front of them I was quickly
returning to that state of arousal that had me at the point of
begging them for release.

They knew it too. They knew it and they carefully avoided
touching me in any way that would push me over the edge. I don't
know how long it went on but I heard a strange noise after a
while and I was embarrassed to realize that it was coming from
me. I was whining like an animal in need. 

Jon and Laura had moved closer and they still caressed me lightly
but now they leaned in and kissed me as well. They each kissed
one side of my face. They licked teasingly at my ears and nibbled
on my earlobes. They kissed my eyes and my cheeks and the corners
of my mouth and I heard myself almost pant as I began to beg

I groaned and whispered, "Please. I can't take this anymore. I
didn't know...I thought...oh god! I need...something. Please,
you're driving me crazy!"

I thought that I was going to cry from the extreme frustration. I
had never felt like this before. It was the most unbearable state
of arousal. It was wonderful, and it was horrible. All I needed
was one touch. A light pinch on my nipple, a finger sliding
lightly through my slit, anything, even a passionate kiss and I
am sure that I could have had an orgasm.

I heard Jon's voice, calm through the sexual fog that clouded my
brain. He asked, "Are you ready Miki? Would you like to have an
orgasm now? Do you need something inside of you?"

I just panted, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh please, please. I've never felt
like this. I can't take it anymore. I'll do anything for you, I
promise! Please let me cum!"

They finally stopped teasing me and they guided me back up the
steps and across the grass to a blanket that was already spread
out and waiting for us. They gently lowered me to the blanket on
my back and they stretched out on either side of me.

For another moment the teasing continued and I realized that I
was actually crying in frustration. I was crying quietly and
begging once more for release. 

They finally took pity on me. Jon leaned over me and placed his
lips on mine. I started to reach up and pull him tight but he
broke the kiss and ordered me not to move. 

I groaned and said, "Oh my god! I'm losing my fucking mind!"

Jon's lips returned to mine and at first his kiss was gentle and
tender. But it quickly became harder, more urgent, more
passionate. I struggled to keep my arms at my side. I needed
desperately to put them around him and hold him tight. But as his
lips fed on mine I felt Laura. She had moved and I wasn't even
aware of it. She was kissing and licking my feet and my ankles as
Jon kissed my lips. 

My pussy was on fire. I was sure that I was going to have the
most explosive orgasm of my life without ever being touched. But
they played me like a violin. They knew just what to do and when
to do it.

As Laura's lips neared my upper thighs, Jon began to kiss his way
down my neck and for several minutes longer they teased me. Jon's
lips circled my breasts as Laura's circled my throbbing pussy and
then at the same exact moment their lips converged on my pussy
and my nipples. 

I remember screaming loudly and then nothing. I passed out! I had
read of girls who had experienced such strong orgasms that they
had passed out. I had read it, but I had not believed it.

When I came to my senses Jon was smiling down at me and caressing
my face and I looked down to see Laura, still kissing my mound
lightly. Her face was soaking wet and she smiled and said, "You
didn't tell us that you were one of those."

I didn't understand. I was one of those what? Jon chuckled and
said, "You ejaculated. That moisture on her face, that's from

I shook my head and said, "No. I don't. I've never...what is

They laughed and Laura moved up and kissed me. After we kissed
she said, "Taste it."

I hesitantly stuck my tongue out and licked her lips and I still
didn't know what it was. It wasn't like a man's ejaculate. It was
clear. I said, "I'm sorry Laura. I've never done that! I don't
even know what that is!"

I didn't have time to be embarrassed though. I felt my legs being
spread apart and with Laura still leaning over me and kissing me
I felt Jon's hard cock begin to slowly penetrate me. It was the
most amazing feeling I had ever enjoyed. His cock was long and
thick and hard and hot. It was the largest thing that had ever
entered me by far. 

He took his time. I started to get impatient and lift my hips to
take him in but he slapped my hip and in a stern voice he said,
"Don't you fucking move!"

It was pure torture! He slowly edged his cock deeper and deeper.
Laura was smiling down at me whispering, "Doesn't it feel great?
I love that feeling, that first couple of minutes as his cock
takes control of my body. Sometimes it's great the other way,
when he drives it in like a pile driver and it's so violent that
it's almost scary. But this way is the best. It makes you crazy
doesn't it?"

I whispered, "Please Laura, please let me hold you."

She smiled and said, "Not this time Miki, but later. Just lie
there and feel. Feel his lust. Feel his beautiful cock fill your
hot pussy."

Then she returned to kissing me. The kisses became more and more
passionate and it was nearly impossible to keep my hands at my
sides. Her hand came up and began to caress my breasts and pinch
and pull on my nipples. It was like I had come with directions
and they both had read the manual. They knew every button to
push. It's a shame that none of my previous lovers had bothered
to read the book.

I came again before Jon had his cock all the way inside of me. I
had never had an orgasm with a man's cock inside of me before. I
had just had my first one and he wasn't even all of the way in

I screamed into Laura's mouth and I was aware of her chuckling
before she began kissing me passionately again. The kiss went on
and on and Jon finished splitting me with his cock. He left it
buried deep inside of me for a long time, and then he started
moving slowly, long, slow strokes. At the top of each stroke he
almost pulled it out of me and I was terrified that it would come
free. I never wanted it out of me again!

I had started crying again and I don't even know why. I had never
felt so wonderful in my entire life. Maybe it was the fear that I
would never feel this again. I had one fleeting thought before I
once more surrendered to this wonderful man and woman. A week be
damned! I belonged to them now. And I would for as long as they
would have me. 

Jon started moving faster and at the bottom of every stroke his
pubic bone would do something, I'm not sure what. He seemed to be
caressing my clit with his pubic bone somehow. In a very short
time I came again and in the nearly hour and a half that followed
he never stopped fucking me. He varied his strokes from time to
time, but he never stopped. And I came and I came and I came. I
doubt if my mother had this many orgasms when she was having her
first party with that group of twelve clients at her first
backyard gangbang. I doubt if any woman every came this much
before in the entire history of sex.

When he finally sped up and then his body became tense and he
filled me with his cum I collapsed and covered my face and cried
like a baby.

Laura took me into her arms and held me close and whispered,
"Hold me darling."

I reached my arms out and took her into my arms and held her so
tight that I must have hurt her. She didn't complain though. She
kissed me all over my face and licked up my tears of joy and then
returned to kissing my lips gently, lovingly.

Jon moved up beside us and he ran his hand over Laura's back and
kissed us both. When I had finally regained my ability to breathe
he asked, "Well, are you having fun so far?"

I didn't know how to adequately put into words what I felt. I
stared at him for a few moments and then I said, "No. I had fun
with my previous lovers. They have not coined a word to describe
what just happened to me. My only question is, what planet are
you two from, and who else knows of your super powers?"

Laura asked, "Would you like a drink before we continue?"

Continue?! I wasn't sure that I'd ever be able to move again!

I smiled though and said, "Yes please."

She started to get up and I remembered what I had done to her
before Jon had taken over. I struggled to sit up and I said,
"Laura! About...oh Laura, I'm so sorry. I had no idea. I've never
done that before."

She laughed and said, "Don't be silly Miki! That was the most
erotic thing I've ever seen! I have never seen a woman more
excited than you were at that moment. When you did that I had an

She walked away and I turned to Jon and said, "I'm so
embarrassed. I don't even know what that was."

He smiled and kissed me and then he got to his feet and helped me
up. He said, "Come on. Let's relax for a minute and get a drink.
I haven't cum that hard in years. I need to recuperate."

I remembered what we had just done together for the last ninety
minutes. I looked at him in amazement and said, "Oh my god Jon!
That was amazing. You are one hell of a fuck!"

He put his arm around my shoulder and we crossed the grass to the
patio and sat down again. I reached out and held his hand in mine
and brought it to my lips and kissed him. He smiled in response
and I said, "I've never had an orgasm that way before, from being
fucked I mean. That was...I can't describe it!"

He said, "I have to concur, Miki. That was an amazing fuck. We
have seen women in triple X movies who were billed as
ejaculators. We were always skeptical. We thought that it was a
trick of some sort. It was incredibly erotic. It is one hell of a
turn on to have that effect on someone."

I said, "If this is what being owned is all about then I wish I
had been born a slave!"

Jon replied, "Not so fast girl. We were just playing. The games
are just beginning. So far it was just Laura and I pleasing you.
That isn't how it normally works. In fact, I think you owe Laura
a couple of orgasms."

We relaxed for a few minutes and sipped our drinks and enjoyed
the warm glow that surrounds your body after great sex. Then Jon
turned to Laura and said, "Sweetheart, why don't you get
comfortable. It's time to take our pet cunt for a test drive."

Laura got up and moved to the blanket in the grass. She lay down
on her stomach and got comfortable. I wasn't sure what I was
supposed to do. I looked at Jon and he said, "Start at her neck
and give her a nice slow tongue bath. She enjoys that. Take your
time and don't miss anything."

I didn't get it. I thought I would be doing sexual things. But an
order was an order. I got up and went over to Laura and knelt
beside her. It wasn't until I had started and moved down her neck
to her shoulders that I began to realize that this was sexual! It
was a very erotic thing to do to another person.

Laura obviously found it stimulating. As I carefully attended to
every square inch of her soft flesh with my tongue I began to
tune in to the pleasure that she was receiving and fully
appreciate that it was a pretty sexy thing to do. As I continued
to move slowly down her body she would occasionally moan in
pleasure or tell me what a good job I was doing and how good it

When I reached her firm little butt it suddenly got to be a much
sexier thing to do. I covered her sexy ass with licks and kisses
and I suddenly realized that I was getting turned on too. I
hadn't expected that.

I explored the cheeks of her ass with my tongue and then, without
having to be told I gently spread them and slid my tongue up and
down through the exposed flesh that had been hidden there. 

Laura shivered as my tongue passed over her pink little anal
opening and I stopped to pay more attention to it. When my tongue
began to circle it and then explore just inside she groaned and
hissed, "YESSSS! Just like that! I love that!"

I spent a long time there, until she said, "That's good Miki. You
can move on now."

I kissed her tight little opening and released her buttocks and
started licking my way down her legs, alternating between them as
I moved down. I didn't miss an inch. I even took each of her toes
into my mouth and sucked them like little cocks. After I had
given both of her feet a good tongue lashing she turned over and
said, "That was very good Miki. I'm impressed. Now I want you to
start all over from my forehead."

I smiled and said, "Yes mistress."

I started kissing and lightly licking Laura's face as ordered. I
dawdled for a long time when I reached her full, sensuous lips.
In the last two days, much to my surprise, I had found that I
enjoyed kissing a woman this way. Or at least that I enjoyed
kissing Laura like this. I was about to experience a couple more
firsts. I had never touched another woman's body this way,
sexually I mean. I had never touched another woman's breasts or
vagina. Since looking at, and becoming aroused by, the pictures
in my parent's photo albums though, I found that I was both
curious and excited by the prospect. After the pleasure that
Laura had just given me with her tongue a short time ago I had no
reservations left at all. I was anxious to taste her. I wanted to
please her the way that she had pleased me.

There was no time to think about that now though. I had worked my
way down Laura's neck and as I moved across one shoulder she
turned her head and smiled as she watched me lick my way down her
arm. I worked my way down to her fingers and sucked on them
briefly before working my way up her arm again. I even bathed her
armpit and was rewarded by a sound very similar to a cat's purr
as I did. 

I moved back across her chest to her other arm and when I
finished there I found myself on the verge of exploring another
woman's breasts for the first time. I was fascinated by them.
Even lying on her back Laura's breasts were firm and pointed
straight up. She had the smallest areola I had ever seen. I could
have easily covered it with a dime. Her nipples were hard and
pink, but also very small. They were very sensitive though. I
moved my tongue over her breasts before concentrating on her
nipples and her breathing changed noticeably as I did. Watching
her as she enjoyed what I was doing added to the pleasure that I
was receiving from teasing her breasts. I found that I really
enjoyed touching and teasing her breasts. It was very erotic.

I spent a long time on her breasts before I moved down her flat,
firm stomach. It was exciting to feel her stomach quiver under my
lips as the excitement built in anticipation of my lips reaching
her very wet pussy.

When I finally reached her tight, sexy slit I shifted my body
around so that I was kneeling between her legs. She was lying
back with her eyes closed and she was breathing much harder as I
kissed her vulva, teasing her the way she had teased me earlier.

I was aware of her musky aroma. It was very pleasant, very
exciting. It was the smell of pleasure. I wondered if this sexy
aroma was the same one that my body exuded at times like this. I
had always been self conscious when a lover first started to
perform this act on me. I worried that my odor would be
offensive, despite all of the reassurances I received from them
later. Now that I could experience it firsthand I found that not
only was it not offensive, it was downright exciting. 

