Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Mother reduced to submissive slut by 2 guys in front of her son on his 21st birthday. Jason Harding was not a popular college kid. Actually, he was more of a nerd, and did not have too many friends. His mother, Mary, had him at the very young age of 17, which made her 38 years old. Unfortunately for Jason, his being a nerd combined with her young and still perky 36B chest, 5'4" height, and slim 105lb build made him the subject of endless teasing throughout high school and college for having a MILF. Jason would get angry about the teasing when his few friends said anything, but found himself remaining silent and not having the balls to say anything if either the punks or jocks said anything. When Jason was a 14 year old freshman in high school, he was befriended by Alan, a 17 yr old punk kid who smoked pot, acted older than his age, and was a real badass in 11th grade. He had absolutely no idea why Alan had decided to start calling him to hang out until they actually hung out, whereupon it became blatantly obvious. Alan started by asking Jason all kinds of questions about his mom, such as had he seen her naked? How often? What kind of panties did she wear? What sized tits did she have? What was her pussy like? Did he ever see or hear her fucking? He got very graphic and wanted to know every detail. Jason didn't feel comfortable being asked the questions, but was so happy to feel accepted by Alan that he found himself answering with complete honesty, which included describing his mother's nude body down to the smallest details. Alan would pull up porn on Jason's computer and have him compare the women to his mom to get a sense of what she really looked like. Sometimes he would even pull out his big dick and start jacking off to the porn, not caring in the least that Jason was next to him. Alan was always very sweet to Mary, hugging her and complimenting her. Mary was perplexed as to why this boy who seemed so well-adjusted and mature would be hanging out with her son who spent most of his time on video games, but was happy that Jason had a positive influence. Alan would spend the night over at the house quite often (at his own request, which Jason never denied), and loved hugging Mary in her little nightgowns that she wore around before bed. There was always a little cleavage visible, and they never went as far as mid-thigh, exposing her beautifully shaped legs. Sometimes Alan would even invite over Tommy, who did not even pretend to be friends with Jason, to sleep over at Jason's with them. The two of them would whisper together, and one night Jason got up to go to the bathroom and saw them laying on the floor with their faces pushed up against the 1" crack between the carpet and the bottom of his mom's closed bedroom door. He knew that she had just gotten out of her before-bed shower and they were watching her naked, drying off and changing into her nightgown. He got rock hard seeing these two 17 year old boys lusting after his mother's naked body and quietly stepped back into his room to let them enjoy her without a disturbance. All night he had dreams of Alan and Tommy fucking his mom in every position imaginable, and he knew they were dreaming of similar things after just having seen his mom's beautiful pussy, which she kept trimmed to a thin line of hair. The "friendship" deteriorated as Alan became more confident that he no longer really even needed to pretend to be Jason's friend to get what he needed from him. It became a relationship where Alan would tell Jason when he was coming by (which always coordinated with Mary's schedule) and ask him what his mom was wearing, what she had been doing, etc. Alan came over and Jason could do nothing but watch when his mom was hugged by a semi-to fully erect Alan in mesh shorts with no underwear. His mom seemed so oblivious and was so comfortable with Alan and their innocent but playful relationship that when Alan would pick her up while hugging, her legs would instinctively wrap around his waist. Jason got hard every time he watched this happen, even as Alan grinned at him and made faces at him over her shoulder as though he was fucking his mom while he hugged her. The relationship continued until Alan graduated, after which Jason never heard from him again. Well, today Jason turned 21, and he was going to party like a 21 year old and get crazy... who cares if he never really partied, right? He bought a handle of tequila and called his friends to pick up more liquor and come over to pregame the club. Mary was concerned about Jason and knew that he had no partying experience and wanted her son to have a good time. Although Mary hadn't drank more than a glass of wine in one sitting for the last 15 years or so, she knew she could handle a night out with her son and his nerdy friends. Jason didn't resist too hard after she promised not to tell anyone she was his mom, and besides, it would look good to have a girl with them. Chris and Peter showed up a half hour early (not having anything else to do) and were eager to start pregaming the club. This started them all drinking much too early, and everyone was already pretty wasted by the time they left for the club. They decided to take the metro in, no one being sober enough to drive, but they all were having a great time and felt like