I loved pleasing Laura this way and I loved the way her body was
reacting to what I was doing. 

I settled down on my stomach between her legs and she lifted her
legs slightly. I licked up the juices that had been flowing from
her opening and then I began to explore her opening with my

She reacted violently to the first few strokes of my tongue and
as I took her into my mouth her hips came up off the blanket and
she grabbed a couple of handfuls of my hair and enjoyed a loud
orgasm as she ground her sex into my mouth violently. The idea
that I had just given this beautiful woman and orgasm was almost
enough to give me one!

We did not stop with one though. I continued licking and sucking
on her sweet pussy and she had orgasm after orgasm until she
couldn't stand it anymore and she gently lifted my face from her

She gasped for breath for a moment and then she smiled down at me
and guided me up beside her on the blanket. We kissed
passionately and then we held each other in a loving embrace. 

I felt her naked breasts against my own and it felt so nice, so
sexy. I had never experienced it before and just like everything
else I did with Laura it was very erotic. We remained locked in
that romantic embrace for a long, pleasant moment and when we
finally relaxed, Jon was standing over us, smiling affectionately
and holding out two glasses of ice water.

We took the water from him and thanked him, and then we pulled
him down on the blanket with us. I found that I was very thirsty
and I gulped down half of my water before I felt like I could
talk normally again. I had loved what I had just done nearly as
much as Laura did. But it was a lot of work. My tongue and my jaw
were both a little stiff right now.

They realized it and Jon said, "Don't worry Miki, we'll give you
time to rest before we find out what kind of a cocksucker you

I smiled and said, "That's an unusual sentence. I don't think
anyone has ever said that to me before."

Laura kissed me and asked, "And how do you feel about it?"

I answered, "My jaw is a little tired. I have to admit that I am
nervous. I have never sucked a cock the way my mother did in
those photographs. But your wish is my command. I am anxious to
see what it's like."

Jon smiled and said, "Rest for a few minutes. Then you'll get
your wish."

I sipped my water and we talked about what we had done so far.
Jon and Laura were curious about how I felt about what I had just

I felt strangely proud and found it easy to tell them how much I
had enjoyed my first taste of pussy. I told them how exciting it
was to cause so much pleasure. I was only sorry that I couldn't
have made it as exciting for her as it had been when she was
doing it for me. 

Jon laughed and said, "I think we are creating a monster here

Laura chuckled and responded, "I am sure that we can tame her,
Jon. She just needs to be humbled a little. Once we have her
trained a little better we'll need to organize a little garden
party for her like we did for Erin."

Jon reached out and ran his finger through my dripping wet slit
and asked, "Do you think that will put you in your place Miki? Do
you think that a little training is all that you need?"

I shuddered, not just at his touch, which although he just barely
touched me seemed to send white hot bolts of pleasure through my
body, but even more at his words. His strong, deep, pleasant
voice seemed to go right through me. I thought, "This is what my
mother felt! This man, this couple, they touched her this way.
They controlled her." And I knew without a doubt that they
brought her more pleasure in their far too brief time together
than most women experience a life time. 

I shook myself from my reverie and answered, "If I have a place I
am sure that you will discover it."

Jon smiled and said, "Don't lose sight of the fact that you are
being given a lot of pleasure today. That won't always be the
case. There will be humiliation, because it will cause us
pleasure to humiliate you. You will be the source of pleasure for
others far more often than you will receive pleasure from them.
To be perfectly honest, as you have apparently already noticed,
most men are terrible lovers. They are ignorant about a woman's
body and they are selfish and inconsiderate. They give little
thought to pleasure beyond their own. They are even more
self-indulgent when offered a sweet young girl as a sex toy to
use as they wish."

His words were like caresses. It seemed like I could actually
feel them as he spoke. He could see that what he was saying was
exciting me. He smiled and said, "The idea of being a sex toy
really excites you, doesn't it Miki?"

I realized that it did. But that wasn't the whole answer. I said,
"I don't want that to be all that there is in my life. But yes, I
am excited by the idea of doing the things my mother did for you.
I want the things that other people want. I want love and
affection, romance. I want to have good friends and to be happy.
I can't deny that I want more than that though. I want things
that I didn't even know about until a few days ago." I smiled and
said, "I want to follow in my mother's footsteps."

Laura reached over and took my glass away. She set it aside and
said, "Any cunt can eat a pussy Miki. Now it's time for a real
test. Get up on your knees."

I was nervous, but I wanted to do this. I only hoped that I
didn't disappoint them.

I got up on my knees and Laura knelt beside me. She put her arm
around me and said, "I'm going to coach you. Don't worry. It
isn't as hard as you might think. You have to accept that what
you do isn't up to you any longer. You don't have a choice. Your
body no longer belongs to you. That is half the battle. You said
that in the past you have enjoyed sucking your lover's cocks. The
thing is Miki, it isn't about you. It's about them. What you like
is unimportant. You are about to be taken outside of your comfort
zone. So listen to me carefully. You saw the pictures. You saw
your mother take Jon's cock down her throat. You know it can be
done. The first time is difficult, but I know some tricks to help

I listened to her calm voice and I nodded. I said, "I'm sure that
I can do it Laura. I'm just afraid that I won't be very good at
it. I don't want to disappoint him."

Laura smiled and said, "Good attitude. Don't worry cunt. We don't
expect you to be very good at it the first time. But you'll be
getting a lot of practice and you'll get better each time. Now,
when you first take his cock into your mouth I want you to suck
it like you did for your boyfriends. Don't try to take it into
your throat yet."

Jon was standing in front of me now with his cock just inches
from my lips. It wasn't quite fully erect, but it was nearly so.
It was throbbing and growing slowly as I watched. I leaned
forward slightly and placed my lips on the head of it. I kissed
it several times. Then I moistened my lips and opened my mouth
and slid my lips down over the head of his cock. 

Laura's face was only inches from mine as I took her husband's
cock into my mouth. I thought for just a second about what a
strange situation this was. But I didn't have a lot of time for

I slowly slid my lips down over his hard shaft. I took nearly
half of his cock into my mouth before I retreated. I started to
bring my hand up to grip his shaft but Laura said, "No dear. Keep
your hands on your thighs. You don't need them."

I rested my hands on my thighs and slid my lips back down over
Jon's sexy cock. I didn't try to take it into my throat but I
took as much of him as I could into my mouth without gagging. On
my deepest stroke I think I managed just a little less than five
inches of his fat cock without gagging. That left three inches to
deal with.

I felt Laura's hand move down my back and her fingers reached
between my legs. As she began to tease my pussy she said, "You
are very wet dear. It seems you like being a cocksucker. That's a
very desirable trait in a young woman."

Her fingers were coated with my juices and she began to tease my
clit with a light touch that left me wanting more. As she
manipulated my sex she said, "Now you are going to try something
for me. At the top of your stroke, just before you slide your
lips back down over your master's cock, I want you to try to
swallow. You won't be able to of course. Not with that big cock
in your mouth. But when you try to swallow you will find that it
suppresses your gag reflex. Your throat expects something to
enter it when you try to swallow. It won't be easy. It won't be
pleasant. But try that a couple of times and begin to
concentrate, not on his cock entering your throat, but instead on
your lips. Concentrate on sliding your lips farther and farther
down your master's cock and the rest will happen naturally."

I followed her instructions and the first couple of times it
didn't seem to have much effect. I still felt like gagging when
the head of his cock bottomed out in my mouth. I didn't give up

I had tears in my eyes. I wasn't crying. It was just a response
to the gagging. So I couldn't see very well. But I could see all
those inches of thick cock still to go. I pulled back and tried
to swallow again and then I slid my lips down again and just as
the head of his cock touched the back of my throat he suddenly
reached out and took hold of my head and pulled me towards him.

I was so shocked when it happened that I didn't even think to
fight him. Suddenly my lips were spread wide around the base of
his cock and my nose was nestled in his pubic hair. 

Laura exclaimed, "Good girl! You did it! I know, it feels strange
and it will take some getting used to. But the hardest part is
over. Once you have done it the first time it gets much easier."

I still had his cock buried in my throat. I realized that I could
breathe, though not easily. Still, I wasn't worried about
suffocating. It wasn't so much painful as uncomfortable. I felt
stretched, if that is a feeling you can have. I stayed like that
for a moment, until Laura said, "Pull back now Miki. Try it
again. We'll help you until you can do it on your own."

I slid his cock out of my mouth slowly. There was a slight catch
when the head of his cock moved past the entrance to my throat. I
was excited that I had done it. But I wasn't sure if I could do
it again, certainly not without his help. 

I drew my lips back to the head of his cock and I swallowed and
slid back down the shaft. Just as his cock head reached the
entrance to my throat his hands came back up and pulled me down

On my third attempt he let me try it on my own. I didn't quite
succeed, but I didn't gag. I was determined though and I pulled
back and on my second solo attempt I succeeded. I was pretty
damned proud of myself too!

Laura told me what a good job I was doing and she left me to
finish on my own after that. Well, she didn't leave me. She
stopped giving me instructions. She stayed beside me and she
continued to tease my pussy. Her other hand came up and began to
play with my breasts and she leaned down and kissed my shoulder,
stopping every once in a while to tell me what a good cocksucker
I was and what a good fuck I was. 

What I was doing for Jon wasn't easy, but it seemed easier than
the impression I had gotten when I saw the pictures of my
mother's first time. As that thought crossed my mind I was
suddenly struck by another. "Oh my god! I was sucking a cock that
my mother had sucked! Jon had cum in my mother's mouth and he had
fucked us both as well!" A week ago that very idea would have
grossed me out. Now I just felt pride.

After some amount of time, I honestly have no idea how much time
had passed, Laura began to speak softly in my ear again, giving
me more directions. She said, "Your master is going to cum soon.
You should never take a man's cum down your throat unless he
gives you no choice. When a man is about to cum you should rest
his balls in your left hand and lightly caress them. You should
then slide your lips up so that only the head of his cock is in
your mouth. While you tease the head of his cock with your tongue
you use your right hand to pleasure his shaft until your mouth
fills with his cum. Don't try to swallow while he is cumming.
Just let your mouth fill with his cock cream and savor the taste
of his essence until he removes his cock from your mouth. Then
you may swallow, unless he orders you not to."

I followed her instructions and she watched closely as I brought
her husband to a climax with my tongue and my hands. If a measure
of a man's virility is the quantity of his ejaculate then there
could be no question that Jon was a very virile man. Even though
he had fucked me thoroughly not much more than an hour ago my
mouth was filled to the point that I was afraid his semen would
overflow and spill out of me. I wanted very much to get this
right and I struggled to contain his large, hot load. 

He finally groaned and slowly slid the head of his cock from
between my lips. I was careful not to let any of his cum escape
and I paused before swallowing to taste him. It was not the first
time that a man had cum in my mouth. Taking a load of cum in my
mouth wasn't my favorite thing to do but I didn't mind it that
much. It wasn't all that tasty but the idea of it was very sexy.

I had noticed the wide variety of flavors that cum came in. Some
men tasted bitter and bleachy, others had a mild flavor that was
almost pleasant. I had read that diet had some influence on that,
but the literature on that was not very specific.

I can't honestly say that Jon's sperm tasted any better than
anyone else's I had experienced. It was not the worst, it wasn't
the best. But this was a whole different set of circumstances. I
was sucking my master's cock under the tutelage of his wife, my
mistress. What I wanted, what I liked, those things were

After savoring the flavor for several long moments I swallowed
his cum. He was smiling down at me and he said, "Very good Miki!
An excellent first time, I'm impressed. Not many young women take
to sucking cock so quickly. With a little practice you are going
to be great."

I was surprised at how much pride I felt. Imagine feeling your
chest swell with pride at being told that you are a good
cocksucker! I couldn't help but smile. My smile lost some of its
enthusiasm when Laura said, "Only one more hurdle and it will be
easy after that. We just need to get your ass broken in. But
don't worry dear. We have a plan to make it easier for you."

Jon helped Laura up and then they helped me to my feet. I grabbed
my water glass and we went back over to the table and rested. I
was feeling pretty damned proud of myself for taking Jon's big
cock to the hilt. I was even feeling kind of proud because I was
pretty sure that I had done a better job of my first time than my
mother had. There is a strange sentiment!

Jon and Laura were generous with their compliments and I ate it
up. Jon picked up his watch and checked the time. He grinned and
said, "Miki, do you have any idea what time it is?" 

I had arrived at 9:00 A.M. and we had enjoyed a leisurely
breakfast before the fun and games began. I estimated that from
the moment the sex started we had been playing for three hours
and we had spent close to an hour eating breakfast and talking. 

I did a little math in my head and responded, "I would guess that
it's about 1:00 P.M., give or take a half an hour."

He chuckled and said, "Not bad. It's actually almost 2:30. So
maybe it's true that time flies when you're having fun. You are
having fun aren't you Miki?"

I didn't hesitate for a second. I smiled and said, "Yes master. I
am having a wonderful time. I do have one regret though. I am
sorry that we didn't have a photographer so that I could have
started an album like my mother's."

Jon said, "Yes, we considered inviting one of our close friends
who is good with a camera. Some close-ups would have been nice.
But the afternoon has been recorded for posterity. There are
three movie cameras focused on that blanket from three different
angles. Once the action has been cut and spliced by our friend
who is a camera wizard I think you'll be happy with the movie you
end up with. You will, of course, have to reward him for his

I looked around. I couldn't see any cameras. But I knew they must
be there.

Laura laughed and got to her feet. She went around the pool and
reached into the bushes and pulled out three movie cameras. She
brought them back to the table and said, "Come on Miki. We need
to take a shower and get dressed. We have somewhere to go."

Jon followed us inside and set the cameras on the counter in the
kitchen. Then we went upstairs to their bedroom. I had been
impressed by my parent's spacious master bath. But when I walked
into Jon and Laura's huge master bath I came to a stop and looked
around in amazement. It was fucking huge!

The walk-in shower had no enclosure, it was a room. It was nearly
as large as the communal showers had been in high school. I
laughed and asked, "What's the largest number of people you've
ever had in here?"

Laura came up behind me and put her arms around me. She kissed
the back of my neck and cupped my breasts and said, "Probably no
more than a dozen. This shower was definitely one of the things
about this house that got our attention. There is also a large
Jacuzzi tub and we have a sauna that will hold a couple dozen
people, if they are good friends."

I felt her hard nipples against my back as I leaned my head back
and rested it on her shoulder and enjoyed her touch. I said
softly, "You are very, very good at that mistress."

She kissed my ear and said, "It is a skill that I perfected with
your mother." There was a catch in her voice as she said, "God
Miki. I miss her so much. It hurts so bad that she is gone."

I stood up and turned to see that she was crying. I took her in
my arms and we held each other like that for a few minutes. I
cried too. I couldn't help it. Yet I couldn't help thinking of
how much easier it was for me now that I had someone else that
felt this way. I had been so alone before these two wonderful
people returned from China and now it was like I had a family
again. A strange family. But a family.

I held her and soothed her and said, "I know Laura. I know how
much you miss them. It gets better. It is a slow process. But it
gets better."

She laughed through her tears and said, "Jesus. Look who is
comforting whom. I'm sorry Miki. I know it's harder on you than
it is on me. I remember when I lost my mother and she had a long,
full life. You must be devastated. I'm sorry."

I kissed her cheek and said, "Oh Laura, you will never know how
much it has helped me that you and Jon are here for me. I was
totally lost until you came into my life. Just knowing I'm not
alone and that someone else shares my pain has made it so much
easier to cope. Thank you for that. Thank you both."

Jon had been turning on and adjusting the many shower heads in
the shower. It was obvious that we were making him uncomfortable
with our emotional outburst. He finally turned to where we were
hugging at the entrance to his shower room and said, "My father
always told me to shut up before he gave me something to cry
about. Words to live by if you ask me."

Sometimes Jon knew just what to say! Laura and I smiled at his
phony gruffness and pulled ourselves together and joined him in
the shower. I don't suppose that a lot of you have experienced
it, but I have to tell you, there are very few things as pleasant
as having two people soap you up in the shower and wash your hair
for you. We all got a turn in the middle and it was easily the
longest and most pleasant shower that I had ever experienced.

When Jon finally shut the water off, I looked at these two people
in awe. Jon saw my expression and asked, "What?"

I said, "You two really know how to do things right. Earlier, out
there on the blanket, that was the most amazing sex that I could
have ever even imagined. I could never have imagined anything
ever being that wonderful. And this, this shower, I can't even
put it into words! And don't get me started on that omelet!"

Jon turned to Laura and in a total deadpan he asked, "She's a
little hard to read. Do you think she's having a good time

I walked up to him and put my arms around him and said, "I love
you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you for being so nice."

Laura moved up behind me and patted my ass and said to Jon, "Yes
dear, it sounds like she is enjoying herself."

I laughed and exclaimed, "Smart asses!"

Jon laughed and said, "That is no way to talk to your master,
young lady."

I smiled and said, "Maybe I should be punished."

Laura handed me a thick, Turkish towel and we all dried
ourselves. I was given a spare toothbrush and after I brushed my
teeth Laura brushed my hair. I followed them out of the bathroom
and started for the bedroom door.

Jon asked, "Where do you think you're going cunt?"

I said, "My clothes are downstairs. I was going to get dressed."

Laura said, "Don't worry dear. We're going to dress you."

I turned around and watched them dress in casual clothes. Jon put
on shorts and a polo shirt and Laura put on a sundress and
sandals, no underwear. When they had dressed, Laura went back
into her huge closet and came back out smiling.

She smiled at me and said, "Your mother kept a large wardrobe
here. Or should I say that she kept a large wardrobe of small
clothes here." She chuckled at her own play on words and handed
me a small sundress. I stepped into it and pulled it up to my
waist. It had a bib style top and it was meant to be worn with a
blouse or perhaps a tube top or tank top under it. 

I held the bib portion up and looked at Laura questioningly. She
smiled and said, "That's all there is dear. Here, let me help you
with that."

She went around behind me and tied the top behind my neck. The
thin nylon material covered very little of my breasts. Where it
did cover me it didn't do so adequately. I looked at my breasts
and the faint outline of my nipples was obvious. The skirt was
scandalously short. It was as short as the dress I had worn to
dinner last night. 

I modeled it for them and they were happy with the way that I
looked. We went downstairs and I located my sandals and put them
on. When I was ready, if you can call it ready, we went through
the kitchen and into the garage. I felt very self conscious about
wearing my little dress in public. But I couldn't deny that I was
excited. I really wanted to ask where we were going but I figured
that they would tell me when they wanted me to know. I am, after
all, only a slave.

We got in the car and Jon put the top down before we pulled out.
I knew I was going to have a problem with the breeze as soon as
we started moving. The first thing that happened when I sat down
was that my skirt pulled up above my crotch and my bib top went
slack over my breasts. Staying covered was going to take more
than two hands. 

But it turned out that was not really a problem. As soon as we
pulled out of the garage Jon looked at me in the rearview mirror
and said, "Keep your hands at your sides Miki. I don't want you
adjusting your dress. Just leave it alone unless I tell you

I had been anticipating activities such as this. I knew that one
of the games that they enjoyed was putting their slave on display
and the idea of it turned me on. I couldn't help being nervous
though now that it was about to become a reality.

Jon headed towards the downtown area and we cruised slowly up and
down the crowded city streets. I might as well have been naked in
the back seat and I caused quite a stir at more than one stop
light. We would come to a stop by a busy sidewalk and I could not
help but glance down to see how exposed I was. It varied,
depending on the direction of the last breeze that had ruffled my
little dress. My skirt was always above my crotch and Laura had
made me spread my legs until my knees were twelve inches apart. 

My top was usually covering one breast, but almost never both.
The reaction was almost always the same. Someone would notice me
and point me out to others. If there were young males observing
us then the reaction nearly always became crude and vocal. They
loved to comment loud enough for all to hear, especially me.
There were frequent requests for a ride, the inference being that
they wished to ride me, not the car. The first half dozen times
it was terribly embarrassing but after a while I just kept my
eyes focused straight ahead and ignored the comments from the

I didn't see them. But I heard them. I knew how much of my body
they could see.

I think that Jon was watching my reaction and when he saw that I
had begun to adapt to the gawkers on the sidewalks he drove out
of town and crossed the bridge to a restaurant on the creek with
outside dining on a deck over the water in back.

We went in and got a seat out on the deck where I would continue
to have a breeze to contend with. The young woman that escorted
us to our table kept glancing at my exposed boob. I expected her
to be offended. Instead, when she seated us and told us who our
server would be she was smiling and seemed to think that it was
amusing that I was running around half dressed.

Our young waiter came up as soon as the hostess left and said,
"Good after...oh my!"

Even I was amused!

He shook his head and tried very hard not to stare at my exposed
boob and he tried again. "Good afternoon. I'm Brian and I'll be
taking care of you. Would you like to start off with a drink or
an appetizer?"

Laura said, "Hi Brian. If that bothers you we can have her put it

Brian smiled at her and said, "No ma'am. I think she looks just
fine. I may screw up your orders, but I'm sure that if I do
you'll understand."

I smiled. He was kind of cute and seemed to have a lot of
personality. Jon said, "We'll just leave her like that then
unless any of your other customers complain."

Brian responded, "If they do then I am sure we can find another
table for them. A breast that lovely should be exposed."

He was so focused on my breast that I don't think he had yet
noticed that my pussy was on display too!

We ordered drinks and he didn't even think to check my ID. I
guess my exposed breast was all of the ID he needed. We ordered a
couple of appetizers to go with the drinks and then we relaxed
and enjoyed the view of the harbor.

We were late for lunch and early for dinner and there were
surprisingly few people out here on the deck. But I imagined that
it would start filling up pretty soon. 

Brian brought us our drinks and while we sat waiting for our
appetizers I kept an eye on my top. I found that as long as I sat
up very straight it was pulled taut against my body and not as
prone to blow to the side and expose by breasts with every

I was watching Brian when he returned a few minutes later with
our appetizers. That was when he was finally able to take his
eyes off of my breasts long enough to realize that my pussy was

He tried to stay calm and act like he had half naked women
sitting at his tables all the time. But I could see that he was
really enjoying the view. It was made obvious by the growing
bulge in the front of his tight khaki shorts.

He stood up as straight as possible and asked if there would be
anything else. We decided to enjoy the appetizers before we
decided if we wanted to order a meal. It was nearing dinner time
and we hadn't eaten since breakfast but the appetizers were

I relaxed a little after Brian left but in a very short time the
cute hostess came out and seated three men at a table right next
to ours. From the way she was talking with them they were either
friends or regular customers. She knew them. And from the way
they were looking at us she had told them about me. 

We looked up as they took their seats and Jon and Laura both
nodded at them. I just concentrated on sitting up straight and
showing as little flesh as possible.

Brian came to the table and took their drink orders and while
they were distracted Jon said, "Miki, are you missing the point
of dressing you the way that we have? Relax. Don't worry about
what is showing. That's our concern."

I had just been ordered to allow my top to blow around freely and
expose my breasts to the men at the next table.

I finally gave in to the inevitable and leaned forward and
nibbled at the appetizers and tried to enjoy my drink. As soon as
I leaned forward my top yielded to the force of gravity and fell
away from my chest, exposing my left breast completely and
causing our neighbors to compliment me on my dress, and the body
parts that were not covered by it.

Jon and Laura struck up a conversation with them and before very
long they invited the three men to join us at our table. To no
one's surprise the conversation was quickly focused on me and my

The men had just finished playing a round of golf and come in for
a couple of drinks and a snack. When they joined us at our table,
all three of them sat as close to me as possible. They introduced
themselves as Cory, Harley and TJ.

 I felt them crowding around me and staring openly at my exposed
flesh but the fear was wearing off and I was getting excited. I
was still embarrassed but this was, after all, the kind of
situation that I had begun to be turned on by in the last couple
of days.

The three men were directing all of their conversation to Jon and
Laura, but they seldom took their eyes off of me. Jon let very
little time pass before he informed them that I was their brand
new slave and today was my first day of training.

The men waited for the punch line, not sure at first if they were
being played with. They realized that they had stumbled onto an
unusual situation. That was probably obvious from the fact that
one of my breasts and my vulva were on display in public. 

To prove the point Jon asked if one of them would be so kind to
check and see if I was enjoying myself. TJ, the man on my left,
looked at me and then at Jon. He grinned and said, "This is a
joke, right?"

Jon smiled and said, "I never joke about my slaves TJ. Ask her if
you don't believe me."

TJ looked at me. I knew that I was blushing like crazy. I
couldn't control it. I suddenly realized that I was holding my
breath and I exhaled loudly. TJ looked up at Harley, the man
sitting on my right and although I was staring straight ahead I
could see him in my peripheral vision and I was watching him
closely. I watched him shrug and his smile grew wider. 

Just as he started to reach for my lap Laura said, "Spread your
legs, cunt. If a man wants to feel your cunt you should always
spread your legs for him."

I slowly opened my legs until my knees were resting against the
knees of the men on either side of me. TJ rested his hand on my
upper thigh and watched my reaction. I gasped quietly, but I
offered no objection.