true party animals. Rob and Steve were easily identifiable as the two of the best looking guys, and the alpha males at the club. They both had incredibly well-built athletic bodies, and the good looks matching their dominant attitudes that led to them always getting what they wanted. They were 22-year-old college seniors already bored with the easy sluts they had conquered in college, and they liked a challenge. They immediately noticed the sexy older woman that entered with the three geeks and grinned to each other as they realized they had a MILF on their hands. Experienced at picking up girls, Rob and Steve maneuvered themselves up to Mary and were able to separate the distracted boys from her at the bar. They charmed Mary right away and their sexy bodies didn't hurt in getting her attention. It felt good to be sought after and she was flattered by the attention from such young boys. They bought her shot after shot and soon she was much drunker than she ever intended to be, with her words slurring a little, and her balance starting to become unsteady. Mary was asked about the geeks she was with and she told them about celebrating her son's birthday with him and his friends. Rob offered to have Steve go over to Jason, make him the life of the party, and attract some attention to the boys to help them get the girls. Mary was grateful for this as she wanted Jason to be shown a great time on his birthday. The only catch was, Mary had to agree to dance with Rob while Steve entertained her son and his friends. Steve bought them each another shot, but 4 shots came out and Mary was convinced to take the extra one. Rob then led her to the dance floor and she followed, legs a bit wobbly. She saw Steve walk up to the boys at the bar and they seemed to be relieved that someone was engaging them in conversation. He ordered shots and she saw the boys eagerly drinking them down. Rob held her close into him, gripping and kneading her tight ass in his hands like putty. She knew she shouldn't allow him to touch her like this but she found herself too drunk and feeling too good to stop him. Besides, it had been a while since she was at a club and she knew that dancing had gotten more physical, with the kids grinding and gyrating together like on the rap videos. The song got faster and Rob was moving her faster, before she knew it, he had spun her around so her ass was against his crotch and his left hand was groping her left breast and squeezing it. "Oh mommy your titty feels soo nice" he said softly into her ear. She knew she should stop this and started to stand up and say no, but her legs were too weak and wobbly and his hands and arms were so strong. She watched as Jason's friend Peter started looking ghostly pale and ran off to the bathroom from too much alcohol. Rob's hand started snaking under her skirt along her right thigh, his left hand still squeezing her tit. His hand cupped her pussy right over her panties and squeezed hard, sending a jolt of electricity through her body. She immediately felt her body slacken against Rob's body and submit to his roaming hands. Sensing her submission, Rob quickly pulled her panties to the side and started sliding his fingers along her slit, playing with her clit and starting to rub it. "I knew you were a fucking slut," he said as she gasped aloud. She knew she shouldn't be letting a boy only a year older than her son touch her and talk to her like this, but felt powerless to stop him. His left hand was leaving her tit and reaching under her skirt to join the right hand when she noticed Chris and Peter saying goodbye to Jason and leaving, Peter looking very sick. Steve was with Jason, keeping him entertained, but she saw Jason's eyes starting to roam the crowd to find his mother, probably thinking it was about time they leave as well. Both of Rob's hands were too much for Mary, he was shoving two fingers roughly in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb and grinding against her ass. She was quickly approaching orgasm. When it hit her eyes shot open as the waves of pleasure shot through her body. She found her eyes locked with Jason's, who had just spotted her from the bar. He couldn't see the lower half of her body and so was blissfully unaware of her current condition. Rob's fingers were fucking her pussy without mercy, playing her like an instrument in the crowded club. As the orgasm ended, Rob pulled her in close as he spoke in her ear. "Listen to me you horny slut. You are coming with Steve and I tonight." "But Jason is here with me" she weakly protested. "He can come to, there is a couch for him to sleep on. He is drunk and won't know anything. Just make it happen, now" he ended his sentence with force and then released his grip to let her make her way over to her son. Jason was drunk and silly by the time Mary reached him. Steve had convinced him he was having an amazing time and Mary was glad to see it. Rob introduced himself to Jason who failed to notice Rob's fingers being wet against his hand as they shook. Rob gave Mary's ass a hard pinch and she found herself telling Jason that they had offered to let the two of them stay over at Rob's place for the night and drive them home in the morning. Jason was happy to be doing something spontaneous and crazy with new friends on his 21st and so readily agreed. Mary was very drunk