When it became obvious that I was cooperating, his hand slid the
rest of the way up my thigh and I felt his finger rest against my
moist slit. I shivered. I couldn't contain my excitement at being
touched by a perfect stranger in public like this. I don't think
that I can adequately describe just how erotic this experience

Something that Laura had said earlier came to mind. She had
mentioned how surrendering to someone the way that I had
surrendered myself to them could set me free. I was free to enjoy
the sensations and not worry about any of the possible
repercussions. I didn't have to worry about what these men or the
people around us might think of me. I didn't have to worry about
my reputation. I only had to please Jon and Laura. 

She was right. It did set me free. I may have been embarrassed
but I was incredibly excited.

TJ began to worm his finger into me and as he did he asked me
softly, "How do you like being a slave?"

I couldn't help smiling. I looked him in the eye and answered
somewhat breathlessly, "As my master said, today is my first day.
But so far I love it."

He asked, "It doesn't bother you that a man that you have never
met before just put his finger in your pussy?"

I sighed and said, "I'm embarrassed. But Christ it feels good!
No. It doesn't bother me at all."

He finally pulled his finger out of me and held it up to show
everyone how wet it was.

Laura said, "Miki, look at that mess. Clean the nice man's finger
for him."

I pulled TJ's finger to my lips and sucked it clean. I did it
just as erotically as I could. I even moaned as I sucked it into
my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. As I sucked his finger
clean TJ groaned and whispered, "Son of a bitch! Girl, you have
got me hard as a fucking rock!"

Everyone was so distracted by what I was doing to TJ that we
hadn't heard the waiter come up. He watched me clean TJ's finger
and then he cleared his throat. Everyone looked up and he asked,
"I'm sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to find out if anyone
wanted anything."

We ordered another round of drinks and I noticed that poor Brian
was still having that problem with the bulge in the front of his
pants as he walked away.

The tables around us were beginning to fill up as it got closer
to dinner time and we were starting to attract a lot of
attention. The games continued though, until the hostess came out
and leaned over between Jon and Laura. She said, "I'm sorry
folks. I've put it off as long as I could. I am going to have to
seat a family with a couple of kids at a nearby table. But I
wanted to let you know that I have gotten a lot of compliments
from customers who have enjoyed having you here today."

Jon smiled and said, "We understand perfectly young lady. We
didn't expect it to last as long as it did. Thank you for being
so understanding."

As soon as the hostess left Jon said, "Okay Miki, fun's over for
now. Sit up straight and cover up as much as you can."

I straightened up in my seat and pulled the top over my breasts
as much as possible. I tugged at my skirt but no matter how hard
I tried I couldn't get it to cover my pussy, not completely.

The hostess came back out with a family of four, including a
teenage boy and girl who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen.
They didn't pay any attention to us at first but the boy finally
glanced our way and noticed how scantily I was dressed. He
couldn't really see anything from where he sat, nothing but a
large portion of the side of my breast. My pussy was still
largely exposed but he couldn't see it from his angle. He could
see well enough to tell that I wasn't wearing much. I saw him get
his sister's attention and discreetly make her aware of me. I saw
her glance over and then do a double take as she saw how exposed
I was. Fortunately their parents seemed to be oblivious.

For the next half hour I watched them out of the corner of my
eye. They stared at me and kept glancing at each other and
smiling. Several times over that period of time my top caught a
breeze and ballooned out, baring my breast before I could pull it
back in place. The kids seemed to get a big kick out of it.

I was afraid that their parents would notice and cause a scene
but mom and dad were talking among themselves and had no idea
what was going on around them. They didn't even notice that their
kids were getting a show every time the breeze picked up.

I hadn't eaten since breakfast but I was too nervous to have much
of the appetizers we had ordered. I was more interested in
wrapping myself around my two large margaritas. It was working
too. By the time I finished my second drink I was amused at the
stares of the people around us, even the two kids.

Just as I was getting mellow, Jon and Laura informed me that it
was time to leave. It was almost dusk as Jon paid the check and
headed back to the car. I was surprised at how well our new
friends took our departure though. They seemed almost happy to
see us go. 

We got in the car and I felt a lot less exposed as we left. It
was starting to get dark and I was not nearly as visible as I had
been earlier in the bright light of day. 

Jon drove us out to the beach and then headed back towards the
bridge and back into town. We didn't make it to the bridge
though. A half a mile before we got there we turned into the
parking lot for one of those cheap motels that lined the main
road just before you cross over into town. 

Jon drove slowly through the parking lot and parked in front of
one of the rooms. Jon and Laura got out and Laura helped me out
of the back seat. As we were getting out a door to one of the
nearby rooms opened and TJ came out and escorted us inside.

As soon as we got inside Laura pulled her small, digital camera
out of her purse and when she was ready Jon said, "Miki, I
couldn't bring myself to leave our new friends all hot and
bothered like they were. I want you to take your dress off and
see what you can do to ease their suffering."

I was grinning like crazy. I suppose the alcohol had something to
do with that. But it had been a day that seemed to revolve around
sex and for the last few hours I had been on display and getting
touched and stared at. To be honest I wanted nothing more than
some hot, raw, rough sex at this point. 

I reached behind my neck and untied the top of my dress and let
it fall to my waist. I slid the elastic waistband down over my
hips and stood in only my shoes and turned to our three new

They were all reasonably good looking men in their forties. They
weren't special in any particular way. Corey seemed to have a bit
of a belly on him. TJ and Harley were both fairly slender.

I waited for someone to do something, or tell me what to do. But
for a few moments the three of them just stood and stared at me.

TJ came to his senses first and began to undress quickly. When he
was naked he walked over to me and took me in his arms and
started kissing me and feeling me up. I returned his kiss and my
hand reached for his quickly growing cock. He groaned in pleasure
as I wrapped my fingers around it and then he broke the kiss and
said, "Fuck this! Let's see what else you can do with that hot
mouth of yours!"

He pulled over to the king sized bed and sat on the edge. I
dropped to my knees between his legs and rested my hands on his
thighs. I got a closer look at his cock and it was very nice. It
was smaller than Jon's. I would guess that it was about seven
inches. It was a nice, normal cock. I leaned down and kissed it
and then licked it a little. 

I could tell that he had been out on the golf course. I could
smell the sweat on his crotch. But he wasn't unclean and it
wasn't that bad. Once I took his cock into my mouth I quickly
forgot all about it.

It took me three attempts to take his cock into my throat. After
I got it down the first time though, it became easier with each
succeeding stroke. He certainly seemed to appreciate it. He
gasped as my lips sank down to the base of his cock and
exclaimed, "Jesus Christ! Would you look at that! She swallowed
the whole fucking thing!"

Harley and Corey were standing on either side of me now and
staring as I sucked their friend off. Corey got to his knees
beside me and reached between my legs with one hand. He cupped my
vulva and just held it in his hot hand for several minutes while
his other hand reached under my arm and cupped my breast.

It felt great and it got better when Harley got down on the other
side of me and toyed with my other breast. As I enjoyed their
groping hands and worked to please TJ I thought of that movie I
had seen of my mother being taken by twelve men. It may seem
strange, but even though I had never been with more than one man
at a time before, I was kind of disappointed that there were only
three of them. Being surrounded by so much cock, so many male
bodies, so much testosterone, it was just so fucking hot! 

I guess TJ thought it was hot too. He only lasted about ten
minutes if he lasted that long. When I realized that he was about
to cum I tried to pull my head back and let him cum in my mouth
the way Laura had instructed me but he didn't give me the chance.
He grabbed my head and groaned. He pulled me back down and held
me with his cock buried in my throat and I felt his cock throb
violently. He swore loudly and I felt his cum flooding my throat.

He held me like that until he finished and then he let me up. He
saw that I was disappointed when I straightened up and he asked,
"What's wrong? Didn't you want me to cum?"

I sighed and said, "I didn't get to taste it!"

Everyone laughed at my disappointed reaction. 

Corey said, "Get the hell out of the way TJ!"

As soon as TJ moved he sat down and said, "Don't worry Miki. I'm
going to let you taste it."

I smiled at him and looked at his cock. This was going to be a
snap! His cock was even smaller than TJ's. It didn't look any
bigger than six inches at the most. I was soon taking it into my
mouth and only a little more than an inch of it seemed to be
entering my throat. 

Soon after I started sucking he fell back on the bed and closed
his eyes and groaned and swore softly for several minutes until
he said breathlessly, "Okay Miki. I'm getting close."

I moved back until only the head of his cock was in my mouth and
with my left hand I cupped his balls while my right hand began to
work his shaft as I had been taught. Corey's butt came right up
off of the bed and he swore loudly before he erupted in my mouth.
I let his cum fill my mouth and when he finally stopped cumming I
carefully sat up and swallowed his large load. 

Corey was leaning up on his elbows watching me. When I had
finished swallowing he said, "Now that's a fucking blowjob! Miki,
that was fantastic! Thank you."

I smiled. I enjoyed his praise but I had a part to play here. I
said, "Thank you sir, but don't thank me. I'm just a slave. Thank
my master and my mistress."

Before Corey could thank Jon or Laura for my services Harley
said, "Corey, we have been friends for a long time. But if you
don't fucking move I am going to fuck you up!"

Corey laughed and rolled out of the way. As soon as he was out of
the way Harley sat down in front of me. I saw right away that I
was in for a challenge. Harley's cock was very long. It did not
appear to be any thicker than the others, but it was probably an
inch longer than Jon's. 

I didn't hesitate though. I leaned down and kissed it and licked
it for a moment. It was already very hard and throbbing. The head
was covered with lube that was oozing out of the hole in the end
of his cock each time it throbbed. I licked it clean and then I
rested my hands on his thighs and took his cock into my mouth. 

I wrapped my lips around the large, purple head of his cock and
teased it with my tongue. He shivered in pleasure and watched as
I slowly began sliding my mouth down his shaft. I was aware of
everyone watching me now. They were waiting to see how I handled
his large organ. I was relieved when it went right into my throat
and I took it all with no trouble at all. I couldn't even tell
the difference between his cock and Jon's.

As I worked on Harley's cock TJ was kneeling beside me and
playing with my tits. He watched me sucking Harley's cock for a
few minutes and then he said, "When you are done sucking my
friend off I am going to fuck the shit out of you bitch. I'm
going to turn that sweet young pussy of yours every which way but

The way he said it you got the impression that he was making some
kind of threat. The joke was on him. My pussy was crying out for
a nice big hard cock. I had been ready to fuck him back at the

Just before he came, Harley leaned back and said, "Okay bitch. If
you want to taste my cum you better do your thing. I'm about to
lose it."

I quickly moved my lips up to the head of his cock and after
gently cupping his balls with my left hand I began stroking his
long, thick shaft. He really had been ready. As soon as I started
moving my hand up and down his shaft he started filling my mouth
with an unbelievably large load of cum. I was forced to swallow
some of it before he finished.

I hurriedly straightened up and swallowed the rest and looked
anxiously at TJ. I was ready for some cock!

I looked down to see if he needed a little help getting hard
again. He didn't. His cock was hard and ready.

He stood up and helped me to my feet. Harley moved off of the bed
and I pulled the sheets back. I got up and made myself
comfortable and expected him to jump on top of me and start
fucking. I was pleasantly surprised when he knelt between my legs
and ate me to several very nice orgasms first. I had been so
turned on that it didn't take long. I had my first orgasm in less
than a minute and my second followed immediately on its heels. 

I reached down and lifted his face up and said, "Please TJ. I
need a fucking cock! Please fuck me!"

He needed no more urging than that. He quickly climbed up over me
and I guided his hard cock to my opening. He plunged it all the
way in with one violent stroke and it felt wonderful. I wrapped
my legs around him and my arms went around his back and I fucked
him just as hard as he fucked me. He wasn't nearly as good as
Jon, but he had just had one of my very nice, newly perfected
blowjobs and he was able to last long enough for me to come twice
more before he started pounding me like a jackhammer and then
suddenly stopped with his cock buried all of the way inside of me
and the idea that this man I had just met was filling me with
cum, for the second time, sent me over the edge again.

TJ and I collapsed together after our nearly simultaneous orgasms
and I lay exhausted on the bed. For the moment I had forgotten
about everyone else in the room. I was reminded when Corey said,
"TJ, if you are going to keep laying on top of her like that you
might just find yourself experiencing something brand new in your

TJ chuckled and lifted his head. He smiled down at me and winked.
Then he said jokingly, "If you try it Corey I hope you enjoy it,
because it'll be your last piece of ass."

Everyone laughed, even me. TJ finally pulled out of me but before
he got up and he leaned down and kissed my cheek and whispered,
"You are fucking great! Thanks Miki."

I smiled back and said, "My pleasure kind sir. But you had better
get up. I can't stand to see a grown man cry. Or worse yet, you
might like it!"

He smiled and said, "You never know, it might help my

He got to his knees and then got off the bed and sat on a nearby
chair. I glanced around and looked at everyone watching the sex
show I was putting on. I was getting tired now. But the idea of
what I was doing here was really exciting. I had never enjoyed
sex as much as I had today. I had never had so much of it as I
had today. 

Corey got up on his knees between my legs and lifted my legs up
until my knees were spread wide and pressed against my chest. He
stared down at my well fucked pussy for a moment and said, "I
haven't had sloppy seconds, no offense Miki, since I was in
college. Christ! That was twenty years ago! But that is still the
prettiest cunt I've seen since my wife was your age. And it has
been about that long since I've fucked that frigid bitch!"

From the corner I heard TJ say, "No wonder you can drive the ball
so fucking far!"

Corey ignored him and rested his hard cock on my pussy. I
shivered at the touch of another cock but I had no reservations.
If my mother could take twelve I could damn sure handle three. 

I smiled up at him while I reached down guided his hard cock into
me. As his cock slowly entered me I smiled and said, "Since
you're so out of practice I'll try to take it easy on you."

He groaned in pleasure as my tight, hot pussy enveloped him and
he didn't respond until his cock was buried in me to the hilt.
Then he smiled down at me and said, "That's okay sweetheart. Give
it your best shot. If I die I die."

I couldn't move much with my legs pressed between us like that. I
let him set the pace and he took long, slow, almost tender
strokes that felt very nice. I smiled up at him and cupped his
cheeks in my hands and encouraged him quietly. I told him,
truthfully, how good it felt and ran my hands through his hair as
I lay back and closed my eyes and enjoyed being fucked by the
third man to take me today. 

I had never before had sex more than once in an evening, much
less with four different men. I wouldn't want to do this every
day. But damn this was exciting!

I had never been fucked like this before either. These long, slow
strokes. If he had gone first I probably would have enjoyed it
more. It was very pleasant, very erotic. But now I needed
something more. Now I needed a man to take me and fuck me hard.
Still, this was pleasant and I enjoyed it. I followed his lead
and as Corey started to cum I faked an orgasm for him. I didn't
want him to think that I hadn't enjoyed it.

Like TJ before him, Corey didn't move for a long moment after he
had cum. He supported himself over me on his arms and rested
there with his eyes closed as he caught his breath. He didn't
move until Harley said, "Unless you want some of what you were
offering TJ you better get your ass out of the way. Either that
or shave it, because I ain't gonna fuck an ass with all that hair
on it!"

Corey laughed and said, "Bullshit! I've seen you checking me out
when I bent down to tee up. You want me and you know it."

There was more laughter as Corey finally got off of me. It was
nice to finally be able to put my legs back down. It had felt
good at first, but after a while I was getting a little bit
claustrophobic in that position.

I smiled at Harley and said, "I think Corey is too tired to take
care of you right now. How about if I see what I can do?"

He laughed and replied, "Well, I hate to see you suffer like
this. I guess I can help you out."

Harley took his place between my knees. I looked down at his
hard, nine inch cock and found I was looking forward to finding
out if I could tell the difference in that extra inch. Jon's
eight inches had been the largest that I had ever had before and
I had loved it. I wondered if an extra inch would be even

Harley got up over me and teased my mound with his cock for a
moment before he found the opening without any help from me and
began to take me in the way that I really needed right now. He
was violent and his long, brutal strokes felt fantastic. I was
surprised that after all of the fucking I had already done today
I wasn't sore. But I wasn't, at least not yet. I might very well
be after this fuck!

Harley didn't have Jon's style. Of the four men to fuck me today
I still preferred Jon. But I had to admit that Harley's big cock
and his violent way of fucking were getting to me quickly. I
couldn't tell the difference in the size of his cock when it was
buried in my pussy. But his strokes seemed much longer and I
liked that.

I found that this violent, animal-like sex was much more
satisfying than making love. Or at least, after a day of sexual
stimulation, two days if you count the teasing I got yesterday,
it was a hell of a lot more exciting.

I soon had my legs wrapped around Harley and my arms around his
back. I had to keep in mind that these were three married men and
I couldn't send them home with scratches on their backs. But I
had a hell of a time holding back when I started to cum. I
realized as I had my first orgasm with Harley that it was getting
easier for me to cum while I was getting fucked. It had never
happened before today. Maybe it was that freedom that Laura had
been telling me about that came from submission. Whatever the
reason, I liked it.

My orgasm and the tight grip of my pussy on Harley's cock set him
off too. I was coming back down from my orgasm when he came and I
got to watch him and see how much pleasure he took from my body.
It made me feel so fucking sexy. 

Unlike TJ and Corey, after he came Harley rolled off of me
immediately and lay panting on the bed beside me. I wrapped my
fingers around his softening cock and looked over at Laura and
smiled for the last couple of pictures of the evening.

Laura finally lowered her camera and said, "We should do this
again sometime. I really regret not bringing one of the movie
cameras. That would have made a nice movie."

Harley chuckled and said, "I'm game!"

Corey said, "Let me see if I get away with it this time first. I
think my wife would actually prefer that I fuck anyone but her."

Jon asked, "Who rented the room?"

TJ answered, "I did, why?"

Jon responded, "Here, here's a twenty. We are going to take a
towel for Miki to sit on when we leave. That 1958 Thunderbird
convertible out there is in showroom condition. I don't want her
pussy draining all over the seat. So if you don't want to get a
letter in the mail asking you to pay for the towel you should
settle up before you leave. And if one of you will give me a
number we will call you in a week or two if we want to get some
better pictures of our slave getting fucked."

Harley gave Jon his cell phone number and they talked for a few
minutes while I went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and let
the large pool of cum drain out of me. When it finally stopped I
washed my pussy and thighs with a warm cloth and dried off. Then
I took a clean towel and went out into the room and put my little
dress back on.

We went out to the car and as they put the top up for the ride
home Laura asked, "What about the other?"

Jon answered, "It will have to wait for tomorrow. I think she has
had enough for today and I want to bring one of the other

Laura nodded and I sat there wondering what 'the other' was.

I didn't think about it for long though. As Jon drove us home I
sat back and thought about everything that had happened to me
today. I had loved every bit of it! 

I heard Laura chuckle and I looked at her. She had turned around
in her seat and was looking at me. I suddenly noticed that my
fingers were toying absently with my pussy and I hadn't even been
aware of it. I smiled and shrugged, but I didn't stop. It felt

Laura reached back and rested her hand on my knee and said, "I
guess I don't have to ask if you had a good time today."

I smiled and said, "I'm exhausted. But I had a wonderful time
today. I understand now what you meant about being set free. I
have always enjoyed sex and being sexy. But I have never enjoyed
it as fully as I did today. My mother must have been a very happy

Laura squeezed my knee affectionately and smiled. She watched me
for a few more minutes and then she turned around and rested her
hand in Jon's lap. She said, "I bet you're ready for another
piece of that sweet young pussy too. Aren't you dear?"

Jon chuckled but he said, "You know, I was thinking that we would
go home and while she takes a nice long shower you and I could
play around for a while. I wouldn't want you to think that you
were being replaced."

Laura said, "You are so sweet! Don't worry Jon. I think she is
just as sexy as you do and I don't mind you fucking her whenever
you feel like it. I know you love me. So don't feel like you have
to fuck me just so I don't get jealous."

Jon laughed and said, "Laura, I promise you that any time I fuck
you it will never be a pity fuck. You are still the sexiest woman
I know."

I listened to them banter back and forth and I loved the way that
they were with each other. I envied them that closeness. It would
be nice to be in love. 

When we got back to their house we went inside and we ended up
all taking another shower together. We dried off and went
downstairs and had a drink by the pool. We relaxed and talked
about the things that had happened today. They wanted to know how
I felt about everything and I was still so excited that I loved
talking about it. 

I told them that the only thing that had made me a little
uncomfortable was the show that I had given those two teenagers
before we left the restaurant.

Laura laughed and said, "They didn't look traumatized to me

I laughed and said, "No. But I was terrified that their parents
were going to notice and make an embarrassing scene in front of
all the other customers."

Jon said, "Yes. You were terrified. And that just added to your
excitement. I was watching you. If one of those men who were
sitting on either side of you had had the balls to touch your
cunt right at that moment you would have cum in a heartbeat."

I thought back to what I was feeling as I sat there so aware of
everyone looking at my exposed flesh and I remembered the feeling
of tightness in my chest and the fluttering in my stomach. I knew
he was right. 

God! That would have been embarrassing! I could just imagine
those two kids watching me have an orgasm right there on that
deck in front of so many people. I would never have been able to
keep it quiet either. Instead of the parents of those kids it
would have been me making the scene.

We finished our drinks and went upstairs. Jon got in bed and
ordered me to show him how much better I was at sucking cock now
that I had gotten a little more practice. He was right. I was
better, much better. The practice that I had gotten had helped
but especially the practice that I had gotten with Harley's nine
inch cock. That had really given me confidence.

I easily took Jon's cock into my throat and was actually
disappointed when he stopped me. He ordered me to turn his cock
loose and he invited Laura to straddle him, facing me.

When she was in position she fed his cock into her pussy and I
watched from an arm's length away as she started slowly moving up
and down his shaft. I stared jealously as her pussy was filled up
with that nice cock. But I reasoned that after all of the cock I
had enjoyed this evening it was only fair.

I had never seen a cock entering a pussy right up close and
personal like this. I had only seen it in a few porn films and it
just wasn't the same. It was amazing to watch. That cock looked
so large and Laura was such a diminutive woman. But her pussy
swallowed that huge rod easily.

I didn't get to just watch for long though. Once Laura got a
rhythm going she said, "Alright Miki. Get down there now and use
your tongue. I want you to lick Jon's balls and his shaft when I
lift up off of it. I want to feel your tongue on my clit too.

It sounded like it was going to be difficult but I lay down
between Jon's legs and started licking his heavy ball sack with
my tongue. As I licked I watched in awe as Laura's pussy
stretched to take that nice cock into her body. I started licking
his shaft on her upstrokes and then I started timing it so that I
could lick at her clit without interfering. 

I got the timing down before long and as I worked at making their
sex better I ground my pussy against the mattress. It wasn't
quite enough to get me off but it added to the fun.

With my help Laura came twice before Jon came. After they were
done she slowly slid off of him and I was instructed to clean
them both. I hadn't expected that! I started with Jon's semi hard
cock and sucked it clean easily. It was a bit on the slimy side
but it was kind of exciting. The difficult part was looking down
at Laura's messy pussy and working up the nerve to suck it clean.
It never even occurred to me to refuse. But I had to pause and
steel myself before I bent down and started running my tongue
over her just fucked pussy.

It turned out to be easier than I expected. There was nothing
there that I hadn't had in my mouth before. I had eaten a lot of
cum today and I had spent a lot of time sucking on Laura's pussy.
Once I got started I realized that I liked doing something this
nasty. I quickly began to eat her enthusiastically and she even
had another orgasm while I ate her out.

After she came they pulled me up between them and Jon turned the
light out. They lay there in the dark for a while teasing my
body, making it hard for me to sleep. I was pretty wound up by
the time they finally drifted off. I would have liked to have
masturbated but I hadn't been given permission. Besides, Jon had
his hand over my pussy. I finally went to sleep, but it took a

In the morning we had a light breakfast of coffee and toast and
sat by the pool naked. We were just friends though. The slave
games wouldn't start again until later.

We talked about things just like three normal people, which was a
little strange after yesterday. But it was good because when I
realized how easily we could slip back and forth between those
two different relationships I started to think that working for
Jon wouldn't be a problem.

Laura asked, "Miki, I understand that you got a lot of money from
the estate and from your settlement. Why do you want to go to

The question struck me as funny. I had never even considered not
working. I had to do something with my life and I found that I
was looking forward to going to work with Jon. I nearly said
something flippant that she might have found insulting since she
didn't work outside the home. I stopped and thought about my
answer a little more seriously.

I finally said, "I'm not sure why Laura. You're right, I don't
need the money. But I really got interested in computers while I
was in college and to be honest I am excited about going to work
and seeing just what I can do. Besides, how am I going to find
the right man if I don't get out and go where the men are? I love
what we have and I hope we can continue it once I find the right

"But I can't have just this. I need to be loved and I need to
love someone. It won't be easy. I am a pretty weird chick. I just
found out that I am a lot weirder than even I thought I was. It
isn't just this slave thing though. I didn't know I was a
submissive until a few days ago. I am also an atheist. On top of
that I have no desire to have children. I like kids when they
belong to other people and they go home eventually. So the deck
is stacked against me."