but was still a bit uneasy about going over to Rob's place with him and Steve. She tried to tell herself that she had just been asked by some guys who they were having fun with...besides Jason had made friends with Steve, right? She didn't want to face the truth that she was going with them (and taking her son along) because she had been commanded to come. A few more shots for son and mother put them both into a drunken stupor. They were led into the car and driven to Rob's apartment. When they walked into the 1 bedroom apartment, there was a small kitchen attached to a room with a TV and a couch. There was only one door besides the entrance, and it led to Rob's bedroom. Steve pointed to the couch and told Jason that was where he was sleeping. Jason sat down and watched as Steve and Rob half led, half pushed his drunken mom into the next room. "Where are you guys going?" he asked Steve as he looked past them and saw a plain room with a desk, dresser, and queen bed attached to a bathroom. "This is where we are going to sleep, just go to bed" said Steve, closing the door behind them. Jason lied down, Steve was probably right about him needing to sleep after all, and his head was spinning. He found, however, that after a few minutes he couldn't sleep. Drunkenly, he stumbled over to the door and pulled it open. What he saw before him completely stunned him. His mother was a mess; her clothes half torn off, her makeup smeared and her eyes half open, she was on her knees in front of a standing Rob with no pants on. Rob had one hand on her neck, the other gripping a fistful of her hair, and was forcing his big hard dick in and out of her mouth. Steve sat on the bed completely clothed with a small digital video camera in his hand, he was recording Mary's facefucking. "Mom?" was all Jason could manage to say. "Mommy is busy right now honey, ok?" mocked Steve. "uhh..oh.. wait, does she want to say something?" Rob asked, pretending to be listening for something as he slid his dick part of the way out of her mouth. Mary's eyes looked toward Jason and he thought she was about to speak. "Nooo.." Rob proclaimed as he shoved her head back into his crotch, slamming his prick into her throat all the way to its base "this slut doesn't have anything to say". "Jason," Steve called to him "be a good boy and go away, we are having playtime with your mommy right now, ok?" Jason was in a dizzy shock, but instantly became hard from hearing his mother called a slut. He knew his mother was way too drunk to give consent to these guys. He knew he should do something to stop them. His excitement and inability to stand up to these two alpha males made him slowly back out of the room, leaving the door slightly open. Rob grinned at Steve, he really knew how to handle this kid Jason and shit, the kid was only a year younger than them, why wasn't he getting angry? What a pussy. He heard them calling her names in the next room. He heard the noises get louder and louder as the two college studs a year older than him slammed his little milf mommy with their big dicks, taking complete ownership of her. Jason couldn't help but peek in from time to time, seeing the video camera (now laid on the desk) recording his mother getting it from both ends as one cock fucked her doggy style while another was forced down her throat. These guys didn't even respect his mom at all, slapping her with their cocks and even both fucking her pussy at the same time, giving her two cocks and stretching her cunt. He watched her take load after load and orgasm multiple times. After it became obvious that Jason wasn't going to do anything but sit and watch in the doorway no matter what they did, Rob grabbed Mary and yanked her onto the bed. He lay down on his back and commanded her to ride his cock. She was so drunk that she was passing out but he twisted her nipple hard and said "ride me you fucking whore". Her obedience took over and she climbed on his cock and started rocking back and forth on him. "No you lazy cunt, bounce!" As she started to bounce Rob grabbed her chin with an iron grip and turned her head toward Jason. "It's your son's birthday, sing to him" he cruelly commanded. Mary was a drunken slobbering mess and impaling herself on Rob's huge cock, but she still managed to mumble a weak rendition of "Happy Birthday." He made her fuck him until she came like a stupid slut, looking at her son, then shot a final load up her conquered milf pussy. He slapped her face hard after he came, and threw her off him, flashing a tired grin at Jason who he knew had no balls to do anything about it. Then Rob passed out. Jason woke up his mother who was severely hung over and helped her get home the next morning. Rob and Steve were still passed out when they left, but Jason discretely left his mother's cell phone number and their home address on the dresser without her noticing. This is what he had dreamed of since Alan and Tommy were his mother's voyeurs back in high school. He would search google and every porn site for the video they took the night before until the end of time. Knowing the types of guys Steve and Rob were, he knew they wouldn't be able to keep it to themselves. Jason felt a little guilty but not that bad. After all, she had come out to make sure he had a fun birthday, and she succeeded. Please send comments or feedback to Thanks.