"But I have my good points too. I am a hard worker. I am
painfully honest. I am compassionate and I have always been
outspoken about the need for a better healthcare system in this
country and the need to care for those that cannot care for
themselves. I think it is the height of idiocy that corporate
welfare thrives in this country but children go to bed hungry at
night and families lose their homes and go bankrupt if someone in
the family gets seriously ill. Yet all those tight fisted
Republicans call themselves good Christians. They haven't been
able to make that make sense to me yet."

"Still, I can't help thinking that there is a nice man out there
that is just as weird as I am. I am sure as hell going to look."

Jon and Laura were looking at each other funny and I finally
asked, "What?"

Laura said, "I thought it was just us! Jon and I never wanted
kids. Both of us are atheists and abhor what religion has done to
the world. We keep that to ourselves of course. If you tell
religious people that you don't share their superstitions they
look behind you for your tail."

I smiled and said, "Wow, you two are fucked up! I love it! So
much for deep thinking. I don't suppose I could get a clue about
what is planned for today. I have been wondering ever since last
night when you were talking about 'the other' in the car."

Jon asked, "Do you really want to know? Wouldn't it be more fun
if you didn't?"

I thought about it for a moment. I finally said, "I suppose your
right. But the suspense is killing me. I guess that's part of the

Jon kept looking at his watch and at last he said, "They open at
eleven. We can start getting ready now. By the time we get there
the place will be open."

We went back upstairs and after they were dressed Laura went into
her closet to get something for me to wear. When she came out she
held up the garment she was carrying and I recognized it. It was
the lacy little slip that my mother had worn when she was taken
to the adult book store on her first public outing. I put it on
and looked in the mirror. The photographs had not done it
justice. My nipples were covered, but they were plainly visible.
So too was the top half of the slit between my legs. It was
covered, just barely, by the slip. But there was a two inch hem
of frilly lace that hid nothing. I could see my pussy right
through it. I turned and looked at my back in the full length
mirror and the bottom of my bottom was visible as well. I liked

I turned back and smiled at Jon and Laura. I said, "I recognize
this slip. Are we going to the book store?"

Jon shook his head and said to Laura, "She's too damned smart
sometimes." Then he said to me, "Could be. But if we do you
aren't going to have the easy time of it that your mother had. We
have learned a lot since then. We are much meaner now."

I walked up to Jon and hugged him and said, "I'm shivering in my
panties. Oh wait! No I'm not! I'm not wearing panties." Then I
kissed his cheek and said, "I am yours to command."

Jon said, "You are enjoying this too much. We are going to have
to do something about your comfort level. I think it's time to
add a little vinegar to the oil."

We went through the kitchen and into the garage and got into
their SUV. I was glad that I didn't have to expose myself outside
in the outfits they were providing for me. Going into town this
way was one thing. But I didn't want the neighbors to know what
we were doing.

The book store was on the other side of town and I sat in the
back and thought about what it was going to be like entering a
store full of dirty old men in only this slip. This was still
very new to me but the more I thought about it the more excited I
was becoming.

Jon pulled up and parked near the door. The store had just opened
according to the hours posted on the door but already there were
about a dozen cars out front. We got out of the car and went
inside and as soon as we stepped in I felt all eyes on me. 

I looked around discreetly. I was surrounded by row after row of
magazines with naked women in every sort of situation you could
imagine on the cover. There was a wide selection of bondage
magazines and magazines devoted to several other fetishes. But
for the most part they seemed to be categorized by the size of
the tits of the models. Those were just the ones near me though.
I don't know what the other rows had on display. I noticed a
section devoted to movies and the back wall was covered with sex

I also managed to form an opinion of the other customers in the
store. There were five men in the store when we came in and in
the time I had been standing inside the door two more had come
in. There were more cars out front than men in the store but I
didn't give that much thought.

The men seemed a little uncomfortable. But then, so was I. They
were all looking at me. Some were staring openly. Some were being
a little more discreet. But they were all watching me as I stood
there, just inside the door and looked around. 

Jon and Laura had left me standing there and were talking with
the man behind the counter. I doubt if it was the same man that
had been here ten years ago when they brought my mother in for
her first public exhibition. But I suppose that they came here
more than just that one time.

As they talked all three of them were watching me as I looked
around. I knew that my face and neck were red. I was embarrassed.
But that wasn't the main reason that I was flushed. This place
just oozed a perverse sexuality that was so exciting to me. The
entire reason that this store existed was sex. I thought that was
so hot. 

Jon and Laura had apparently worked out whatever details needed
to be worked out with the store clerk. They came back over to
where I stood and Jon casually reached out and removed my slip.
Now I stood naked in a sex store in front of eight strange men.

Jon handed my slip to Laura and said, "Follow me cunt."

I followed him across the room to the wall full of sex toys and
as we moved the small group of customers followed us. When we
came to a stop by the wall I looked around in wonder at the
variety. Some of the things I saw were scary and some of them
looked like a lot of fun. There were a large number of things
that I had no idea what they were for.

Jon knew what he was looking for. He picked up two leather
harness like devices and handed one to Laura. They attached a
strap to each of my upper thighs and then put my wrists in
restraints attached to the straps with a small but sturdy chain.

I was helpless and naked and it was a nervous feeling, but the
excitement was growing quickly.

My new owners looked through the selection of toys and picked a
few things out. Each time one of them made a selection they
handed it to me and ordered me to take it to the clerk. I carried
each item to the counter, one item at a time. I had to move
through the growing crowd of horny men that had gathered to
watch. I wasn't able to reach the counter so I had to ask the
clerk to take each item from my hand and place it on the counter
for me. Each time I did he groped me openly before taking the
item from me. 

Upon seeing that, the men that were watching began to grope me as
I passed back and forth through them. Their hands grabbed my ass
and my tits and fingers were inserted briefly but roughly into my
pussy. They even tried to shove their fingers into my ass.

At first they watch Jon and Laura as they molested me. When they
saw that, not only did they not object they seemed to approve, my
trips to the counter became more difficult. Each time I returned
to them Jon or Laura would hand me a butt plug or some kind of
leather restraint or a vibrator. I had a wide leather collar and
a leash attached to my neck on one of my trips and after that I
was frequently brought up short as I made my way through the men.
One of them would grab the leash and when I came to a stop they
would grope me. Each time they were more open and more
enthusiastic about it. The fingers that invaded my pussy were
coming out covered in pussy juice. I was amazed at how much I was
enjoying something that up until I discovered those pictures of
my parents I would have been horrified at being forced to do.

After a dozen or more trips to the counter with the items my
owners selected, Jon said, "That's enough for this trip. Let's
see how much we owe."

I followed them to the counter and the clerk totaled up the items
that Jon and Laura had selected for me. I was surprised that the
total was just over four hundred dollars. Once the clerk told him
the total Jon smiled at me and said, "Don't worry Miki. The clerk
has graciously agreed to give us a five percent discount." I
didn't know why I should be worried but I just nodded.

Jon guided me down to the end of the counter and the clerk came
over to where we were standing. Jon said, "You will have to earn
it of course." 

Right there in front of everyone he lowered me to my knees and
the clerk opened his pants and pulled out his cock and placed it
at my lips.

Before I had a chance to even see what I would be working with
the clerk grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth. I
was quickly able to determine that it was just an average sized
cock and I relaxed. Soon I was taking him into my throat and
although it impressed the others who were watching it was really
no big deal.

Word of my little show must have been getting around because for
the last ten minutes or so I had been hearing a door in the back
of the room opening and more men had been joining the group that
was already enjoying groping and teasing my body. Now all of
those men were standing around us watching the clerk fuck my

The clerk came before very long at all. I guess that watching me
run around in the nude and groping my body must have excited him.
Imagine that! 

It seemed like he had just started fucking my mouth when he
tensed up and held my face pressed tightly to his stomach. I felt
his cock throbbing and I knew that he was shooting his cum down
my throat. I waited patiently for it to end. He released me when
he was finished and slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth. I
heard him say to Jon, "Fuck me! I'm almost sixty years old and
that was the best blowjob that I've ever had!"

Technically he had not gotten a blowjob. He had held my head
firmly and fucked my mouth and all I had to do was wait for it to
be over. But he was happy and that was all that mattered.

He stepped back and put his cock away and Laura helped me to my
feet. As she was doing that Jon turned to the other men in the
store and said, "My slave still owes three hundred and seventy
dollars for her new toys. If any of you are interested I am
willing to let you fuck her face or her pussy for ten dollars."

I looked around and saw that there were now fourteen men standing
around watching us. Most of them were in their forties or fifties
and most of them were on the heavy side. None of them were men
that I would have chosen for sexual partners. But it wasn't up to

They quickly pressed in and forced their money on Jon. I knew
that it wasn't about the money. It was all about degrading me by
selling me for a small amount of money. It was about humiliating
me and amusing him and Laura. 

But even knowing that, I couldn't help it, I was excited about
being sold to overweight, overage, horny old men for ten dollars.
The entire concept was almost enough to give me an orgasm. Once
more I was disappointed that Laura wasn't recording it on the
movie camera. But then I looked over at her and saw that she had
been and I hadn't even been aware of it. I almost had an orgasm
when I saw her pointing the movie camera at me and the growing
number of men who wanted to fuck me for ten dollars.

Jon said, "Gentlemen, we will are going to set up shop in the
back. Mr. Clark has been kind enough to offer to let me use one
of his back rooms. If you will follow me you will all get a
chance to fuck my little slave girl."

Jon led me through a door in the back and into a darkened hallway
lined with more doors than I could count. I heard the sound of
porn movies playing loudly in the background. It was a cacophony
of female porn stars faking orgasm for their adoring fans. It
seemed totally appropriate.

I was pulled into the first door on the left as we entered the
hallway. There was a dimly lit room about twelve feet by twelve
feet square and furnished with a large screen television and a
small loveseat. 

Jon pulled the loveseat away from the wall and I was placed on my
knees on the edge of one of the cushions. My wrists were still
secured to my thighs and I was totally helpless. 

Almost as soon as I was in place I felt someone behind me,
working his cock into my pussy. A moment later another man stood
in front of me. He pulled his cock out and pushed it into my

As they fucked me front and rear I was thinking that my mother
had only taken twelve men at her first orgy. I was taking
fourteen! I felt pretty proud of myself.

I had failed to take into consideration that more and more men
would be showing up and were apt to want in on the fun and

I lost track of the men who fucked me that afternoon. There was a
steady line of them. More than one of them took me more than
once. I tasted my juices and other men's cum on the cocks of more
and more of the cocks that were forced into my mouth as the day
went by.

The men would fuck me and then move out of the way and watch the
steady stream of men that came in when they found out about me.
They would hand Jon their money and take their turns and the men
that had already fucked me got turned on again. They would give
Jon another ten dollars and go around one more time.

I thought that I had been exhausted last night! Fuck! By the time
Jon finally called a halt to the fun and games this afternoon I
was so stiff and sore that I could hardly walk!

Laura helped me up after Jon said enough. She removed the wrist
restraints and it was such a relief to be able to move my arms
again. The straps that had been around my thighs were covered
with cum. Laura made me lick them clean and then she held onto
them and led me down the hallway to the bathroom at the end. 

The hallway was no longer empty. It was lined with men of all
descriptions. I was taken into the bathroom and without bothering
to close the door Laura sat me on the toilet. The men gathered
around to watch while I sat and let the cum of god knows how many
men drain out of me. It took a long time. 

It was probably ten minutes later that I stood up and washed
myself with damp paper towels. Laura handed me my slip and after
I put it on we made our way back up the hallway and into the main
room of the book store.

My jaw was stiff and sore, my throat hurt and my pussy felt like
I had sandpaper in it. It felt as though I had been rubbed raw
with every step I took.

Jon was talking to the clerk when we came back out and he put his
arm around me and said goodbye to the clerk. Then he handed me
the bag with my purchases in it and led me to the car.

Once we were seated and he had the car running he started pulling
money out of his pockets. I watched as he counted out three
hundred and sixty dollars and then I did the math. The money that
he had already given to the clerk, three hundred and seventy
dollars, represented thirty-eight men that had fucked me. The
clerk and thirty-seven men at ten dollars each. He still had
three hundred and sixty dollars. That would mean that an
additional thirty-six men had had sex with me. Surely I had not
just had sex with seventy-three men!

I stared in awe and as Jon pulled out of the parking lot I asked,
"Jon, that can't be right. Did I just let seventy-three men have
sex with me? Seventy-three total strangers?" I glanced at the
clock on the dashboard and saw that it was almost 6:30 P.M.!
Jesus! I had been in there getting fucked for almost seven

Laura chuckled and answered for him. "No Miki. You didn't let
them. We made you do it. But many of them fucked you twice. I
doubt if it was more than forty or fifty men."

I thought about what had just happened for a few minutes and then
I asked, "Laura. Is this kind of stuff going to fuck me up? Is my
pussy going to be so loose no man will want me?"

Laura turned around in her seat and patted my leg. She smiled and
said, "Don't be silly sweetheart. By the time we get home and you
have a nice hot shower your cunt will be just like it was this
morning. We may test your limits dear. But we won't damage you.
We love you."

I cautiously slipped a finger inside my tender pussy. It actually
didn't feel any different, despite all of those men that had just
used it. I was relieved. I had been afraid that I would be all
stretched out and loose.

With my fears calmed I leaned back and thought about what I had
just done. My very first gang bang. And it had been a huge one! I
was tired and sore, but the idea that I had just been taken to a
public place, undressed and put in restraints, and then sold to
fifty or more men, for a nominal fee to make it even more
degrading, was incredibly arousing. 

Jon drove us back to the house and Laura escorted me to their
shower and took a long shower with me. When we were dried off she
spread a cream on and in my pussy. It was in a large jar with no
label. I asked her what it was and she said, "A doctor friend of
mine makes it. It's like Preparation H for your pussy. It sooths
sore tissue and tightens you back up."

It was soothing. She asked me how my jaw was and if I wanted
something to take for the pain but I didn't feel like I needed
it. My pussy felt better already and my jaw was more stiff and
tired than in pain.

We went downstairs and Jon asked us what we wanted to do about
dinner. I wasn't that hungry. I must have swallowed an awful lot
of cum today, though I doubt if that is very filling. What I
really wanted was a drink. I left it up to them.

Laura ended up making a light supper and Jon made drinks for all
of us. I spend a little longer at their place after supper. But
tomorrow was a work day and Jon wanted me to come in and see him
at nine. So I kissed them both goodnight and went back to my
house and picked out a stylish but modest outfit for tomorrow.
Then I just relaxed for an hour before going to bed. I was
tempted to look at more pictures from the album but I decided
that I had had enough stimulation for one day.

The next morning I got up and got ready to go in to find out
about my new job when I suddenly realized that I had no idea
where I was to go or who I was to see. It didn't seem appropriate
to go to Jon's office to apply for a job.

It was early but I was feeling a little bit panicky so I ran down
to Laura's house and rang the bell. Thankfully she was back from
her run and she came to the door and let me right in. She smiled
and stepped back and said, "You look beautiful! Perfect! Jon is
going to be really impressed."

I must have sounded like a little girl when I exclaimed, "But I
don't know where to go! I know where the plant is, but I've never
been there. I don't know who I'm supposed to see. I don't know if
Jon told personnel about me. Oh god Laura. I'm scared shitless!
Where do I go?!"

Laura laughed and said, "Go to the front door of the main office
building. There is a reception desk there. Tell them your name
and that Jon told you to come in. They'll be expecting you. I'll
see to it."

I kissed her and thanked her and started to rush out when she
said, "Miki! Stop!"

I stopped and turned to see what she wanted. She was smiling,
trying not to laugh. She came closer and took me by the shoulders
and said, "Take a deep breath. Calm down. You already have the
job. Jon already loves you. You look fantastic, you look perfect.
I want you to walk in there today like you own the fucking place.
I have only known you for three days but I can promise you that I
know you well enough to know that you are smarter and have more
on the ball than ninety-eight percent of the people that you will
be working with. You don't owe anyone there money. You don't owe
anyone there an apology. Stand up straight and take your god
damned time. You are better than them. Let them wait for you."

I smiled and hugged her. I gave her a big kiss and in a calm
voice I said, "Laura, I love you. Thank you."

She smiled and said, "Come back over here as soon as you get
home. I want to hear all about your first day."

I wiped my eyes and said, "Damn it! You are going to make me cry

Laura smiled and turned me towards the door. She lifted the back
of my dress and swatted my butt and pushed me toward the door. As
I opened the door she said, "I love you Miki. Have fun today.
Life is too short not to."

I turned back and blew her a last kiss and then I strolled calmly
back up the street and got my car out of the garage. Two minutes
with Laura had calmed me right down. 

I smiled all the way to work.

At the reception desk I gave them my name and a young woman stood
up and smiled brightly and said, "Miss Collins! Welcome. Please
come with me. Mr. Strong is expecting you."

She waited for me to come around the large round circular counter
and then she led me down a corridor to a large suite of offices.
She escorted me to a sophisticated and well dressed woman
standing at a desk talking to the secretary in the large
reception room and said, "Mrs. Cable, this is Miss Collins for
Mr. Strong."

I thanked the young woman as she turned and left and Mrs. Cable
smiled and shook my hand. She gave me a quick evaluation and
said, "Good morning. I'm Carol, Mr. Strong's assistant. If you
need anything just let me know." 

She pointed to a door in back of the secretary and said, "That's
my office. I mean it, if you need anything just call me. And
please accept my condolences dear. We loved your father around
here. He is sorely missed. We are still having trouble believing
that he isn't going to walk through that door and make us smile
the way he always used to."

I thanked her and then I said, "I think there might be a mistake.
I haven't even started work yet. Shouldn't I be at personnel
filling out a huge stack of forms?"

Carol smiled and said, "Are you trying to get me fired?! Mr.
Strong told me to bring you to his office as soon as you arrived.
I don't know how well you know him but he is a wonderful man to
work for. I have been his assistant for more years than I will
admit to in public and I love working for him. Wait until you
meet his wife. She is an absolute saint. I know you are going to
love working here Miss Collins."

I smiled and said, "First, please call me Miki. Second, I have
met Mrs. Strong and I totally agree with you. She is a saint and
I love her."

Carol led me to the door to Jon's office and tapped lightly. He
called out, "Enter!"

Carol opened the door and stepped in, holding the door for me.
She smiled and said, "Miss Collins is here, sir."

Jon stood up and said, "Just in time. Come in! Do you want
anything Miki? Coffee? Water?"

I shook my head thanked Carol. She smiled and closed the door. 

Jon waived me to a seat beside an older gentleman and said,
"Miki, this is Tom Calder. He is the man that is going to bring
you up to speed. He is in charge of the IT section. You are my
advisor in that area and the person that will be translating what
he is trying to tell me, because I almost never understand a word
he says."

He stood up and smiled. I offered him my hand and as I shook it I
said, "Pleased to meet you Mr. Calder. I look forward to working
with you."

He responded, "Please, call me Tom. I am so sorry about your
father. We really miss him here. He always came between us worker
bees and the monster that we work for. You have some pretty big
shoes to fill."

Jon nodded his head toward Tom and said, "Now that your father is
gone I'll probably be able fire that shirker!"

Jon had us sit down and together they gave me an overview of my
job. Then Tom escorted me to personnel. 

He dropped me off there and I spent most of the morning filling
out forms and making important decisions on investments and
retirement and being struck by the sad fact that I have no
beneficiaries. I was given an ID badge and directions to Tom's

I spent the rest of the week as Tom's shadow. Every morning we
had a meeting with Jon for ten or fifteen minutes and it always
devolved into, if not an outright argument between Jon and Tom at
the very least an uncomfortable situation. 

On Friday I was sitting with Tom in his office after the normal
morning meeting and I asked him if it didn't bother him that I
was being hired right out of college to be in a position over
him. He obviously knew much more about the job then I would be
able to learn in a year.

He grimaced and said, "No, I will be glad when this week is over
and you go to those morning meetings alone. I admire Jon. He is a
great man to work for. But as you have seen, I cannot work with
the man. He drives me crazy!"

I smiled and said, "Tom, you talk down to him."

Tom looked at me incredulously and said, "No I don't!"

I laughed and responded, "You certainly do. Every morning the
same thing happens. You start out talking about sports or cars or
women and you get along famously. But as soon as the conversation
turns to business you start talking to him like he is a young boy
with a learning disability. I'm surprised he hasn't beaten you
over the head with a stick. It's very annoying."

He stared at me for a moment before he said, "I didn't realize
that I did that. Did he say something to you?"

I shook my head and responded, "I don't think he even realizes
what you are doing that pisses him off so bad."

I said, "It may be partly his fault. He doesn't understand what
IT people do and he doesn't seem to have made an effort to find
out. He just knows what he wants done. I guess you have gotten
tired of talking to him about things he doesn't understand and
doesn't seem to have an aptitude for. And be honest, you could
use a lot fewer technical terms and better make your point."

It was obvious from his expression that he hadn't realized what
was happening. He hadn't been doing it on purpose. The question
now was whether or not he could control it. I might have just
talked myself right out of a job!

Over first four days of the past week I had spent two evenings
with Jon and Laura. There was no sex. We ate dinner and sat
around the pool and had a drink and talked afterwards. Just like
good friends. I told Laura about my new job and the people I
worked with...and my horrible boss.

On Friday Jon called me on the intercom and said, "Go home after
work and drop off your car. Then come over for dinner. You'll be
spending the night."

On Friday night there was sex. I had been doing a lot of reading
during the week to try to get up to speed at work. I had been so
distracted that I didn't even have time to look at more pictures
or DVDs. But as soon as Jon called me I started getting that
tingle in my belly. 

I drove home and took the mail in. I had a quick shower and put
on some fresh clothes, nothing too sexy. Then I hurried down the
street to visit with Laura. Jon wasn't home yet.

I had a drink and sat in the kitchen with her while she worked on
supper. Jon and Laura had rapidly become my best friends but they
were also like surrogate parents and I had quickly come to love
them both very much. What made it so nice was that the feeling
was obviously mutual. When I was with them in their home I felt
like I was home.

Laura and I talked about anything and everything until Jon came
home and then we ate dinner. Tonight was different though. As
soon as Jon came home he ordered me to undress. He hadn't seen me
naked since Sunday. 

After dinner we sat by the pool again. But this evening, while
they relaxed I was kept busy kneeling between their legs and
practicing my oral skills. I brought them both to orgasm twice.
But I was left with my own juices streaming out of my pussy and
so horny I could spit.

When I wasn't sucking Jon's cock or eating Laura's pussy I was in
Jon's lap being touched, caressed, teased, and gently tormented.
He brought me right to the point of orgasm over and over and then
stopped. And all the while we talked about the most mundane
subjects. He was making me crazy!

We went to bed at a reasonable time, with me sleeping between
them and Jon's hand resting on my needy pussy. They both went
right to sleep. I was so frustrated that I almost cried. 

In the morning we went down and Jon made us omelets for
breakfast. We ate by the pool and after breakfast I was back on
my knees between their legs. They teased me mercilessly for most
of the morning and then we took a shower together. Taking a
shower with them was always a very sensual experience. But this
time they were very careful to make sure that I didn't reach
orgasm. It was obvious that they were doing this on purpose and
it was driving me crazy.

They dressed after our shower and then had me put on the same
outfit that I had worn when we went out to lunch last week. The
little bib style sundress with nothing underneath that had led to
my afternoon of sex with the three golfers.

When I was dressed we left, in the SUV this time, and drove
straight to the restaurant. We had just gotten seated and ordered
a drink from the same waiter that we had last week when the three
golfers came in and joined us. 

I realized that it had been a planned meeting as soon as they
came in. There were four of them this time. The fourth was a
younger man. He appeared to be in his mid to late twenties. His
name was Jeff and he was apparently their normal fourth for golf
and then drinks later. Last week something had come up at his
office and he hadn't been able to play. So he had missed meeting
me. But he had heard all about me from his three friends.

Jeff and I seemed to have the same problem. We couldn't keep our
eyes off of each other. He had obviously been told about me. He
wasn't surprised that I was here or that I was half naked or that
I was letting his friends feel me up in a public place. But
although he took due note of my exposed body he kept staring at
my face. 

I couldn't help staring at him either. He was the cutest guy I
had ever seen! When he talked I noticed that he was very self
confident. He felt entirely at ease with these men who were all
older and more mature than he. His voice, when he spoke, sent
chills down my spine. I couldn't remember ever being affected
this way by any man that I had  just met. I tried to be cool and
not act like a silly school girl in front of him. But all through
lunch my stomach was doing flip flops every time I looked at

We didn't spend as much time in the restaurant today as we had
last week. I was already primed before we got here and sitting
around nearly naked in a public place had me just about ready to
climb the walls when we paid our check and headed for the hotel
room that our friends had already reserved.

This time we went to a nice place that was nearby. It had a
balcony right out over the water and a big fancy bathroom. There
was also a nicely furnished sitting area. As soon as we were
inside I was undressed and ordered to serve drinks from the well
stocked bar. 

I continued to have a big problem keeping my eyes off of Jeff. I
knew almost nothing about him. He didn't talk much. He didn't
talk nearly enough, in fact. I found myself hoping that the
others would draw him into the conversation more. I loved hearing
his sexy voice.

Laura got the camera out and before the first drinks had been
consumed I was on a large towel in the middle of the room putting
on a one girl show for the guys. I wasn't allowed to cum though.

Before very long the guys were up and naked and all over me. I
was desperately horny but suddenly I was sad too. I found myself
terribly attracted to Jeff. I realized though that, although he
obviously found me attractive too, I didn't have a chance with
him. Not after he witnessed what was going to happen this

Jeff didn't jump right in. He sat and watched as his three
friends hurriedly undressed and I satisfied them all. I tried not
to think about Jeff and what might have been. I had nearly as
many orgasms as the three men I was servicing did. But still he
just sat there, fully dressed and watched. 

After all three men had cum twice they returned to their seats
and I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned, Jeff was
standing and undressing and I went over to him and helped him
take his clothing off. 

As I knelt as his feet and pulled his pants down I smiled up at
him and said, "I was afraid that you didn't want to play."

He smiled and responded, "Not at all. I was just afraid to turn
my back on any one of those three guys without my pants on. You
should hear them talk on the golf course. It's scary."

I kissed the bulge in his shorts and slipped his pants off. Then
I pulled his shorts down and looked at his body. He was very
handsome with his clothes off too. His cock was nearly as large
as Jon's. He had runner's legs and a strong, well defined chest
and arms. His hair was sandy-blonde and he had almost no hair on
is body. 

Once more I felt that sadness that I could only have sex with
this gorgeous man. I could never be anything more than a sex
slave to him now because that was how he saw me. It hadn't
mattered with the others. In fact, I had loved it with the
others. But I felt a strong attraction to Jeff. I wanted him. I
wanted him for more than sex. It was sad that there couldn't be
more than that between us.

He had seen me take his friend's down my throat and he was
anxious to see how that felt. But he didn't want to cum that way.
After I had sucked his cock for a few minutes he ordered me onto
my back and he got on top of me. 

It felt so good when his cock entered me. I put my arms around
his back and sighed deeply as his large cock slowly stretched me
open. Even though all three of his friends had already fucked me
and I had cum several times it felt so good the way he held me in
his arms and slowly eased his cock into me while staring into my
eyes. Jeff wasn't just fucking a hot young girl with a nice body.
It was more personal than that. He was fucking me. He was looking
in my eyes and we were smiling at each other and I really felt a

I guess he saw that it bothered me that it would never be more
than this. He leaned down and kissed me gently and said, "Don't
be sad."

I was smiling and I was having fun. I really was. I don't know
how he could see what I was feeling inside. I tilted my head up
and kissed his chest and then I closed my eyes and held on while
he fucked me for a very long time. He was very good at it. Maybe
even better than Jon. I came over and over, I lost track of how
many times before he finally reached orgasm.

He stayed over me and held me for a few minutes while I calmed
down. He kissed me all over my face and told me how pretty I was
and how sexy. It almost made me cry.

When he finally rolled off of me and started to get up I sat up
and grabbed his wrist and pulled him gently back down beside me.
I smiled and said, "Don't leave yet." 

I pushed him down onto his back and I took his soft cock into my
mouth and I didn't suck it so much as I made love to it. He lay
back and rested on his elbows and watched me. I gazed into his
eyes and licked and sucked until his cock started growing again.
Then I gave him the best blowjob I had ever given to anyone. I
licked and I sucked and I made love to his cock and our eyes
never left each other. 

I sensed his orgasm coming and I finished him the way Laura had
taught me. His cum was delicious! I loved it and I savored it
while he watched me swirl it around in my mouth with my tongue
for a long time before I swallowed. When I had swallowed it all I
licked the head of his cock clean and whispered, "Thank you."

Jeff smiled and stood up and helped me to my feet. I looked up to
see everyone staring at us. They seemed embarrassed to have been
watching! I think that they realized that I had felt something
for Jeff. Unfortunately it wouldn't matter. A guy wouldn't fall
for a girl he met at an orgy. Guys had fun with sluts. They
didn't fall for them.

It was finally over and we all had one last drink before we got
dressed and went home.

I was quiet on the ride home. Laura turned in her seat. She
started to talk about Jeff and how cute he was until she realized
that I was crying quietly. She was instantly concerned and asked
what was wrong.

I smiled. But it was just my lips, my eyes weren't happy. I said,
"He was so handsome! And his voice! Oh god, Laura! When he spoke
it gave me goose bumps. I could have really gone for him. He
could have been my Jon."

Laura said, "And you are sad because...?"

I slumped in my seat and said despondently, "All he will ever
think of me is that I am just a slut. That's what I was today.
That's how he saw me."

Laura didn't know what to say to that. She rested her hand on my
knee and squeezed it gently. The rest of the ride home was in

When we got inside I begged off from any further games. I wanted
to go home and take a hot shower and get my head together. They
invited me back for a late supper and I said I'd be there. Then I
put my street clothes on and walked back to my house.

I was half way back to my house and not paying any attention to
my surroundings when someone got out of a parked car against the
curb and moved around to sit on the fender just ahead of me. 

I noticed it. I saw the movement. But there was no reason to feel
threatened by it and I just ignored him, until I looked up and
saw who it was. Jeff! He must have followed us home! My heart was
in my throat. I wasn't even sure what I was thinking, or

I came to a stop about ten feet away and he smiled and hurriedly
said, "Don't panic. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not a stalker.
Well, maybe a little. I did follow you home. But if you tell me
to leave I will. If you tell me not to bother you again then I
won't. But I hope you won't say that."

I stared at him in shock. He hadn't come any closer. He was still
ten feet away. I just said, "Jeff! What...what do you want?"

He suddenly, and for the first time today, looked uncomfortable.
He said, "I know this is going to sound stupid. But I felt
something today. I felt a connection. I don't want what happened
today to be all there is. It isn't just because you are beautiful
and sexy either. I can't explain it. But I want more from you
than just a fantastic fuck."

I moved closer and looked into his eyes. I reached out and
touched his face. I felt myself blushing when I remembered how we
had met. I asked him, "How can you feel like that after the way
we met, after you saw what I did today?"

He grinned and said, "I loved how we met. And I loved what I saw
you do today. I have no desire to put an end to that. But there
is more to you than that. If you want me to leave I will. But I
feel such a strong attraction to you. I want to take you to
dinner. Tonight. I want to get to know you better. I want to
spend time with you."

I felt dizzy. I had to take a few deep breaths and get control of
myself. Then I reached down and took his hand and led him to my
front door. We didn't say another word until we were inside my

I got us both a cup of iced tea and we went out to the patio.
Once we were seated I sat there trying to think of the right
thing to say. I wasn't sure that this wasn't a dream.

I looked into his eyes and we sat there holding hands for a long
time. I know it isn't possible to know someone, to fall in love
just from looking in someone's eyes. But I was getting lost in
his eyes none the less. I finally smiled timidly and admitted, "I
cried all the way home this afternoon. I cried because I felt
something every time I looked at you today, every time I heard
your voice. But today was a slut day and you only knew me as a
slut. I knew that we could never be together this.
How can you want to be with me after what you saw today?"

He smiled and I struggled to get past his sexy voice to hear his
words as he responded, "I told you, I loved what you did today.
You are the hottest woman that I have ever met. I want you to go
out with me. But I don't want you to stop being a slut. Not all
the time, of course. But today was so exciting! It can't end like
that. Jesus Miki! When I saw you leaving in the back of that car
I didn't even have a choice. I had to follow you. I was sitting
in my car trying to figure out what to say when I went to the
door. Miki, I don't believe in love at first sight. But I feel
something and I know it isn't just lust. I have never felt as
empty as when I saw you leaving the hotel today and I was afraid
that I'd never see you again. I know that sounds corny. But I'm
being as honest and as open as I can be."

I got up and went over and sat in his lap. I put my arm around
his neck and held him close. I felt the tears on my cheeks again
but I wasn't sad now. I was ecstatic. I kissed his sweet face and
said, "I felt it the moment you walked into the restaurant today.
My first thought was, 'He's gorgeous!' My second thought was, 'He
is only going to see a slut.' Jeff, my heart was broken before
you even sat down because I knew that I'd never have a chance to
be with you. I can't believe this is happening!"

He put his arms around me and we sat like that for a long time,
just holding each other. I finally said, "I need a shower. Would
you like to join me?"

He smiled and said, "Hell of a first date isn't it?"

We went and took a nice long shower together. We washed each
other lovingly and then dried each other off the same way. I
pulled him into my bedroom and we got on the bed on our sides
facing each other and held each other and talked for a long time.
We just got to know each other better. I told him about my
parents and my job and my best friends, Jon and Laura. 

He told me about his life and his job. We also talked about sex
and our fantasies and our experiences. Jeff was extremely excited
by my new status as a slave to Jon and Laura. I told him that I
would end it for him but he said, "No! Are you kidding?! Do you
feel that?"

I did. I felt his cock growing and pressing against my belly. I
loved it. I pushed him over onto his back and kissed my way down
to his sweet, juicy cock and gave him the second best blowjob he
had ever had. He came in my mouth again. He still had the best
tasting cum. And with all the experience I had been given lately
I was an expert on cum. 

After I sucked his cock he returned the favor. He wasn't as good
as Laura but he was very, very good. Then we lay in each other's
arms again and I said, "There is something that I did that I
should tell you about."

I told him about last weekend, the day I spent at that porn shop
paying for sex toys with my pussy and my mouth. I was afraid that
would be a problem but I felt that tapping at my belly again and
I smiled and I realized that it turned him on. We were just about
to start making love when the damned phone rang. 

I almost ignored it but it kept ringing so finally I picked it
up. It was Laura. I had forgotten all about dinner!

I said, "Oh god! I'm sorry Laura. I forgot."

Then I asked, "Can I bring a friend?"

She chuckled and said, "Of course Jeff is invited! He seems like
such a nice young man."

I almost dropped the phone. I exclaimed, "How did you know?"

Laura replied, "Jon saw him following us home. We saw you talking
on the sidewalk after you left here. Now get your asses over
here, dinner is ready."

I hung up the phone and said, "Dinner is ready."

We got up and dressed quickly. Jeff fit right in and we had a
fantastic evening. No sex this time, but the promise was there.
Jeff wasn't like my dad. He wouldn't be kneeling for anyone or
guiding cocks into me. But he was going to be an active
participant and he was looking forward to a very imaginative sex

After dinner we went skinny dipping and I got a big kick out of
the way Laura flirted with Jeff. So did Jeff. By the time we left
their home that night we were so comfortable together that it
seemed impossible that we had just met Jeff.

Jeff spent the night at my house. We made love over and over. I
told him more about my parents and showed him the collection of
DVD's and photographs. He thinks my mother was really hot too. 

One night became two and then three and suddenly we were living
together. He let the lease on his apartment expire and sold his
furniture. We have been together for almost a year now and each
day gets better. 

We have talked about our views on religion and kids and politics
and we seem to agree on everything. 

He enjoys watching me with his golf buddies and his poker buddies
and last weekend, after one of our mini orgies with his golf
buddies he helped me up and right there in front of his three
friends, and Jon and Laura, as I stood there with cum running out
of my pussy, he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him.

I cried so hard that I couldn't even answer him for a good five
minutes! Oh god, you should have seen the size of the stone on
that ring!

We all took a shower and went back to the restaurant for a bottle
of champagne to celebrate. I was still wearing that little
sundress and running around half naked.

We had just started on the second bottle of champagne when I
realized that there was something that I had been keeping from
Jeff. I squeezed his hand and said, "Jeff, there is one more
thing that I haven't told you. I have money, a lot of money."

He smiled and replied, "I haven't held anything else against you.
What makes you think that would bother me?"

Harley said, "Damn girl! Why didn't you tell me that? We could
have been beautiful together!"

I smiled and said, "But Harley! You know your wife wouldn't

After my little talk with Tom Calder at the end of my first week
there was a big change in our morning meetings. No more
arguments. Since they started getting along so well, Tom and I
both continued to attend the morning meetings. I wasn't so much
Tom's supervisor as intended, but a co-worker, taking some of the
load off of him. But since he got along so well with Jon now I
didn't feel like they really needed me.

I talked it over with Jeff and we decided that I would be a stay
at home wife. I could go back to running with Laura in the
morning and maybe Laura could help me with my cooking. Many of my
meals were still not much more than dorm food.

It turned out that I didn't need to work after all. I don't miss
it at all. Jon likes Jeff and has a lot of respect for him. He
has been trying to lure Jeff over to his company and has made
some pretty attractive offers. 

But Jeff likes his job and we don't need money. And he feels that
it would be better if he was not one of Jon's employees. He likes
Jon a lot, but prefers to be his equal in our unusual

The End

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